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1 Electropolymerization
Advisor : Professor Guey-Sheng Liou Reporter : Ming-Chi Tsai Date : 2014/01/03

2 Outline Introduction Applications Conclusions
Theory and mechanism of electropolymerization Applications Recent development of electropolymerization Conclusions

3 Electropolymerization
Reynolds research Lab. The first electropolymerization experiment reported in 1968 by Dall’oxlio → Pyrrole in water medium The first determining event was the electro-polymerization in an organic medium reported in 1979 by Diaz → Pyrrole in MeCN

4 Mechanism of Electropolymerization
Rajesh*, Biomaterial, 2007, 28,

5 Mechanism of Electropolymerization
What’s Emonomer and Epolymer R. J. Waltman*, J. Bargon*, Can. J. Chem., 1986, 64, 76

6 R. J. Waltman*, J. Bargon*, Can. J. Chem., 1986, 64, 76

7 Group effect A. F. Diaz*, J. Electroanal.. Chem., 1981, 129 ,

8 Electrolyte effect Cyclic voltammogramms of [Pt]polypyrrole (20 nm) an CH3CN contaning various electrolyte salts Sweep rates 50 and 100 mV s-1

9 Applications

10 Biosensors

11 Biosensors Electroanalysis 2003, 15, No

12 Chemical sensors Johan Bobacka and Ari Ivaska, Handbook of electropolymerization, 2010, Ch.9

13 Yaping Ding*, Analytica Chimica Acta., 2013, 770, 53– 61

14 Molecular Imprinting Polymer
Michael J. Whitcombe and Dhana Lakshmi, Handbook of electropolymerization, 2010, Ch.7

15 Molecular Imprinting Polymer
Phosphate buffer Use CV to prove the AA combined with PPy Yücel Sahin*, Sensors 2008, 8,

16 Molecular Imprinting Polymer
0.025M pyyrole monomer is the best condition for this MIP Fig. 6 MIP has more current intensity for AA than NIP Fig. 5 Yücel Sahin*, Sensors 2008, 8,


18 Dyes sensitized solar cells

19 Nat. mater., 2003, 2,

20 Conclusions

21 Conclusions Electropolymerization Good approach
Intrinsically conducting polymers Modified electrodes Sensors Good approach Easy to define area Well-controlled thickness at a nanometer scale

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