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BC 2800 Vet.

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1 BC 2800 Vet

2 Content 1. Vet market overview 2. BC-2800Vet selling points
3. Competitors 3. Unique benefits of BC-3000Plus

3 Veterinary Diagnostic Market
Commercial Animal Production Companion Animal Health 900 Mio $ + 6% + 2% 600 Mio $ Source: In vitro diagnostics, Merrill Lynch, | Animal Pharm Report 2004

4 West EU & USA

5 Fast facts 60 56 5 33,000 Cat, dog and horse in millions 72 81 7 40,000 EUROPE USA Source: National Pet Owners Survey, APPMA, | Eurostat Database

6 USA Dogs Cats Horses Percent of households owning 37.2% 32.4% 1.8%
Percent of households owning 37.2% 32.4% 1.8% Number of households owning 43,021,000 37,460,000 2,087,000 Average number owned per household 1.7 2.2 3.5 Total number in United States 72,114,000 81,721,000 7,295,000 Veterinary visits per household per year (mean) 2.6 Veterinary expenditure per animal (mean) $200 $81 $92 Source: National Pet Owners Survey, APPMA,

7 Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (VDL)
USA as an example: Most of VDLs are associated with Universities - Veterinary schools - Land-grant colleges – Veterinary Science or Animal Science Departments Some are linked solely to the state Department of Agriculture Some are private for-profit laboratories specializing in companion animal biopsy, microbiology and clinical pathology services Some are resources for a specific function - zoos and wild animal parks - State Departments of Fish and Game

8 Electrolyte and Blood gas
In-house VDL Station Hematology Electrolyte and Blood gas Centrifuge Chemistry Microscope

9 “ Profile ” Common Tests in VDL Test Significance Serum Chemistry
“Biochemical profile”: Glucose, BUN, Creatinine, Albumin, Cholesterol, … Electrolyte: critical for choosing appropriate fluid therapy and for working up patients with polyuria and polydipsia Hematology CBC: help to assess infection and anemia; White cell differential: help to monitor infection cause and drug treatment; Coagulation time: useful in diagnosing possible rodenticide toxicosis, liver failure, or disseminated intravascular coagulation. Reticulocyte … Urinalysis (UA) Urine specific gravity : localizing azotemia; Urine sediment examination : help diagnosing renal disease , assessing the risk of urolith formation; pH, protein, glucose …

10 Profile + £ 29 Full hematology Biochemistry Pathologist interpretation
Comprehensive routine laboratory data £ 29 Full hematology Biochemistry Pathologist interpretation Fibrinogen included routinely for horse +

11 IDEXX General Health Profile
Price £ 32.00 £ 61.88 IDEXX General Health Profile (Biochemical: ALB, ALKP, ALT, AMYL, BUN, Ca, CHOL, CREA, GLOB, GLU, PHOS, TBIL, TP ) An example biochemical profile price in a UK veterinary practice £ 92.00 Combine offer for CBC+DIFF and urinalysis in the same practice

12 Diagnostic service s in VDL are soaring …

13 2 interesting numbers … $1,400 70%

14 Industry Players Top 10 Veterinary Diagnostic Companies in 2007
Revenue in Mio $

15 The Product The Concerns Easy operation Less manual review (accuracy)
Save Time Less maintenance Save Investment Economy instrument Low running cost

16 Content 1. Vet market overview 2. BC-2800Vet selling points
3. Competitors 3. Unique benefits of BC-3000Plus


18 Basic features 3-part differentiation of WBC,18 parameters +3 histograms for 7 animals; Throughput: 25 samples per hour; 13 animal species (dot, cat, horse, rabbit, rat, mouse, camel, cow, buffalo, monkey, sheep, goat, pig ) +3 self-defined animals Time-pack reagent kits Optional parts: external printer, Bar code scanner and Vet DMS (Data Management Software) 7.8” Large color LCD display ;

19 Benefits of BC-2800Vet Easy-of-Use Accurate Economical
Large Display; Convenient data input; Easy operation Accurate Reliable technology; Original reagents; QC programs; Economical More animal; Low reagent consumption; Less maintenance

20 7.8inch Color Screen One-screen information display

21 Easy Operation Press one button to finish a sample test
Press the aspiration key The result show up in 2.5min Report print out

22 More Animal Species Animal types with 3-diff results 18 pameters+3 histograms for Dog, cat, horse, rat, mouse, rabbit, Cow, Monkey 12 parameters +3 histograms for Sheep, buffalo, pig 8 parameters +2 histograms for Camel, goat

23 Convenient Data Transfer
Input: keypad, external keyboard and barcode scanner; Output: thermal printer, display or external printer (optional); Vet Data Management Software;

