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Snack Wise.

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1 Snack Wise

2 Project Sponsors USDA Project Funded through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) School District of Philadelphia Department of Nutrition Sciences, Drexel University

3 Name the Candy Bar

4 Name the Fruit or Vegetable

5 Name the Candy Bar (Answers)
Almond Joy Mounds Butterfinger Twix KitKat Rolo Baby Ruth 3 Musketeers Snickers Milky Way Pay Day 100 Grand Name the Candy Bar (Answers)

6 Name the Fruit or Vegetable
Avocado Cucumber Cantaloupe Apple Artichoke Pomegranate Red Cabbage Papaya Yam Kiwi Squash Tomato Name the Fruit or Vegetable (Answers)

7 Healthy Snacking Tips S: Smaller Portions N: Not in front of the TV
A: Am I really hungry? C: Choose low-fat foods from MyPlate K: Kitchen is a good place to eat S: Sit Down, Slow Down, Savor and Enjoy!

8 Fat and Calories Calories Fat (grams) 107 3.5 grams 106 0.5 grams
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Regular 107 3.5 grams Fat Free 106 0.5 grams Peanut Butter 190 17 grams Reduced Fat 12 grams Ice Cream 145 8 grams Nonfat 90 1.5 grams

9 Which has fewer calories?
17 French fries 1 ounce pretzels 1 ounce chips 1 cup noodles

10 Which has fewer calories?
17 French fries 1 ounce pretzels 152 calories 197 calories 1 ounce chips 1 cup noodles

11 To have balance, look beyond the calories…
12 ounces cola 12 ounces 100% juice 179 calories 154 calories Orange soda 12 ounces orange soda 12 ounces low-fat milk

12 Healthier Snack Options
Low fat yogurt Veggies and low fat dip String cheese Pretzels Peanut butter & jelly toast Low fat microwave popcorn Fruits Granola bars Baked tortilla chips & salsa Peanut butter & celery sticks Low-fat or skim milk Graham crackers & milk Cereal & milk

13 Reading Labels

14 Percent Daily Value (%DV)
Shows how a food fits into a daily diet Based on 2000 calorie diet Interpreting Percent Daily value 5% is Low 20% is High Fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium should have a low % Fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C should have a high %

15 Reading Labels 500 calories 24 grams of fat
How many calories would you consume if you eat the whole package? 500 calories How many grams of fat? 24 grams of fat

16 Reading Labels Which nutrients have high values?
Fat, sodium, and calcium Which nutrients have low values? Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Iron What nutrient is this food lacking? Dietary Fiber

17 When Snacking… Healthy snacking tips Fat vs. calories
Remember to read the food labels! Sit down and enjoy!

18 Questions?

19 Activity Label Reading

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