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This presentation attempts to showcase our raison d’etre…

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2 This presentation attempts to showcase our raison d’etre…





7 A willingness to be ready for good work. A promise to differentiate through agility. And an attempt to behave like true brand partner.

8 15 years old in a city that had been written off by pundits and politicians.…

9 An agency that started off with no working capital and a single client!

10 Fortunately, agencies are made of people. Their inventory go down the elevator every night!

11 And possibly, agencies go only as far as their people allow them to.

12 From a modest beginning with a single client in 1998 we acquired 28 more within a span of 15 years.

13 Today, we rank amongst the top 5 agencies in the city. With close to 4 crore of annual billing. We are the biggest independent creative agency in the eastern region. And winning the 3 rd position in Srijon Samman, a platform that recognizes creative excellence in Bengali advertising.

14 SOME SUCCESSFUL ASSOCIATIONS Premier Irrigation 15 years 6BP15 years ILS Hospital13 years Benett & Coleman 8 years Star Cruises 8 years Bodyline Sports 10 years Tata Docomo4 years Anandabazar Patrika4 years Westbank Hospital4 years


16 To be able to provide 360 degree creative solutions for local and multinational brands at a significant VALUE POINT. Based on ideas that are entrenched in consumer truths and market realities.


18 3 STEPS 1 VALUE Creative Business Partner Relevant & Differentiating IDEAS Grow with the Client

19 Our youth is an attitude of mind. We are an extremely young agency. Which makes us more daring, more curious and more restless. And speaking the language of a new, emerging consumer.

20 With the power of The Single word Experience as our planning tool.


22 Our worlds are crashing! Sociology Technology Psychology

23 Splinter homes A change in our way of life Diverse audience From one screen to multiple screens Restless Impatient Unreceptive Sociology TechnologyPsychology

24 What is the Single Word Experience? The strongest brands are the simplest. They can be described in one word. Interbrand

25 The need for Single Word Experience Advertising Recall is collapsing. Information overload is the order of the day. Single Word Experience is the defense, guide, and saviour of brands.

26 And at Inner Circle we are willing to embrace the challenge of creating brands through the power of Single Word Experience. A single word that inspires, connects, and empowers our client’s brands.

27 Creating stories that managed to Engage and Inspire…

28 Thank You

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