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By Ian Tarren B ASICS o Name o Name Origin o Symbol o Symbol Origin Sodium soda (Na 2 CO 3 ) Na Natrium (sodium) Latin.

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2 By Ian Tarren

3 B ASICS o Name o Name Origin o Symbol o Symbol Origin Sodium soda (Na 2 CO 3 ) Na Natrium (sodium) Latin

4 B ASICS CONT. Atomic number Category Atomic mass 11 Alkaline metal 22.98976928

5 B ASICS CONT. Date of Discovery Discoverer Electrons per shell 1807 Sir Humphrey Davy Shell 1: 2 Shell 2: 8 Shell 3: 1

6 M ELTING /B OILING P OINT Melting point 97.72 °C, 207.9 °F Boiling point 883 °C, 1621 °F

7 C HARACTERISTICS Soft, easily cut with a knife When exposed to air the shiny luster tarnishes Not as reactive to water as potassium

8 C HARACTERISTICS CONT. More reactive to water than lithium Sodium reacts exothermically with water small pea-sized pieces will bounce across the surface of the water until they are consumed by it large pieces will explode.

9 C HARACTERISTICS C ONT. sodium reacts with water at room temperature if the reacting sodium piece is large enough the sodium will melt with the heat of the reaction to form a sphere

10 S ODIUM C OMPOUNDS Glass Soap Paper Petroleum

11 D IETARY USES Table salt Pickling Jerky making

12 A PPLICATIONS Alloys Compounds Soaps Descalating metal

13 M ORE S ODIUM COMPOUNDS Sodium chloride (table salt) Sodium bicarbonate Disodium phosphate Soda alum

14 M ORE S ODIUM COMPOUNDS CONT. Sodium borohydride Sodium fluoride Sodium fluorosilicate Sodium methoxide

15 C OMMERCIAL P RODUCTION First produced commercially in 1855 This was done by thermal reduction of sodium carbonate and carbon at 1100 °C This was known as the Deville process In modern times Sodium is produced commercially through the electrolysis of liquid sodium chloride This is based on a process patented in 1924

16 P RECAUTIONS Extreme care is required in handling pure sodium depending on the quantity Sodium is potentially explosive in water Sodium is also a corrosive substance it is rapidly converted to sodium hydroxide on contact with moisture

17 S ODIUM C HLORIDE Also named table salt Na(sodium)Cl(chlorine) Used to create chlorine

18 S ODIUM CHLORIDE CONT. Obtained by evaporation of salt water This includes brine wells, salt lakes, and mining rock salt or halite Condiment/Preservative

19 S ODA ALUM Composition: Sodium 5.02 % Na 6.76 % Na 2 OSodium Aluminum 5.89 % Al 11.12 % Al 2 O 3Aluminum HydrogenHydrogen 5.28 % H 47.17 % H 2 O SulfurSulfur 13.99 % S 34.94 % SO 3 OxygenOxygen 69.82 % O

20 S ODIUM FLUOROSILICATE Water soluble Used in industry Flammable Has weak oxidizing or reducing powers Fairly neutral acidicity/basidity

21 S ODIUM HYDROXIDE de Also called caustic soda Mixes with glass to create sodium silicatesodium silicate Used as a paint stripper and to produce alumina

22 P RECAUTIONS CONT. The powdered form may combust spontaneously in air or oxygen. Sodium must be stored either in an inert or oxygen and moisture free atmosphere such as nitrogen or argon, or under a liquid hydrocarbon such as mineral oil or kerosene.

23 N UTRITIONAL P URPOSES Electrolyte: regulates the extracellular fluid levels in the body Hydration: pumps water into cells sodium consumption of the typical American: 3,000-5,000 mg daily

24 D IETARY A MOUNTS Table salt tsp Pickles, dill, 1 large Canned chicken soup, 1 cup Sauerkraut, 1/2 cup\ Pretzels, 1 oz Cottage cheese, 1/2 cup Sardines, 3 oz Deli ham, 1 oz Deli turkey breast, 1 oz 2358 1731 850 780 486 459 429 341 335 objectAmount sodium

25 D IETARY A MOUNTS Soy Sauce, 1 tsp Cheese, American, 1 oz Cornflakes, 1 cup Olives, black, 5 large Deli bologna Potato Chips, 1 oz 304 298 192 295 183 objectAmount sodium mg

26 S ODIUM FACTS Cheapest metal Used to manufacture oysters

27 C REDITS /na.html ion/factsheets/sodium.html Notes done by Ian Neumann PowerPoint done by Ian Neumann Advertisement script done by Tarren Leivens Narrator Ian Neumann Salt vender Ian Neumann Surfer guy Tarren Leivens






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