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The Great War, 1914–1918 Marching Toward War Ch. 13 Section 1

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1 The Great War, 1914–1918 Marching Toward War Ch. 13 Section 1
In Europe, military buildup, nationalistic feelings, and rival alliances set the stage for a continental war.

2 Main Causes of World War I
The Rise of Nationalism Imperialism Militarism (arms race) Alliance system Assassination of the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary

3 Rising Tensions in Europe
The Rise of Nationalism Europe enjoys peace in late 1800s – Considered the century of peace BUT, problems lie below surface 6 Nations were rivals for power in Europe – called the Great Powers Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy & Russia Competed economically and for land Nationalism in the Balkans leads many groups to demand independence Alliances began to form

4 Map of Europe Pre-WWI

5 Rising Tensions in Europe
Imperialism Competition for colonies stirs mistrust among European nations Mutual animosity spurs European countries to Militarism European nations engaged in arms race Militarism—policy of glorifying military power, preparing army Increase competition and mistrust

6 Tangled Alliances Bismarck (Prussia) Forges Early Pacts
Otto von Bismarck unified Germany Otto von Bismarck worked to keep peace in Europe after 1871 Believes France wants revenge for loss in 1870 Franco-Prussian War Seeks to isolate the French with a series of treaties and alliances: - signs treaty with Russia in 1881 - forms Triple Alliance—Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy—in 1882

7 Tangled Alliances Shifting Alliances Threaten Peace
Kaiser Wilhelm II become German ruler in 1888 Foreign policy changes begin in 1890 with dismissal of Bismarck alliance with Russia dropped; Russia then allies with France Created a possible two front war for Germany - effort to strengthen German navy, which alarms Britain • Britain, France, Russia form Triple Entente alliance in 1907

8 Crisis in the Balkans A Restless Region
Many groups in Balkans win independence during early 1900s from the Ottoman Empire New nation of Serbia made up largely of Slavs Austria-Hungary annexes Slavic region Bosnia and Herzegovina (1908) Serbia outraged, sees itself as rightful ruler of these Slavic lands

9 Crisis in the Balkans A Shot Rings Throughout Europe
Serbian rebel kills Austro-Hungarian royal official (Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife) in June 1914 Austria declares war on Serbia; Russia comes to aid of Serbia

10 Assignation of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand (Austria-Hungrey)

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