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NUTRITION JEOPARDY From Drexel University

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1 NUTRITION JEOPARDY From Drexel University 0Nutrition%20Jeopardy%20PPT%20Rev%207% pdf

2 Nutrition Jeopardy Category MyPlate/ Dietary Guide- lines Drinks Snacks Fast Food Wild Card Points Points Points Points Points

3 MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines for 100 Which cooking method adds the most fat? 1. Broiling 2. Baking 3. Grilling 4. Deep Frying 5. Sautèing

4 The Correct answer is… Deep Frying

5 MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines for 200 The Dietary Guidelines, the basis for MyPlate, include recommendations for physical activity. 1. True 2. False

6 The Correct answer is… True

7 MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines for 300 Red : Fruit Group :: Orange : ?

8 The Correct answer is… GRAINS Group

9 MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines for 400 How much of the grains that you eat each day should be whole grains?

10 The Correct answer is… Half of the grain products that you eat.

11 MyPlate & Dietary Guidelines for 500 Which food below is not included in the Purple (Protein) Group? 1. Eggs 2. Peanut butter 3. Black beans 4. Eggplant 5. Tofu

12 The Correct answer is… Eggplant

13 Drinks for 100 A healthy drink choice is 100% fruit juice. 1. True 2. False

14 The Correct answer is… True

15 Drinks for 200 Where does orange soda belong in MyPlate? 1. Empty Calories Group 2. Fruit Group 3. Vegetable Group 4. Dairy Group

16 The Correct answer is… Empty Calorie Group

17 Drinks for 300 How many cups of dairy should you consume per day according to MyPlate?

18 The Correct answer is… 3 cups * a day * Based on a 2,000 calorie/day diet.

19 Drinks for 400 Does whole milk provide more vitamins and minerals than low- fat or skim milk? 1. Yes 2. No

20 The Correct answer is… NO

21 Drinks for 500 If a beverage has 20 grams of sugar per serving and 3 servings per bottle, how many grams of sugar are in the whole bottle?

22 The Correct answer is… 60 grams of sugar 20 grams/serving x 3 servings = 60 grams

23 Snacks for 100 The following is a high fat snack: P_T_T_ _H_P_

24 The Correct answer is… POTATO CHIPS

25 Snacks for 200 The following is a healthy snack: F_U_T S_L_D

26 The Correct answer is… FRUIT SALAD

27 Snacks for 300 Which is NOT considered one serving of chips? 1. A handful chips 3. 6 ounces 4. a $.25 bag

28 The Correct answer is… 6 ounces

29 Snacks for 400 When looking at a food label, what Percent (%) Daily Value for fat is considered to be high? 1. 10% or more 2. 15% or more 3. 20% or more 4. 25% or more

30 The Correct answer is… 20% or more

31 Snacks for 500 Which of the following is NOT a healthy snacking tip? 1. Smaller portions 2. Not in front of the TV 3. Choose low fat foods from MyPlate 4. Eat fast so you do not feel too full

32 The Correct answer is… Eat fast so you do not feel too full.

33 Fast Food for 100 The following are healthy toppings for pizza except… 1. Green peppers 2. Sausage 3. Pineapple 4. Olives

34 The Correct answer is… Sausage

35 Fast Food for 200 Which of the following condiments will add extra fat to your fast food choice? 1. Law Fat Salad Dressing 2. Mustard 3. Mayonnaise 4. Ketchup

36 The Correct answer is… Mayonnaise

37 Fast Food for 300 Ordering a super-sized soda will add a considerable amount of ___________ to your meal.

38 The Correct answer is… Sugar and/or Calories

39 Fast Food for 400 The following is an unhealthy choice at a fast food restaurant: F_I_D C_I_K_N

40 The Correct answer is… FRIED CHICKEN

41 Fast Food for 500 How many grams of fat do you need per day? grams – 125 grams – 150 grams – 200 grams

42 The Correct answer is… grams Most students need between grams of fat per day. This number may vary depending upon age, gender, and activity level.

43 Wild Card for 100 Which of the following is high in Vitamin C? 1. Lemon 2. Carrot 3. Apple 4. Cheddar Cheese

44 The Correct answer is… Lemon

45 Wild Card for 200 Carrot : Vitamin A :: Milk : ? 1. Vitamin C 2. Calcium 3. Fiber 4. Iron

46 The Correct answer is… Calcium

47 Wild Card for 300 What is the recommended amount of physical activity per day for middle school students? minutes minutes minutes minutes

48 The Correct answer is… 60 minutes

49 Wild Card for 400 According to MyPlate, how much of your plate should be fruits and vegetables?

50 The Correct answer is… ½ (One-half)

51 Wild Card for 500 Skipping breakfast may lead to …? 1. Staying alert 2. Higher test scores 3. Fewer behavioral problems 4. Overeating later in the day

52 The Correct answer is… Overeating later in the day

53 Final Jeopardy! Your team needs to decide on a wager. You may wager no more points than your team has accumulated.

54 Final Jeopardy! Whole grains are an important part of our diet because they are high in… 1. Sugar 2. Vitamin D 3. Dietary Fiber 4. Sodium

55 The Final Jeopardy Answer is… Dietary Fiber

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