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Food Bank of Iowa 2220 E. 17 th Street Des Moines, IA 50316 515.564.0330 515.564.0331 fax

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1 Food Bank of Iowa 2220 E. 17 th Street Des Moines, IA fax

2 Mission Alleviating hunger through food distribution, partnership and education. Food Bank of Iowa Vision A hunger free Iowa. Affiliations Feeding America Iowa Food Bank Association

3  Programs  BackPack Program™  Fresh Produce Project  Help Us Stop Hunger (HUSH)  Mobile Pantries Food Bank of Iowa

4 The facts * 1 in 8 Iowans are food insecure * 1 in 5 children do not have enough to eat * 408,280 Iowans live at or below the poverty line * 8,879,850 pounds of donated grocery products and USDA commodities were distributed in FYE 6/30/12

5 Food Bank of Iowa BackPack Program™overview * Started in Little Rock, Arkansas * National program designed to lessen the consequence of chronic childhood hunger * Chronically hungry- uncertain of having, or unable to acquire, enough food to meet basic needs on a regular basis * Sacks contain kid-friendly, nutritious food for the weekend * No cost to family or school * Food Bank of Iowa started in 2006 with one school serving 24 children

6 Food Bank of Iowa BackPack Program™ today * Currently partnered with 66 schools * Approximately 2,800 children served per week * Serving children in 15 counties * Community partners include: * Churches * Rotary Clubs * Businesses * Hospitals * local community members * Many others!

7 BackPack Program™ Sack Contents * Weekly menu * 2 breakfast items * 1 main dish * 2 100% fruit juice boxes * 2 fruits * 1 snack * 1 pudding cup * 2 milks * 1 high-protein peanut butter cup * Direct cost of food per sack- $3.70 Food Bank of Iowa

8 “Backpack Buddies has been a tremendous help and relief to our family. Times are hard and it seems like the biggest struggle is having enough food. My daughter has always been healthy and loves school, but I notice a dramatic difference in behavior when she isn’t hungry and she doesn’t have to worry about getting enough to eat. Thank you.” - Mother of Backpack Buddies child “The first Weekend Backpack delivery went wonderful! The kids were ELATED! Yesterday when I came to school, 5 of my ‘frequent flyers’ who came to see me with headaches or tummy aches never came (all were part of the backpack program). I did have kids come to my office for a different reason … to tell me about their weekend and how they loved the food.” –school nurse

9 Food Bank of Iowa “It made a HUGE difference in the way they came to school Monday. They were happy and ready to learn. IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING! I wish I could put into words what I saw … it is a pale sullen face coming into the school building on Monday changed into a smiling face with a sparkling eye. Literally, it is giving a child, ‘Hope’!” – Backpack Buddies site coordinator “Thank you for giving me the food so I can have breakfast and lunch in the morning and afternoon, and a snack.” – Backpack Buddies participant

10  How to help  Donate funds  Donate food  Host or participate in a local food drive  Volunteer  Advocate for strong nutrition programs  Tour the Food Bank of Iowa Food Bank of Iowa

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