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Selection of Electrodes 选择电极. 2Selection of Electrodes  Drinking water 饮用水  Swimming pool water 游泳池水  Waste water treatment 废水处理  Production and process.

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Presentation on theme: "Selection of Electrodes 选择电极. 2Selection of Electrodes  Drinking water 饮用水  Swimming pool water 游泳池水  Waste water treatment 废水处理  Production and process."— Presentation transcript:

1 Selection of Electrodes 选择电极

2 2Selection of Electrodes  Drinking water 饮用水  Swimming pool water 游泳池水  Waste water treatment 废水处理  Production and process control 控制生产和过程 Areas of Application

3 3Selection of Electrodes  Power plants 发电厂  Food processing 食品加工  Laboratories 实验室 Areas of Application

4 4Selection of Electrodes Definition of pH

5 5Selection of Electrodes Typical pH Values

6 How does a pH electrode work? pH 电极是怎么工作?

7 7Selection of Electrodes

8 8 pH Measurement Circuit pH sensitive glass electrode pH 玻璃电极 pH non- sensitive reference electrode 参 比电极

9 Components 组件

10 10Selection of Electrodes Universal glass 0... 12 pH -5... 80°C 通用玻璃 1 High temperature glass 0... 14 pH 0... 135 °C 高温玻璃 High alkaline glass 0... 14 pH -5... 80 °C 耐碱 More fluorine abiding 0... 11 pH -5... 50 °C glass to 1000 mg HF/l 氟守法玻璃 Steam sterilizable glass 0... 12 pH -5... 135°C 蒸汽消毒 Low temperature glass 0... 12 pH -30... 30 °C 低温玻璃 Membrane Glasses 玻璃膜

11 11Selection of Electrodes Ceramic 陶瓷 Glass fiber 玻璃纤维 PTFE 特氟龙 Perforated 小孔 Annular gap 环形裂缝膜片 Diaphragms 膜片

12 12Selection of Electrodes Ceramic Diaphragm 瓷膜片 Areas of application: 应用 Clean water, swimming pool water, drinking water, not heavily polluted media 游泳池水,饮用水,轻度污染液体

13 13Selection of Electrodes Glass Fiber Diaphragm Standard for electrodes with plastic shaft 使用在塑料的电极 Areas of application: 应用 Similar to ceramic diaphragms 同级瓷膜片

14 14Selection of Electrodes PTFE Diaphragm Areas of application: 应用 Wastewater treatment, contaminated media, oil saturated media 废水处理, 污染的介质, Advantage: 优点 - “Self-cleaning” effect of the Teflon material 聚四氟乙烯自清洗效果

15 15Selection of Electrodes Open Junction Electrodes 交界电极 Open junction electrodes „Diaphragm free“ with fixed polymerized gel filling : 电极上没有膜片,高粘度凝胶填充 Perforated or annular gap diaphragm 小孔或裂缝膜片 Areas of applications: 应用 Heavily polluted media, suspensions, varnishes 污染严重的液体, 悬浮物清漆

16 16Selection of Electrodes Terminal Heads Versions: 版本 with  or without  Pg 13.5 male thread 与 2 或无1 Pg 13.5 毫米螺纹 2-pole cap N type N 型,两极插头

17 17Selection of Electrodes Terminal Heads 终端接头 For multiparameter electrodes: SixPlug  system (formerly designated SMEK) Other readily available cap systems, such as the VP / Variopin or the Variopol 

18 18Selection of Electrodes Terminal Heads Sensors with a fixed cable connection Versions: with  or without  Pg 13.5 male thread

19 19Selection of Electrodes JUMO ecoLine JUMO BlackLine JUMO tecLine JUMO ISFET JUMO pH and ORP Electrodes

20 20Selection of Electrodes JUMO pH and ORP Electrodes - JUMO ecoLineElectrode serie with glass or plastic shaft 电极溢价或用玻璃塑料轴 - JUMO BlackLineLow-cost electrode series 低价格的电极 - JUMO tecLineHigh quality industrial electrodes 高品质的工业电极

