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Parts of Speech: The Building Blocks of Language.

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2 Parts of Speech: The Building Blocks of Language


4 Simple reality: nouns + verbs

5 Descriptive reality: adjectives + adverbs

6 Connective reality: conjunctions + prepositions

7 Simple reality Nouns:  concrete nouns  abstract nouns  proper nouns  pronouns -ideas & emotions -things you can touch or see -names of people, places, things -in place of the noun

8 Test: Nouns jello happiness Saddam they glass regret key alaska imagination Shaq it ant clock music I Glendale

9 Simple reality Verbs:  action verbs  linking verbs  helping verbs -verbs that show action -verbs that link to description -verbs that ‘help’ other verbs

10 Action Verbs : Congress The clown Melissa We The movie voted. laughs. smokes. stopped. ended.

11 Linking verbs: Congress The clown Melissa We The movie is divided. was angry. seems sad. become old. looks good....

12 Helping verbs: Congress The clown Melissa We The movie may vote. might sing. can try. would forget. could start.... angry. lazy.

13 Verbs Test: I might change my mind. Hurricane Sue seemed strong. The fireman rescued the kitten.

14 Verbs Test: 1. Diana seems happier since she broke up with Dan. 2. After the earthquake, the bridge collapsed. 3. During the dog show, the poodle appeared confident. 4. I might skip class today if I still have a headache. 5. Barry broke his ankle when he slid into second base. 6. With $5,000 dollars in the bank, we can afford a trip. 7. During Nancy’s speech, the class became restless. 8. Unfortunately, my grandmother did forget her medicine. 9. The cruise ship sank in the waters off Puerto Rico. 10. When I graduate from college, I will party for two days. happier confident. skip afford restless. forget party

15 Descriptive reality Adjectives: Add to the noun car man dream red tall scary

16 Descriptive reality Adverbs: Add to the verb run think sleep quickly carefully comfortably

17 Adjectives & Adverbs My sister took the sick dog to the vet. I ran backwards at football practice. The nurse put a new bandage on my leg. The tower in Pisa leans more each year.

18 Adjectives & Adverbs Test: 1. For years, the picture hung crooked on the wall. 2. My cousin laughed out loud when I tripped. 3. The man was arrested for using a stolen credit card. 4. The purple stain ruined my favorite shirt. 5. The doctor asked me to cough again. 6. Hector spoke softly on his cell phone. 7. Bad weather prevented us from going to the beach. 8. The hiker encountered a wild pig in the woods. 9. My dog barks aggressively at strangers. 10. The cheerleaders ordered new uniforms. hung laughed credit card. stain cough spoke weather barks uniforms. pig

19 Connective reality Conjunctions: to join with and / or but / yet for / so nor

20 Conjunctions: food right poor defeated neither love rejected bleeding and water or wrong but happy yet optimistic nor money so angry (=therefore) for wounded (=because)

21 Prepositions: in, on, at, to, of, by, for, with, from above, across, after, against, along, around, among below, beside, behind, beneath, between, beyond inside, outside, into, onto, under, over, through, until

22 Prepositions: Your wallet is in. My car is parked beside. I will meet you at. beside the house. at six o’clock. in my pocket.

23 Connective reality Prepositions: in under beside around at after the garden the umbrellas the parking space six o’clock in the morning daybreak the bell rings

24 Prepositions Test: 1. I took my dog on a walk. 2. The fire truck stopped behind the burning car. 3. Ana left her homework in her backpack. 4. The company must pay its debt before noon. 5. My father got a job at the L.A. zoo.

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