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HUM 3000 Taylor Crigler 4/21/11 GALEGO (Galician).

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1 HUM 3000 Taylor Crigler 4/21/11 GALEGO (Galician)

2 Galicia Galician is spoken primarily in the region of Galicia in northwest Spain, and also the surrounding borders of Portugal, Asturias, and Castile and León.

3 Derivation from Latin: Galician came from Galician-Portuguese (also known as Old Portuguese), a Western-Iberian language. There is some controversy whether gallego is a Portuguese dialect or a separate language. Galician is an official language of Spain.

4 Who speaks Galician? Galician is spoken by about 3 million people, mainly in Galicia (population approx. 2.78 million, about 6.13% of Spain’s population). Largest cities: Vigo- greater area 660,000 A Coruña-Ferrol- greater area 600,000

5 Where is Galician spoken? The primary language spoken in the larger cities is Castilian, whereas Galician is the primary language in rural areas. Vigo

6 About Galicia: Galicia is a mountainous and coastal region and has so many small bodies of water that it is also known as “the land of a thousand rivers.”

7 Linguistic History: During Roman rule, it is said that Galicia was “less Romanticized” than other regions in Spain. Galicia became an official region 3 times (in the 10 th, 11 th, and 12 th centuries). Galician was always the spoken language by the majority and actually had a dual status with Latin for formal settings.

8 Linguistic History: 1892- Franco was born in Galicia; as the dictator of Spain until 1975, Franco actually discouraged the recognition and promotion of the Galician language. 1906- the Royal Galician Academy was founded May 17- Día das Letras Galegas (Galician Literature Day)- devoted to a different Galician writer every year

9 Linguistic Status: mixed reviews Most Galicians are proud of their language and fight to preserve it and recognize its distinction. As an official language, it is protected and taught along with Castilian in primary education, and Galician universities are largely conducted in Galician. On the other hand, some recognize the situation in urban areas as a diglossia.

10 Protecting Galician: m02hivern/internacional/ m m02hivern/internacional/ m [Draft of measures to improve attitudes towards the Galician language and the extension of its use, by the Research team of the Seminar of Sociolinguistics of the Real Academia Galega]

11 Literature: Galician literature has a restless history emerging in the Middle Ages, suppressed during the Dark Ages and Franco’s dictatorship, and now has been revived once again. Notable authors: Ramón del Valle-Inclán (Generation of 98) Rosalia de Castro

12 Music: Manu Chao- Bixo EUAA YouTube - MANU CHAO – BIXO

13 1-20 PortuguésGalegoPortuguésGalego UmUnoOnzeOnce DoisDousDozeDoce TrêsTresTrezeTrece QuatroCatroQuatorzeCatorce Cinco QuinzeQuince Seis DezesseisDezaseis Sete DezesseteDezasete Oito DezoitoDezaoito Nove DezenoveDezanove Dez Vinte Portuguese z  Galician c Portuguese qu  Galician c Deletion of geminate consonant Some vowel changes

14 20-100 PortuguésGalego Trinta QuarentaCorenta CinqüentaCincuenta SessentaSesenta Setenta Oitenta Noventa CemCen

15 Months PortuguésGalegoPortuguésGalego JaneiroXaneiroJulhoXullo FevereiroFebreiroAgosto MarçoMarzoSetembro Abril Novembro Maio DezembroDecembro JunhoXuñoXuño Notes: Galician preference to spell with x instead of the Portuguese j Difference in palatals- Portuguese: nh and lh; Galician: ñ and ll

16 Sitios en galego: Independent organization devoted to preserving Galician and amicably integrating it with Portuguese All Galician news: “A nossa língua na rede, a nossa língua no mundo” [Our language network, our language in the world] “Sole objective: the promotion of the use of Galician in all spheres of social life.” (in Galician, English, and French)

17 Sitios en galego: ”Virtual Galician library,” provides access to Galician texts ia/ History of the language and grammar tutorials (available in Galician, Castilian, and English) radio&arquivo=0 Galician radio and television!

18 Sitios en galego: National and international news in Galician Galician website that provides language history and opinions on current issues (available in English) Galician Language Institute Online Galician newspaper

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