21 21Selection of Electrodes DIFFERENCES JUMO BlackLineAvailable only with plastic body (PPO) ceramic diaphragm, solid electrolyte, max. 60°C 仅适用于 塑料机身 (PPO) 陶瓷膜片, 固体电解质 JUMO ecoLineGlass and plastic body (PEI), highly viscous KCl solution, ceramic diaphragm, without Pt100 玻璃和塑料外壳, 高粘度氯化钾解, 陶瓷膜片, 没有 PT100 JUMO tecLineGlass body, zirconium dioxide diaphragm, highly viscous KCl solution or solid electrolyte, High-temperature and sterilization applications Ultrapure water integrated Pt100/1000 possible 玻璃体内,陶瓷膜片(二氧 化锆)高粘度氯化钾或固体电解质,高温和杀菌应用,超纯 水,集成 PT100/1000 可能

22 22Selection of Electrodes SELECTION CRITERIA JUMO ecoLine / BlackLine (20.1005) Areas of application: 应用 - Drinking water monitoring and treatment 饮用水的监测 - Swimming pools 游泳池 - Aquariums (also marine aquariums) 水族馆 - Greenhouse systems 温室系统 - Lightly polluted service water, process water and wastewater 轻度污染的水,工业水和废水 - Rainwater, pond water and surface water 雨水,池塘 水和地表水 - Hand-held meters 手持。。。 NOT recommended for: 不推荐 - Industrial process water and wastewater 工业,工业水 和废水 - Ultra-pure water 超纯水 - Biotechnology, sterilization processes 灭菌过程

23 23Selection of Electrodes JUMO tecLine (20.1020) Applications given on Page 1 are subdivided: 第 1 页上给出的应用细分 - Water and process measurement technology 水过程测量技术 - Wastewater, heavily polluted media, suspensions, varnishes 废水,污染严重的液体, 悬浮物,清漆 - High-temperature and sterilization applications 高温和灭菌应用 - Ultrapure water, low-ion media 超纯水,低离子 介质 SELECTION CRITERIA 甄选准则

24 24Selection of Electrodes Data Sheet 20.1020 !!! ALL INFOS ARE AVAILABLE IN DATA SHEETS!!!

25 25Selection of Electrodes HELPING TOOL Survey for pH/ORP-Electrodes pH/ORP 电极调查 - available as WORD and PDF 提供 WORD 和 PDF - customers can fill it out directly 客户可 以直接填写 - can be sent easily 发送很容易

26 Application Examples 应用实例

27 27Selection of Electrodes Media? 媒体 Temperature ? 温度 Pollution? 污染 Characteristics? 特点 SELECTION CRITERIA

28 28Selection of Electrodes SWIMMING POOL/DRINKING WATER Constant temperature Less pollution 恒温污染少 pH-combination electrode with a ceramic diaphragm or glass fiber diaphragm Glass or plastic shaft pH 值组合电极陶瓷膜片或玻璃纤维膜片, 玻璃或塑料轴 e.g. JUMO tecLine pH201020/51-10-07-22-120/837 Sales No 00300151

29 29Selection of Electrodes Temperature ? 温度 Media? 液体 Pollution? 污染 Characteristics? 特点 SELECTION CRITERIA

30 30Selection of Electrodes WASTEWATER Effluent of a wastewater treatment plant Big particles, faeces, sand... Ambient temperature 污染水 / 废水处理厂 的污水,大颗粒,粪便,沙土。。。 pH-combination electrode with PTFE or annular gap diaphragm, solid electrolyte pH e.g. JUMO tecLine pH201020/51-10-04-22-120/837 Sales No 00321035

31 31Selection of Electrodes Pollution? 污染 Media? 液体 Characteristics? 特点 SELECTION CRITERIA Temperature? 温度

32 32Selection of Electrodes ULTRAPURE WATER 超纯水 Characteristics: 特点 - Low-ion medium 低离子介质 - Free of pollutants 无污染 pH combination electrode with liquid KCl filling PH 电极液体氯化钾填充 + KCl connection and 氯化钾连接和储存容器 + KCl storage vessel Mounting in By-pass 安装在排水管 e.g. 201020/76-10-09-22-180/833 + TN 00475617 KCl connection + TN 00060254 KCl storage vessel

33 33Selection of Electrodes Questions ? ! 大家有问题吗?

34 Thank you for your attention!

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