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Created by the Third Grade Students in Mrs. Modica’s Class Wisdom, Justice & Moderation"

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1 Created by the Third Grade Students in Mrs. Modica’s Class Wisdom, Justice & Moderation"


3 Georgia made Staurolite the official state mineral. It’s nickname is Fairy crosses or Fairy stones. Georgia has a ton of minerals. You mostly find them in North Georgia. Crossed crystals are used for good luck charms.

4  Georgia has the most chickens in the United States/ Selling chickens gives farmers money. The International Trade show is the largest show in the world. Selling chickens has earned farmers $2.4 billion dollars last year.

5 The State of Georgia is home of a lot of amphibians. The green frog is a lime color and it can only grow to two inches long. The green frog was assigned as the state frog May 9, 2005. It mostly lives on trees and in the water. The male frogs all gather together at night a form a chorus and sing!

6  “ Georgia on My Mind” was adopted as Georgia’s official state song on April 24, 1979. The words were written by Hoagy Carmichael and the music done by Stuart Gorrel. It was performed on March 7,1979. The song was performed before a meeting of the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives by Georgia- born recording artist Ray Charles. Ray Charles performing “Georgia On My Mind in the Georgia State Capital Building in 1979.

7  The honeybee was named the official state insect in 1975. The honeybee is a member of the insect family Apoidea. The Apoidea family includes 20,000 species. The species are the bumblebee. The honeybee has the highly specialized.

8 The Bobwhite quail became the game bird in 1970. Quail hunting is popular in Georgia for sportsman. Georgia is the quail capital. I love the colors of the Bobwhite quail. I want to see one in real life.

9  The General Assembly picked the state crop to be the peanut in 1995. Georgia makes 50% of all the United States peanut crop. And more than 50% of all the peanut butter. Georgia leads the whole nation to the peanut export. Georgia also makes the Peanut Monument in Ashburn as a state symbol, too.

10  These onions are only in grown in the southern part of Georgia. Nobody can beat the sweetness of these onions. It’s one of natures most delicious mysteries. The seeds produce a hot onion. The onion grows and looks like an onion but tastes like an apple. 

11  The largemouth bass was picked to be the state fish in 1970. It’s mouth can open to 5 -6 kg. That is very long. This fish has a green back with yellow-green sides overlaid with dark blotches.

12  In 1976 quartz was chosen as the official state gem. In the Georgia mountains you can find quartz. I think the quartz is beautiful. I’m glad we have it as our state gem. It is white in color and shiny.

13  The Cherokee Rose was discovered in 1916. The State Federation helped the Cherokee Rose be picked for the State flower. The name was picked to remind everyone of the Cherokee Indians who once lived in Georgia.  The rose is very thorny and has lots of green leaves. It has a waxy white color and a bright yellow center. This flower blooms in the spring and in the fall.

14  Georgia peaches are know for their flavor, texture, appearance. Georgia is known as the "Peach State" because of the growers' reputation for producing the highest quality fruit. The peach became the official state fruit in 1995.

15  The Right Whale is an endangered species. The right whale grows up to 50 feet long, has no dorsal fin and has distinctive patches of whitish bumps on its head. It is the only great whale that is native to Georgia waters.

16  In 1937, the live oak was adopted as the official tree. It grows well along the coastal plains and on the islands where the first settlers made their homes. Many famous Georgians, as early as General James Edward Oglethorpe, were able to enjoy its beauty.

17  Not to long ago in 1988 the tiger- swallowtail became our state butterfly! This great butterfly has huge wings striped with black. A nice lady named Mrs. Deen Day Smith donated funds to build the day butterfly center at Callaway Gardens. If you are interested about visiting Callaway Gardens one of them is located in Pine Montain.

18  The Historical Railroad complex is in Savannah. It’s among the finest railroad museums left. It has very good arts. It has been kept a museum by the city of Savannah. There are a lot of model trains on display.

19  Govenor Sonny Perdue signed a bill for a new state flag for the state of Georgia on May 8, 2003. It became Georgia’s third state flag in the period of 27 months. The support of the people for a new flag came from critics. On March 2, 2004 voters had to choose between 2001 and 2003 flags. Georgia’s new state flag is the first national flag of the Confederacy know as (‘’Stars and Bars’’)

20 On April 6, 1935, the Brown Thrasher was first chosen as the Georgia State Bird by the official proclamation of the Govenor. It has a long, curved bill, a very long tail, has two outstanding white wing bars, and a rich brown color on its top side. Plus the bird has a creamy white breast with brown stripes. I love the Brown Thrasher!

21  In the year 1979, the azalea was chosen as Georgia’s wildflower. There are many species found in all the parts of Georgia. All the species are bright colors and they bloom from March to August. I think our wildflowers are beautiful. It is such an amazing sight. I think you will love it too!

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