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EnVision Math Topic 1: Lesson 1-7, day 2 Making an Organized List 2011-12.

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1 EnVision Math Topic 1: Lesson 1-7, day 2 Making an Organized List




5 Luka and Paige Dominic and Jack Ellie and Issy Mason and Wes Samantha and Sierra Anthony and Jace Emily and Alyssa Gabe and Oluwafolajinmi

6 What strategies can I use to solve word problems?

7 Make an Organized List

8 The bicycle that David wants to buy comes in red, silver, blue, gold, or green. He can select a bike with a kickstand or without a kickstand. How many choices does David have? Show all possible combinations. red – kickstand red – no kickstand silver – kickstand silver – no kickstand blue – kickstand blue – no kickstand gold – kickstand gold – no kickstand green – kickstand green – no kickstand 10 choices

9 Yancey collects plastic banks. He has three different banks: a pig, a cow, and a horse. How many ways can Yancey arrange his banks on the shelf? Show all possible combinations. pig, cow, horse pig, horse, cow cow, pig, horse cow, horse, pig horse, pig, cow horse, cow, pig 6 ways

10 At the party, guests could eat pretzels, cookies, cake, or all three. They could drink soda, punch, or water. How many choices did each guest have for a snack? Show all possible combinations. pretzels – soda pretzels – punch pretzels - water cookies – soda cookies – punch cookies – water cake – soda cake – punch cake - water all 3 – soda all 3 - punch all 3 - water 12 choices

11 Kevin has a rabbit, a ferret, and a turtle. He feeds them in a different order each day. In how many different orders can Kevin feed his pets? Show all possible combinations. rabbit, ferret, turtle rabbit, turtle, ferret ferret, rabbit, turtle ferret, turtle, rabbit turtle, ferret, rabbit turtle, rabbit, ferret 6 different orders

12 Ashley plans to have a piece of toast or a bagel for breakfast. She can spread jelly, cream cheese, or peanut butter on it. How many choices does she have? toast – jelly toast – cream cheese toast – peanut butter bagel – jelly bagel – cream cheese bagel – peanut butter 6 choices

13 Tonya and Lauren are designing a soccer uniform. They want to use two colors on the shirt. Their choices are green, purple, blue, and silver. How many ways can they choose two colors? Show all possible combinations. green – purplepurple – blueblue - silver green – bluepurple - silver green - silver 6 ways


15 digits period comma 45,871,093 Topic 1: Numeration

16 standard 2,016 word two thousand, sixteen expanded 2,

17 Name#

18 pg

19 Name#

20 Stay Connected with the EnVision Math Website! Go to Type in your user name (your 6-digit ID number) and password (also your 6 digit ID number) and then click on Log in Click on “To Do” in the top right corner. Click on any of the assignments for the current topic.

21 Tues., 9/27 Name#

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