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The Learning Connecion: School-Age, K-12 Nutrition + Activity = A Better Student.

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1 The Learning Connecion: School-Age, K-12 Nutrition + Activity = A Better Student

2 Our P urpose To tell you this story: Quality nutrition fuels the brain. Physical activity adds to brain power. Breaks from class work boost memory. Andit can make all the difference in school and in life.

3 Family Thinking Learning Memory Genes Home Habits Along with Family,What Else Builds a Child’s Brain?

4 Cerebrum Hypothalamus Pituitary Gland The Middle Brain Develops First & Fast The middle brain is where we react to stress. Emotional Outbursts Fear Anxiety Impulsive Actions Stress Ventricles Brain Stem Cerebellum

5 The Front Brain Develops Slower Plans Ahead Thinks First Multi-tasks Logical Organized Careful Sight Touch Movement Hearing Intelligence and Personality Brainstem The front brain is where we learn to control stress.

6 Family Caring & Sharing The Community Quality Food A Chance to Play An Enriched World There are Simple Things We Can Do To help a child become a good learner. Thinking Learning Memory

7 A Student’s Brain Runs Best with the Best Fuel Physical activity & free play Brief breaks between each class 1 2 3 High quality foods & drinks

8 1. Nutrition Drives the Brain

9 A Good Diet Makes More... brain cells glucose & oxygen blood flowcommunication connectionsrapid repairs

10 But... U.S. Children & Teens have a Low Quality Diet High in calories, Low in nutrients

11 And... 1 in 5 U.S. Children & Teens are hungry on school days.

12 Food Provides Fuel Hungry Child The Mid-Brain is focused on food Grouchy Restless Anxious After Eating The Front Brain is in working mode Calm Organized Thoughtful Alert

13 B reakfast is the most C ritical The Brain Thrives on Good Food Better attention Better behaved Better attendance Better health The Learning Connection: Front Brain in control Stronger memory More healthy Higher math scores Higher graduation rates

14 And yet... Only 1/3 of high-risk kids get breakfast.

15 The 1,2,3 of Grab ‘n Go Breakfast 1 2 3 A quality breakfast Together with friends And a teacher’s help

16 Physical Activity, Free Play & Recess Boost Learning 2

17 Exercise lights up the front brain... PPC EEFSEFPFC...and fitness makes the memory center grow.

18 3. Brief Breaks Between Each Class Helps Remember New Information Because You Can’t Cram Working Memory Brief breaks allow time for the memory center to encode new information In the brain.

19 R ecess away from class is where we learn critical life skills… to adjust to others to communicate to cooperate to share to work together

20 And Y et... Children & Teens who are at the highest risk get the fewest breaks in the school day.

21 And Y et... Children who eat nutritious food and have lots of opportunity to play and be active are healthier, they have fewer childhood illnesses and long term risk for obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and sleep apnea.

22 In School Breaks Between Classes Physical Activity & Free Play Breakfast Every Day Simple Things We Do Make a better student Thinking Learning Memory

23 It’ s Never T oo L ate Go Back to School Tell the Story

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