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It Does a Body…and Mind Good

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1 It Does a Body…and Mind Good
Breakfast It Does a Body…and Mind Good

2 Why Eat Breakfast? Eating breakfast is linked to:
Better weight control Overall more nutritious diet Better strength and endurance Better concentration Improved blood lipid levels (Cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL, HDL) According to the National Weight Control Registry, which follows and studies successful weight losers (those who have lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off at least one year), some 80% of the people in the Registry regularly eat breakfast (and also follow a calorie-controlled, low-fat diet).

3 Break the Fast Your body is in a fasting state during sleep
Glucose, the main source of energy for the brain, needs to be replenished Breakfast is a wake up call for your body

4 Good for the young…and not so young
Kids who eat breakfast perform better in school Why wouldn’t the same hold true for adults? Kids are more likely to eat breakfast if the adults around them eat breakfast. You can be a healthy role model. Breakfast is brain power!

5 The Skinny on Breakfast
Adults who eat breakfast are: Less likely to be obese Risk of obesity is 50% greater in breakfast-skippers Less likely to over-eat the rest of the day

6 What Makes a Healthy Breakfast?
Two main components: Carbohydrates: whole grains and fruit Provide energy and brain power Good fiber source Protein: Lean meats, low fat dairy products, peanut butter, etc. Helps keep you feeling fuller longer

7 What Makes a Healthy Breakfast?
“Strive for 5” Try to include at least 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in your breakfast to help you feel satisfied.

8 Beat the Clock Breakfasts
Fruit and Nut Oatmeal Add dried cranberries and almonds to instant oatmeal and microwave for 60 seconds. (You can even mix together the night before and put in a ziplock bag) Shake it Up, Baby! An On-The-Go bBeakfast Whip low-fat milk, frozen strawberries, and a banana in the blender for 30 seconds. A good accompaniment to a whole grain bagel. (Can be made ahead of time and frozen in ice trays. Allow to thaw on the way to work.)

9 Beat the Clock Breakfasts
Banana Dogs (great for kids and kids at heart) Spread peanut butter on a whole wheat hot dog bun; add in a banana, and sprinkle with raisins or other fruit

10 Beat the Clock Breakfasts
Breakfast Taco Sprinkle low fat shredded cheese over a corn tortilla; fold in half, and microwave for 20 seconds. Great topped with salsa. You can also do these ahead of time and add other ingredients such as eggs, cooked onions, peppers, etc. Eat as taco or fold up into a burrito. Can be frozen

11 Beat the Clock Breakfasts
P B & A Sandwich Spread peanut butter on whole wheat bread and top with apple slices Fruity Breakfast Wrap Spread lowfat cream cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. Add chunks of fresh or canned fruit (in juice, not syrup). Roll up and enjoy. Wash it down with low fat milk to add some protein.

12 Beat the Clock Breakfasts
Breakfast Pizza Top whole grain bread with ricotta cheese and sliced tomato on top. Sprinkle on some oregano and pepper to taste. (Really yummy after broiling for 5 minutes)

13 Other Quick Breakfast Ideas
Bran muffin and yogurt topped with berries Leftover cheese pizza and a fruit or small cup juice Lean ham, lowfat cheese, and pineapple ring on toasted English muffin Hard cooked egg sliced into a whole grain pita Can cook the egg ahead of time

14 Other Quick Breakfast Ideas
String cheese, an apple, and handful of walnuts Yogurt parfait with fruit and low fat granola Loaded toast Slice whole wheat toast with lean ham or Canadian bacon and slice low fat cheese on top. Pair with fruit or add veggies for extra fiber Fiber One bar, banana, and cup of low fat milk or yogurt Last night’s leftovers

15 Tips on Making Time for Breakfast
Do some prep ahead of time Get out the cereal bowls and spoons the night before Make your breakfast sandwich or wrap the night before or even earlier and freeze it. Portion out some dried fruit and low fat granola in baggies to keep on hand. Grab one along with a cup of yogurt in the morning and take with you to combine at work. The number one reason people don’t eat breakfast is lack of time

16 Tips on Making Time for Breakfast
Make a breakfast menu on the weekend Makes breakfast a no-brainer. No time wasted trying to figure out what to eat. Can help save money by using what you have on hand.

17 Tips on Making Time for Breakfast
Avoid surrendering to the snooze button Instead of sleeping in an extra 10 minutes, get up on time or even 5 minutes earlier The energy you get from eating breakfast will far outweigh that few additional minutes of sleep

18 Tips on Making Time for Breakfast
Keep some foods available at work for the REALLY crazy mornings Peanut butter and whole wheat crackers Cereal bars Fruit cups Yogurt

19 Still not convinced? Interesting Breakfast Research
According to a 16 year study of nearly 27,000 participants by Harvard University, men who skip breakfast have a 27 percent higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease According to a University of Colorado study, overweight women who skip breakfast are prone to impaired metabolic responses (unhealthy spikes in insulin and glucose levels) after eating lunch.

20 Still not convinced? Interesting Breakfast Research
A study from Tel Aviv University found that dieters who ate a bigger breakfast and a modest dinner lost 240% more weight than others in the study who had a big dinner and a modest breakfast.

21 Still not convinced? Interesting Breakfast Research
A study from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health found that people who eat breakfast everyday are 34% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who do not eat breakfast. They are also 43% less likely to become obese and 40% less likely to develop fat around the belly.

22 Still not convinced? Interesting Breakfast Research
A study presented at the Learning Connection Summit demonstrated that brain scans of children who eat breakfast show more activity than scans of children who skip breakfast

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