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Mycotoxins – A Challenge to Trade and Commerce

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1 Mycotoxins – A Challenge to Trade and Commerce
Suzanne Heinen Administrator Foreign Agricultural Service U.S. Department of Agriculture February 14, 2013

2 Aflatoxin: Impacts Food and Feed
Poultry fed with Contaminated Feed ( >500 PPB) Pig on the right is consuming feed with aflatoxin.

3 Aflatoxin Contamination: A Perennial Concern in Warm Climates
Climate Change 35ºS

4 Permitted Use (Examples)
Regulating Aflatoxin Action Level Commodity Permitted Use (Examples) 300 ppb Cottonseed meal Beef cattle, swine, poultry (regardless of age or breeding status) Corn, Peanut Products Finishing beef cattle (e.g., feedlot) 200 ppb Finishing Swine (100 lbs or more) 100 ppb Breeding beef cattle, breeding swine, mature poultry 20 ppb Corn, Peanut Products, Other Animal Feed/Feed Ingredients1 Immature animals, dairy animals 0.5 ppb (M1) Milk 1Excluding cottonseed meal except for use in feeding dairy animals 20 ppb Corn, Peanut Products Human food

5 Aflatoxin and US Trade 46 ` 23 3 3

6 Mycotoxins and Turkish Trade

7 Specific Incidents of Aflatoxin Contamination in West Africa
Primary Products Maize: 4,000 – Benin Peanut: – Burkina Sorghum: 80 – Ghana Rice: – Nigeria Millet: – Nigeria Tiger nuts: – Nigeria Food Products Peanut paste: 3,278 – Ghana Peanut sauce: – Ghana Leaf sauce: – Gambia Maize dough: – Ghana Kenkey: – Ghana Cashew paste: – Ghana Peanut oil: – Nigeria Yam flour: 7,600 – Nigeria Local beer: – Nigeria Codex: 10-15 ppb for Human Food Uses other than milk Levels Shown in PPB

8 Groundnut Pyramids in Nigeria during 1960s
African Trade World Bank; Mbaye (2004) Groundnut Pyramids in Nigeria during 1960s

9 Transparent & scientific regulatory system
Toward Improved Trade Standards Farmer awareness Organized commodity markets Sampling & testing regime Laboratory system Participation in international standards organizations Transparent & scientific regulatory system Strong industry organization

10 Thank You

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