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Drug Notes Informing you about what they do, what they cause, and why NOT to do them.

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1 Drug Notes Informing you about what they do, what they cause, and why NOT to do them.

2 OTC-Over the counter drugs Controlled Drug- possession, manufacture, distribution, and sale is controlled by law Illegal drug use- use of a drug without a prescription

3 Stimulants A group of drugs that speed up the activities of the central nervous system (CNS) Increase blood pressure Increase heart rate Increase breathing rate Always cause a crash Intense high, followed by and intense low

4 Types of stimulants  Cocaine Highly addictive Made from leaves of the coca bush Snorted (7 seconds to reach high) Injected (15 seconds to reach high) Smoked (3 minutes to reach high) Also known as coke, blow, gold dust, white lady, snow

5 Types of Stimulants Crack Purified cocaine Smoked to produce rapid and intense reaction Type of free base cocaine Also known as rock Methamphetamine From the amphetamine family Similar effects as cocaine Smoke-able form is ICE Also known as meth, crank, crystal meth, crystal ice, crystal tea

6 More types of stimulant drugs  MDMA Mild hallucinogenic Reduces inhibitions and anxiety Produces a feeling of empathy for others Extreme relaxation Suppress the need to eat, drink, and sleep Causes brain damage Causes the body to overheat Leads to strokes Also known as ecstasy, XTC, X, E, Adams

7 Sedatives  Hypnotics-depress activities in the CNS  Flunitrazepan- date rape drug  Also know as roofies, barbs, bank bandits, ludes, red, block busters

8 Narcotics  Slow down the CNS and relieve pain  Morphine- made from opium  Codeine- produced my morphine  Heroin- illegal narcotic derived from morphine injected, snorted, and taken as a pill high risk of HIV and Hepatitis B from users sharing needles  Black tar heroin- produced in Mexico Dark in color and sticky in texture  Also known as smack, junk, horse, and chiva

9 Hallucinogens  A group of drugs that interfere with the senses  Causes the user to imagine seeing things, sounds, and feelings  Effects can last several hours

10 Types of hallucinogens  LSD Illegal hallucinogen sold in the form of powder, tablets, liquid, or capsules. Blotter acid—small paper squares that contain LSD Causes pupils to dilate Skin becomes flush Heart rate and body temperature increase Bad trips—terrifying hallucinations Also known as acid, trips, Lucy, diamonds, microdots

11 More hallucinogens  PCP (angel dust) Acts as a stimulant, sedative-hypnotic, or painkiller Sold illegally in the forms of liquid, powder or pills Swallowed, smoked, or sniffed Feel restless, disorientated, anxious, isolated, angry, aggressive and invincible…may appear to be in a trance Also known as angel dust, zombie, rocket fuel, hog

12 Types of Hallucinogens  Ketamine Hallucinogen that’s used as an anesthetic drug in veterinary clinics Sold illegally in the form of liquid, powder or pill Most often stolen from the veterinary clinics Effects last for a shorter amount of time Sometimes given as a date rape drug Also known as special K, vitamin K, K, cat valium, and bump

13 Some more hallucinogens Mescaline A hallucinogen made from the peyote cactus Same effects as LSD Psilocybin Hallucinogen made from a specific type of mushroom Similar to LSD and mescaline Known as magic mushrooms, Shrooms, mushrooms Flashbacks sudden hallucinogens a person has long after having used a hallucinogenic drug

14 Marijuana Dried leaves and tops of the cannabis plant that contain THC THC—a drug found in cannabis plant that produces psychoactive effects  is a fat soluble drug that settles and builds up in the fatty organs of the body (brain, heart liver_ smoked or eaten when smoked it’s called a joint or blunt effects depends on the amount of THC in the past it contain as much as 1-5% of THC, nowadays it has as much as 8-15% Also known as chronic, reefer, ganja, Mary Jane, pot, grass, weed.

15 Hashish  A drug made from marijuana  Smoked alone Mixed with tobacco Eaten in cookies or candies

16 Hashish oil  Liquid resin from the cannabis plant  Place din cigarette or in hashish pipes and smoked

17 Hashish and Hashish Oil Both considered stronger than marijuana All considered gateway drugs  Use of drugs increases the likelihood that a person will use other harmful drugs.

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