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SuperVision for Successful Schools

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1 SuperVision for Successful Schools
R. Martin Reardon’s summary of Chapter 1 Glickman, C. D., Gordon, S. P. & Ross-Gordon, J. M. (2009), 3-12

2 Three schools… Finnie Tyler High School How common is this scenario?
1200 students; low/middle class; urban Students seem happy & uninhibited Teachers joke with students; easy social environment in faculty lounge Friday afternoon “Pizza Council” Most teaching lecture-style; some variation Same textbooks for subject; freedom to choose teaching style Classes seldom start on time; students achievement not up to potential “We have ideal situation. I wouldn’t want to teach anyplace else.” How common is this scenario? Session 2: 7 slides

3 Second of three schools
Germando Elementary 600 students; wealthy; suburban Students quiet but restless; desks all in rows Teachers don’t use faculty lounge Teaching all “from the front” Not only same textbooks; everyone teaching from same page Principal hands down entire curriculum; requires weekly lesson plans; frequent classroom visits (every 2 weeks) “Teaching is a job.” “Principal’s rules are to be followed.” Resistance is futile—forced resignation of dissenter How common is this scenario? To what extent are the differences between Finnie Tyler & Germando a product of the different levels (high v elementary), and the context (middle v upper)? Session 2: 7 slides

4 Effective Instructional Supervision?
Progress Middle School Classsroom environments work oriented; warm; supportive Teachers in lounge involved in discussion of interdisciplinary teaching unit; brainstorming alternative teaching & assessment strategies, and how these relate to unit theme Quite a range of teaching styles; students engaged in active learning School Leadership Council (teachers) considering action research proposals from faculty liaison groups: to improve teaching & learning Germando: Conventional Finnie Tyler: Congenial Progress: Collegial Driven by covenant of learning—mission, vision, goals Charter for schoolwide democratic decision-making Critical study process for informing decisions TPS: How would you classify your school? Session 2: 7 slides

5 A New Paradigm A shift away from conventional & congenial to collegial supervision Collegial, not hierarchical Supervision as the province of teachers & S Focus on teacher growth, not compliance Focus on teacher collaboration in instructional improvement Focus on teacher reflective inquiry VCU SOE Conceptual Schema “Teacher as Reflective Practitioner” Old Paradigm: Control Ingersoll (2003): the flight from education of both new and experienced educators is due to the external control of teachers’ work lives Session 2: 7 slides

6 Metaphor for Success Supervision = Leadership for the improvement of instruction Session 2: 7 slides

7 Conceptual Schema 13: Assessing & Planning 14: Observing
15: Research & Evaluation Session 2: 7 slides

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