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By: Mitch Vercellino Peanut Allergies Author:

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1 By: Mitch Vercellino Peanut Allergies Author:

2 Preview Throughout this PowerPoint the following issues will be discussed: What are Peanut Allergies What to do when a allergic reaction occurs The impact of Peanut Allergies in the schools What can be done to prevent reactions Are there any laws on Peanut Allergies?

3 What are Peanut Allergies? Appears mostly in children. Peanut allergies are becoming more common every year (Food allergies have increased 55% in the last 5 years) Common Symptoms: Skin reactions, digestive problems, tightening of chest, running or stuffy nose, dizziness, loss of conscience, itchiness and swelling of the mouth and throat. Exposure to peanuts can occur through direct contact, cross contact and inhalation of a peanut.

4 Are Peanut Allergies Serious? YES! For Kids safety and well-being! Peanut allergies affect everyone in the school. “40%-50% of those persons with diagnosed food allergy are judged to have a high risk of anaphylaxis” (Driscoll) Every food allergy has the potential to develop into a life-threatening reaction. “Peanut and tree nuts account for 92% of severe and fatal reactions” (Driscoll).

5 When Allergies Attack! Staff need to be prepared when a students has an allergic reaction. When a reaction happens the victim needs to be injected with adrenaline. If a student has an anaphylactic reaction then the student needs immediate medical attention. SCHOOL’S SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING

6 Impact on Schools (Part 1) School districts are going to have to deal with students allergies. Schools will have to know the best way to avoid reactions and what to do when reactions occur. “1 in 5 children with food allergies will have a reaction while in school” (Driscoll 2)

7 Impact on Schools (Part 2) Parents have to be aware of what their children are taking for lunch. Schools have to be conscience of what they’re serving in the cafeteria. Below is a link to an article in Newsweek about allergies in the Lunchroom: Author: Bruce Tuten

8 What Can Schools Do? Schools need to place policies to protect the needs of students. (Ex. would be a Peanut free zone) Parents need to discuss their kids individual problems with the school nurses. Schools should be equipped with emergencies supplies. All staff members need to go through a First Aid program. Make sure the schools are clean. Example: washing down the tables in the lunchroom.

9 What Else Can Be Done? Discourage children from sharing food. Give children a medical alert bracelet/necklace. Write out an action plan. Make sure the child has their medicine. Notify KEY people that your child has a peanut allergy. Avoid foods: peanut butter, salad dressing, anything with peanut oil, ice cream, chocolate candies and even cultural foods such as Chinese and Mexican. (Clinic 6) Author: John Adkins II

10 The Future… Peanut allergies victims do not have a long effective cure yet. Doctors feel they are close to finding a cure and getting a complete grip on peanut allergies. As of right now, many schools in Michigan have actually gone as far as banning any foods with peanut oils in them. This is called being Nut Restricted. Other schools just have peanut free zones and classrooms. This is called being Nut Aware. Author: EuroMagic

11 Legislation Laws: There are no National or State laws enforcing rules about Peanut Allergies. School Districts have to be aware of their students issues and accommodate accordingly. Parents have to be active also. They should always communicate with the schools and be a voice in their child’s life.

12 Works Cited Driscoll, David P. Managing Life Threatening Food Allergies in Schools. Massachusetts Department of Education, 2002. Kalb, Claudia. “Fear and Allergies in the Lunchroom.” Newsweek: 5 November 2007. Mayo Clinic. Peanut Allergy. Mayo Clinic Health Manager, 2009.

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