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Collaborative Innovation - Fundamentals, Actors, Practices, Tools

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1 Collaborative Innovation - Fundamentals, Actors, Practices, Tools
Florin Paun Deputy Director Industrial Innovation ONERA - ‘The French Aerospace Lab’® © - Florin Paun, 2009, Ce document et l’information contenue sont la propriété de Florin Paun. Toute reproduction est interdite sans l’accord de l’auteur.

2 Fundamentals : Innovation
What is the INNOVATION? Is it a New Idea? Is it a New Concept? Is it a Patent ? Is it a Solution? INNOVATION = CREATIVITY + VALUE (Recognized by a Market) « Successful Exploitation of a New Idea » E. von Hippel, Harvard, MIT What means COLLABORATIVE INNOVATION? Same Process … not alone  Someone else for getting together to create value by :  producing NEW IDEAs  EXPLOITING with SUCCES while  sharing RISK  sharing BENEFITS © - Florin Paun, 2009, Ce document et l’information contenue sont la propriété de Florin Paun. Toute reproduction est interdite sans l’accord de l’auteur.

3 Fundamentals : Why collaborate ? Could you still be alone?
Innovation process evolution from linear tout system Prof Henry Chesbrough UC Berkeley. Open Innovation : Renewing Groth From Industrial R & D, 10th Annual Innovation Convergence, Minneapolis Sept 27, 2004

4 Fundamentals : Entrepreneur - Intrapreneur
Entrepreneurship- Entrepreneurial What means Entrepreneur? Assuming Risks ? Solution oriented ? Independent ? Dreamer? Fool? Selfish ? Nerd ? Jerk ?  Guilty or not ? Does he realize ? (his) Project Convicted  Non Empathic over-Passionate “Autism” ? What complementary features to succeed ? Charismatic, Leader, Manager, Promoter, Planner, Creative, Non-Conformist… Empathic, Ethic, Trustful, Fast Learner, Resilient, … Technical? Human Science?  Not a single person posses all this characteristics  Need to know how to be surrounded and mentored with the right persons Build the right  Entrepreneurial Team (as a state of mind) to get into  Entrepreneurship (as a day to day activity) © - Florin Paun, 2009, Ce document et l’information contenue sont la propriété de Florin Paun. Toute reproduction est interdite sans l’accord de l’auteur.

5 Fondamentals - Innovation Distribution Channel ;
Study case – Commercial Aircraft historically Vertical competition Horizontal competition Passenger Airline Aircraft Manufacturer Development Office Corporate Research Center R&D Centers (Applied R&D) Universities (Basic R&D) Value input (100) Air France, Lufthansa... Airbus, Boeing,... (<7) Deciders for Technology (System architect) Technology providers Onera, DLR, Universities Critical - Strategic Partnership (IP exclusivity) Competitive Advantages (quality, costs, time, IP exclusivity)

6 Fondamentals – from Value Distribution Channel
Low Cost Pax Charter Cargo automotive ITC Str. Partner. Co-Dev. Tiers i R&D Passenger Airline Dev. Basic R&D Tiers j Technology Innovation maintenance Services  To Value Distribution Tree  To Value Distribution Interconnected “Mangrove Forest”

7 Fundamentals : “Time 2 market – Complexity” Limit
Main Industrials innovation limit (Multi) National Strategic Program Support Aerospace and Defence Information and Telecommunication SME’s innovation follow-up limit Product Complexity (Costs) Electronics Automotive Start-up innovation follow-up limit Bio-genetics Pharmacy Software Development Agro-food Industries Chemistry and Oil Research Results Diagram by R Stephan UTC Limits by Authors Time to Market SMEs – good vectors for technology demonstration in all domains Disruptive/Radical Innovation  Get out of its sector, addressing reduced T2Mkt domains © - Florin Paun & Philippe Richard, 2009, Ce document et l’information contenue sont la propriété de Florin Paun. Toute reproduction est interdite sans l’accord de l’auteur. 7 7

8 Aerospace Science Transferred to SMEs :Early stage status
77-Projectile acoustic signature 91-Medical Imagery 91 - « Wind » Lidar Adaptive Optics from space to eyes 31- Pressure Sensitive Paint 31_EM environment simulation Ultrasounds machining 13- Green Aircraft/ Silent propeler 91-LASER Interferometer Fogale nanotech Capacitive sensors Porous Ti bio-medical prosthesis UAVs 78-ONERA’s software Accelerometers MEMS Sense and avoid Aviation system Ship landing For UAVs NHEOLIS 13- Wind mill Crack tracking and detection 8

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10 Thank you for your attention

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