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Sister Maureen Shelby Santin Sarah Goff May 13, 2013.

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1 Sister Maureen Shelby Santin Sarah Goff May 13, 2013

2 What are Food Allergies? The body perceives the certain food protein as foreign and harmful. This produces a reaction to “protect” the body. Some of these reactions could be life- threatening.

3 8 Most Common Food Allergies Dairy Peanuts Tree nuts Eggs Soy Wheat Fish Shellfish

4 Food Allergy Symptoms Mild: Not life threatening – Hives – Eczema – Redness of the skin or eyes – Itchy mouth or ears – Nausea or vomiting – Diarrhea – Stomach pain – Nasal congestion or a runny nose – Sneezing – Slight dry cough – Odd taste in mouth – Uterine contractions

5 Food Allergy Symptoms THESE REQUIRE MEDICAL ATTENTION Severe: could be life threatening – Obstructive swelling of the lips, tongue or throat – Trouble swallowing – Shortness of breath – Turning blue – Drop in blood pressure (failing faint or confused) – Loss of consciousness – Chest pain – A weak pulse – Anaphylaxis

6 Anaphylaxis A serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death Symptoms: – Tingling, itchiness, or metallic taste in the mouth – Hives – Difficulty breathing – Paleness (from a drop in blood pressure) – Loss of consciousness – Swelling or itchiness of the mouth and throat – Diarrhea – Vomiting – Cramps and stomach pain – Confusion – Weak pulse Can occur between a few minutes to several hours after consuming an allergen

7 How to Respond to Anaphylaxis Call 9-1-1 immediately – Mention that someone is experiencing anaphylaxis Remove the allergenic foods from the mouth and/or skin

8 What are Food Intolerances? The body is unable to properly digest the food protein Symptoms are related to the digestive system Symptoms include nausea, gas, cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritability, nervousness or headaches Examples include lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance

9 Gluten Natural protein of wheat that gives dough its elasticity Found in wheat, oats, rye and barley The demand for gluten-free products has grown from 2004 to 2012

10 Celiac Disease Auto-Immune Disease Genetic Reaction to gluten protein Consumption of gluten could lead to ulcers, mal-absorption of nutrients and possibly death

11 Where is Gluten Found? Baked Goods Sausages, pre-seasoned meats, deli meats Soups, sauces, gravies Salad dressing Seasonings Processed cheese spreads, powdered cheese mixed Beer Anything that contains flour

12 Does it Contain Gluten? CONTAINS GLUTEN – Barley – Bulgur – Einkorn – Emmer – Farina – Farro – Graham – Kamut – Oats (if not certified gluten free) – Rye – Spelt – Triticale – Breadcrumbs – Cereals – Durum flour – All purpose flour – Wheat protein – Whole wheat berries – Semolina – Pasta – Soy sauce – Glucose syrup – Starch GLUTEN FREE – Amaranth – Buckwheat – Corn – Millet – Quinoa – Rice – Tapioca – Teff

13 Food Allergy/Intolerance Stats 18% increase in food allergies from 1997- 2007 An estimated 15 million Americans live with food allergies Food allergies account for 30,000 hospital visits and 200 fatalities each year

14 Prevention No cure for food allergies, the only prevention from a reaction is avoidance.

15 Food Labels






21 How to Read a Label for a Soy-Free Diet Some unexpected ingredients that contain soy: – Edamame – Miso – Soybean oil – Soy sauce – Tofu – Textured vegetable protein – Soybean – Soy protein

22 How to Read a Label for a Dairy- Free Diet Some unexpected ingredients that contain milk: – Whey – Casein – Curds – Custard – Pudding – Sour cream and sour cream solids – Artificial butter flavor – Caramel – Chocolate

23 How to Read a Label for an Egg-Free Diet Ingredients that contain egg: – Mayonnaise – Meringue – Albumin – Eggnog – Pasta

24 How to Read a Label for a Peanut- Free Diet Some unexpected ingredients that contain nuts: – Artificial nuts – Peanut oil – Mandelonas – Coconut – Butternut – Pesto (UMD Dining pesto is nut-free) – Praline – Pistachio Peanuts are sometimes found in the following: – Egg rolls – Enchilada sauce – Marzipan – Baked goods – Chili

25 How to Read a Label for a Shellfish- Free Diet Types of shellfish: – Barnacle – Crab – Crawfish – Krill – Lobster – Prawns – Shrimp Ingredients that may contain shellfish: – Fish stock – Seafood flavoring – Bouillabaisse sauce

26 Students with Food Allergies Dining services is expected to provide allergen, processing and ingredient information Eating from home can cause anxiety for those suffering from food allergies. Students rely 100 percent on dining services for safe food options.

27 Lesley Judgment Lesley University was sued for not providing gluten-free options. Rights protected under the American with Disabilities Act. Food services need to provide “necessary reasonable modifications… fully enjoy the privileges, advantages and accommodations of its food service meal plan system.”

28 Maryland and Food Allergies One-on-one meeting with Sister Maureen Schrimpe Allergy symbols on dining hall monitors “To go” items are labeled for allergens and special diets Allergy information online and through kiosks in the dining hall Gluten-free menus available Prepackaged allergen-free and vegan desserts now available!

29 Causes of Food Allergy Reactions in Food Service 1.Poor Communication – Consumers may assume food ingredients from previous experience with food item – Allergy students want to feel normal and may feel uncomfortable asking questions – Servers need to take food allergy requests seriously

30 Causes of Food Allergy Reactions in Food Service (cont.) 2. Hidden Ingredients Sauces and mixed dishes Recent product recalls due to undeclared food allergens Ex: peanut butter in egg rolls

31 Causes of Food Allergy Reactions in Food service (Cont.) 3. Cross-Contact of Allergens Surfaces Handlers Plated food

32 Cross-Contact Unclean hands or gloves – wash hands before preparing a allergy-free meal Splashed or spilled food- allergy free meal should be carried by itself from the kitchen Trays- trays for allergy free meals should be washed with warm soapy water first Garnishes- only chef or manager should garnish the plates Refilled serving containers- wash all containers before refilling them with new foods

33 Cross-Contact AVOID using same utensils and equipment for allergen-free food preparation. Even dust, crumbs or steam from a allergen- containing meal could contaminant an allergen- free meal! Alcohol wipes do not destroy allergen proteins; only hot, soapy water destroys these proteins!

34 High-Risk Foods for Cross-Contact Fried food Desserts Sauces Pastry Combination foods (stews and pot pies) **Advise food allergy consumers that these are high risk options.

35 Front of the House Refer food allergy student questions to a manager or chef Be understanding, listen carefully Have area designated where student can pick up food Send student’s information to Sister Maureen for follow-up

36 Back of the House Inform guests of ingredients in unexpected places – Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies and/or sardines – Sweet and sour sauce may contain wheat and soy – Barbecue sauce may contain pecans If you’re unsure about allergy information do not guess. Simply suggest another menu option for which you have information for

37 Real Life Situation “I got a salad from Salad Sensations area, and I was watching the man making it very carefully, as usual. However, after taking a few bites of the salad, I found a chickpea in it. I called the incident to the attention of one of the managers, and he merely suggested I get something else to eat rather than taking steps to prevent this from happening in the future. I just wanted to let you know in hopes that the way this is handled can change in the future.” Spring 2013

38 Resources FARE: overview overview “Food Allergy Training Guide for College and University Food Services” The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, 2005.

39 Thank You. Any Questions? Email me anytime at

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