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We’ve got LIFESKILLS on our mind

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1 We’ve got LIFESKILLS on our mind
Georgia’s State Seal with the state motto: Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

2 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Born in Atlanta, GA in 1929 During the Civil Rights Movement, MLK, Jr. fought for equal rights for all people. He cared about people and wanted everyone to be treated fairly. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his LIFESKILLS to be an inspiring leader.

3 The Brown Thrasher Georgia’s State Bird
Georgia is known for its very hot temperatures during the summer. The Brown Thrasher migrates north to find cooler temperatures and then returns home when the northern winters get too cold.

4 NHL: Professional Hockey Team
The Atlanta Thrashers NHL: Professional Hockey Team Hockey players must pass the puck from player to player before shooting it into the goal. The goalie and teammates depend on each other to defend the goal and score points to win the game.

5 The Largemouth Bass Georgia’s State Fish
The Largemouth Bass protects its nest from predators. It also seeks food nearly as large as itself rather than finding small fish to eat.

6 The Atlanta Ballet Began in 1949
The Atlanta Ballet is a group of talented dancers who practice and perform in Georgia. This ballet group is the longest performing dance company in the nation. Dance is a creative way to express emotions and tell stories.

7 Georgia’s State Vegetable
The Vidalia Onion The Peanut Georgia’s State Vegetable Discovering this sweet onion was accidental. Long ago, farmers decided to grow onions, but were very surprised to find they were sweet, instead of hot. Georgia’s mild climate, soil, exclusive seed varieties, and precise farming practices were discovered to be the cause of the sweet flavor. Georgia’s State Crop The peanut was discovered by George Washington Carver. He discovered 300 different uses for the peanut, including peanut butter.

8 MLB: Professional Baseball Team
The Atlanta Braves MLB: Professional Baseball Team Being a professional baseball player requires lots of practice and effort. The Braves play many games every week and have to do their best at each game.

9 Georgia’s State Amphibian
The Green Tree Frog Georgia’s State Amphibian The Green Tree Frog prefers to climb trees where it can easily find insects to eat, but it can also climb smooth surfaces like windows and doors. This frog can adapt to different habitats.

10 39th President of the USA from Plains, Georgia
Jimmy Carter 39th President of the USA from Plains, Georgia As President, Carter emphasized human rights. He also negotiated peace treaties between countries that could not get along. Today he continues to be a peaceful leader, as well as builds homes for the homeless.

11 Georgia’s State Reptile
The Gopher Tortoise Georgia’s State Reptile This tortoise digs large holes that provide shelter from predators and bad weather for over 30 other animal species. Many other animals benefit from the initiative of this tortoise.

12 Governor Sonny Perdue Governor of Georgia
The governor in the leader of state government Gov. Perdue must make important decisions that affect all the people who live in Georgia. It is important for government leaders to use LIFESKILLS, such as Integrity.

13 NFL: Professional Football Team
The Atlanta Falcons NFL: Professional Football Team The professional football players must be very organized, as well as athletic. There are many plays to be memorized and carried out on the field. The teams work hard to score touchdowns and win games.

14 The Cherokee Rose The Azalea Georgia’s State Wildflower
Georgia’s State Flower Flowers begin as tiny seeds and we must wait for them to grow into beautiful flowers, such as these that grow in Georgia.

15 Live Oak Tree Peach Georgia’s State Tree Georgia’s State Fruit
Georgia’s nickname is the Peach State because it is known for producing the best peaches. Both peach trees and live oak trees begin as small seeds and take a long time to grow into adult trees that bear acorns or fruit.

16 NBA: Professional Basketball Team
The Atlanta Hawks NBA: Professional Basketball Team For awhile, the Hawks had a well-known reputation for being the worst team in the league. They continued to practice and play hard. In March of 2009, the Hawks earned their first winning season since 1999.

17 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Began in 1945 This symphony performs 200 concerts every year at Atlanta Symphony Hall. Each musician takes pride in their performance. They want to sound their best when traveling all over Georgia and other countries.

18 Georgia’s State Marine Mammal
The Right Whale Georgia’s State Marine Mammal The right whales are an endangered animal living in Georgia’s coastal waters. To protect themselves from killer whales, the right whales form a circle to appear larger. They are very slow swimmers and this is the way they have learned to protect themselves.

19 The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Georgia’s State Butterfly As a caterpillar, the Tiger Swallowtail larva protects itself through various disguises. Predators do not recognize the larva, therefore it survives and later transforms into a beautiful yellow and black butterfly.

20 Georgia’s State Insect
The Honeybee Georgia’s State Insect Honeybees work very hard collecting honey and pollinating plants. The honeybee makes an important contribution to Georgia's economy through its production of honey. They also pollinate over 50 of our state’s crops.

21 Raven Symone Born in Atlanta, GA in 1985
Raven is an actress, singer, and dancer. She is known best for her hilarious roles on That’s So Raven, Cheetah Girls, and The Cosby Show. Raven has grown up in the spotlight but still believes that education is important. She plans to attend college and receive a business degree.

22 Answers… Caring - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Common Sense – Brown Thrasher Cooperation – Atlanta Thrashers Courage – Largemouth Bass Creativity – Atlanta Ballet Curiosity – Peanut and Vidalia Onion Effort – Atlanta Braves Flexibility – Green Tree Frog Friendship - Jimmy Carter Initiative – Gopher Tortoise Integrity – Governor Sonny Perdue Organization – Atlanta Falcons Patience – Azalea, Cherokee Rose, Peach, Live Oak Tree (2 slides) Perseverance – Atlanta Hawks Pride – Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Problem Solving – Right Whale Resourcefulness – Tiger Swallowtail Responsibility – Honeybee Sense of Humor – Raven Symone

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