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Frozen Scoopable Cake to Go Marietta John Confetti Clown.

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1 Frozen Scoopable Cake to Go Marietta John Confetti Clown

2 BUCKET CAKE Features Status Market Competition

3 Features READY TO EAT Cake, filling and frosting layered and gently compressed into a 64oz plastic recyclable bucket with an easy-carry handle and snap-on lid What is it?

4 Features Flavors Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Peanut Butter Filling White Confetti Cake with Marshmallow Frosting and Filling Flavors combinations are endless with Bucketcake KEEP FROZEN

5 The beautiful swirling color of the filling and frosting are shown through the translucent color of the bucket, producing a visual display of Bucketcake. Features Beautiful

6 Features When opened the consumer finds a finished cake with a swirl of frosting sealing the moist dessert below

7 Scoopable cake Features Although frozen, Bucketcake remains completely scoopable from your kitchen freezer. How to serve Bucketcake Using an ice cream ladle or large spoon, scoop straight down to the bottom of the bucket. Best to enjoy in one inch slices. Bucketcake has frosting on the top, all through the cake and even on the bottom! This is the best way to enjoy the multi-layering effect that is Bucketcake!

8 Chocolate Peanut Butter Layered Cake Features Enjoy this new and exciting way to eat cake! Each bite contains a taste of cake, filling and frosting!

9 Grab and Go convenience Carry with a single hand Transports safely and easily CAKE TO GO Features

10 Contains one full-size two layer cake 20 – 3.2oz Servings

11 Simple to serve and store Features Remove from freezer Open the lid – scoop out a portion and enjoy Replace the snap-on lid and return to freezer Stays fresh for months

12 Unique grab and go cake Features Flavor combinations and variations are endless A truly fresh and unique dessert item Nothing like it is sold anywhere

13 Can be decorated… Be creative…

14 Current Status Issued Provisional Patent Non Provisional Patent Fictitious Name WBENC GS1 US UPC code Insurance Nutritional Information Trademark Logos and Slogan Dun and Bradstreet Listed w/ Neilson Federal EIN Serve Safe Certification Licensed by PA Dept of AG McLean Bakery and Food Services LLC February 2010 February 2011 2005 - Current November 2010 March 2011 April 2011 June 2011 Aug 2011 May 2011 Aug 2011 June 2011 May 2011 Dec 2010

15 Target Market Busy parents Spontaneous young people College age consumers Value-conscience baby boomers Bucketcake Market

16 Survey 94.4% liked Bucketcake 89.3% said they were likely to purchase Bucketcake 76.9 said they would buy Bucketcake for a party or holiday 199 participants between ages 19 and 51 On a second survey 45 out of 60 taste testers rated Bucketcake a “5” on a scale of 1 to 5 and 6 people rated it above the scale! Bucketcake Market

17 Bucketcake Marketing Utilizing Social Media mj@bucketcake.commj@bucketcake.comContest to name the running bucket Facebook Taste testing results and personal adventures of Bucketcake LinkedIn In store taste-testing WikipediaBrochures GooglePublicized at trade shows Fundraising New business ad in local newspapers

18 Bucketcake Competitors Bucketcake Competitors Bakery & Store-Made Cakes Frosted Frozen Layer Cakes Entenmanns Boxed Cakes copyright Home-Made Cakes

19 Bakery & Store-Made Cakes Sell-by date of five days Need to be handled carefully Quickly become stale Labor intensive / Expensive Bucketcake Competitors

20 Frosted Frozen Layer Cakes Short shelf life Frosting falls off cake $4.99 for 20 ounces Serves 8 Bucketcake Competitors

21 Entenmann’s Boxed Cake Sold as fresh cakes Preservatives used to extend shelf life $5.69 for 18 ounces Serves 8

22 Home-Made Cakes Need time and ingredients Tricky to get out of pan Messy and time- consuming clean up Bucketcake Competitors Mom

23 The grab and go convenience of a delicious affordable cake that’s ready anytime

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