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Community Service By: Stacey Ketterer.

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1 Community Service By: Stacey Ketterer

2 What is Community Service?
According to, Community service is defined as “services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.”

3 Reasons to do Community Service
It is an incredibly valuable and important aspect of the college resume and scholarship application process. Several awards programs use community service as one of the top selection factors. Community service can be fun, and it boosts your self-confidence because you are doing a good deed.

4 The Community Service that I have done
Victory for Victoria Soup Kitchen Car Wash for Second Harvest Food Bank S. L. Mason Field Day

5 Some Community Service Project Ideas
Adopt a Highway Be a big brother or big sister Collect Christmas gifts for a local orphanage Tutor at a local school Volunteer at a soup kitchen Participate in a walk-a-thon Volunteer at an infant or maternity home Sponsor a blood or bone marrow donor drive

6 Victory for Victoria Victory for Victoria was a fundraiser held for Victoria Newsome, who was a local child that struggled to fight brain cancer. Although she died a week before the fundraiser was held, many people still came out to walk or run the race and show support for her grieving family. I came after the race to help clean up everything.

7 Car Wash to Raise Money for Second Harvest Food Bank

8 S. L. Mason Field Day On April 28, 2006, S.L. Mason Elementary School held a field day for their students at the Valdosta Middle School football field. I demonstrated to the kindergarteners and first graders different ways to jump over sticks on the ground. I also gave out directions to the second and third graders at a different station on filling up buckets with peanut packers.

9 The Parachute Station

10 The Stick Station

11 The Peanut Station

12 The Peanut Station Again

13 The Cotton Chase Station

14 The Cotton Chase Station again

15 The Roll-A-World Station

16 The Roll-A-World Station Again

17 My overall Community Service experience
In conclusion, I learned a lot from the community service projects that I done. Completing these projects really boosts my self-esteem because it makes me feel good about myself to help serve my community.

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