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PPCD/PALS Science Project

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1 PPCD/PALS Science Project
Problem: Which hold more liquids? A Diaper or a Pull-Up?

2 The class guessed that the Luvs diapers will hold the most liquid.
HYPOTHESIS Using three Luvs diapers and three non brand name pull ups. We will add three different types of liquids to each one; which would hold more liquid? The class guessed that the Luvs diapers will hold the most liquid.

3 Liquid # 3 Class Made Waste Material
Classroom selection Students Liquid # 1 Milk Liquid # 2 Grape Kool Aid Liquid # 3 Class Made Waste Material Diaper Pull- Up Pull-UP Pull-Up Stephanie X *Alondra Ozzy *Elijah *Kenneth *Dax Mr. Lira Ms. Young *Denotes Non Verbal Students: student selections made by pointing after given a choice

4 Variables Independent Variable- Three types of diaper and three types of pull-ups (e.g. Luvs diapers and non brand name pull-ups.) Dependent Variable-Three types of liquid: milk, grape kool aid, and class made waste material (milk, Cracker Barrel syrup, and Jif peanut butter)

5 Materials Three Luvs diapers Three non brand pull-ups ¼ cup of Milk
¼ cup of Kool Aid ¼ cup mixture of syrup, milk, Jif peanut butter, Cracker Barrel syrup

6 Procedure We pour ¼ cup of each liquid variable per cup
We mixed the Cracker Barrel syrup, milk, and peanut butter for our class made waste We placed items on the table: three Luvs diapers three non brand pull-ups and labeled each of them accordingly Students poured each liquid variable onto the diapers/and into the non brand pull-ups We check our classroom selection chart to see which held more liquid

7 Results The Luvs diapers held the most liquid. This proves that our hypothesis was correct.

8 Conclusion We selected the Luvs diaper as the best choice for holding liquid, as it held more liquid. We believe the class made waste was not as absorbent as the other liquids. Therefore, we did not see a significant change in either the diaper or the pull-up, concerning the absorbency of a thicker substance.

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