24 Proven Technologies DC Impedance sizing U = R * I

25 Proven Technologies Cell-Orientation: Advanced focused cell suspension in single file

26 Proven Technologies % fl
RBC and PLT Counting: According to the value of MCV, The discriminator will automatically shift for more accurate PLT counting. % 18fl 20fl RBC PLT fl

27 Consistency

28 Original Time-pack Reagent Kit
Support at least 140tests in total. Configured with lyse(180ml);Rinse(2.3L) and Diluent (5.5L)

29 Low reagent consumption
Only 13ul whole blood sample volume; Only 3 routine reagents; Low reagent consumption;

30 Less Maintenance Auto flush Zero daily maintenance;
Auto clean time setting; Easily troubleshooting such as ZAP and flush to remove clog; Auto flush Auto zap

31 Benefits summary

32 Content 1. Vet market overview 2. BC-2800Vet selling points
3. Competitors 3. Unique benefits of BC-3000Plus

33 Key Competitors Idexx laboratories/ Lasercyte Abaxis/ HM II
Heska / Hematrue Scil/ Vet ABC

34 Idexx laboratories
Founded in 1985,USA Business focus: Pet health Products lines, Chemistry • Hematology • Urinalysis • Electrolytes • Endocrinology • Coagulation • Blood Gas

35 Idexx IDEXX is a worldwide leader in innovative products and services for veterinary, food and water applications. Major business sectors including companion animal and equine businesses and food and water businesses. In Mio $ 2008 Vs 2007 Revenue 1024 +11.0% Profit 529.8 +14.3% Margin 51.7%

36 Idexx Vet-lab suites PC (Computer) Blood gas analyzer
Electrolyte analyzer Hematology analyzer Chemistry analyzer Lasercyte hematology analyzer is launched in 2002. Vet-lab suite is very popular and prefered by vet clients in USA and West europe market

37 Dry-slide Products Individual chemistries Pre-packaged panels
ALB, ALKP, ALT, AMYL, AST, BUN, Ca, CHOL, CK, CREA, GGT, GLU, LAC, LDH, LIPA, Mg, NH3, PHOS, TBIL, TP, TRIG, URIC Pre-packaged panels 6 chemistries per profile ALKP, ALT, BUN, CREA, GLU, TP 13 chemistries per panel , ALB, ALKP, AST, BUN, Ca, CK, CREA, GGT, GLOB, GLU, LDH, TBIL, TP 6 chemistries per panel, ALB, AST, Ca, GLU, TP, URIC, GLOB

38 Why Idexx No1? Success Vetlab suites Information station
Aggressive marketing promotion Dry-slide chemistry technology Own big ref lab Lower regulation limitation in vet market Success

39 Lasercyte Limitation Expensive price and high running cost
EUR14000/USD20000(Street price) Poor correlation with manual counting Limit animal species Dog Cat Horse 95ul blood sample Slow speed Need 10minutes for one test

40 Lasercyte – Limitations
Correlation studies on manual WBC differential Lasercyte BC-5300Vet Evaluation site Forest Veterinary Center, UK Peking University Hospital, China Specie Cat (44) Dog (42) Cat (129) Dog (67) Lym% 0.76 0.69 0.89 0.95 Mon% 0.05 0.29 0.50 0.06 Neu% 0.55 0.72 0.90 0.96 Eos% 0.60 0.82 0.84 0.81

41 Idexx销售情况 在英国市场的年装机量为120台(反馈来自 liyu)
爱尔兰(Pan Vet代理)和芬兰也是No1 market share 瑞典是(Scandivet)代理

42 Scil animal care
New headquarter:North America Revenue in 2009: Products Hematology /Clinical chemistry /Monitoring Surgical systems

43 Scil Hematology 2 hematology models
Scil Vet abc is 3-part diff machine, Without thermal recorder, it should be configured with an external printer. The extreme narrow display is apparently not convenient for operators. Scil Vet Focus 5 is suitable for those who need true multi-species and 5-differential of WBC. It’s OEM model from Drew scientific (USA).

44 Scil Vet abc Limitations
Extreme narrow display Only 2lines display No internal printer Limit memory Can’t store sample results No ZAP function No efficient way to remove clog Big reagent dead volume Over 30% lyse residual dog, cat, horse, rat, Animal species: pig, cattle, rabbit, sheep, mouse, monkey, ferret

45 Heska
Headquarter: USA Founded in 1988 Products: pharmaceuticals • vaccines • diagnostic products • monitor

46 HemaTure Color touch screen Button On board reagents Barcode reader
Tube Mixer Aspiration True 20 sampling On board reagents Color touch screen Button Barcode reader Barcode reader: QC assay sheets HemaTrue, OEM from Boule Medonic

47 HemaTrue Limitations Limit animal species Un-necessary on board mixer
Customer prefer to use their separate outer mixer. Capillary blood testing mode No need to predilute, operator have to do the testing inner 50seconds, which is object to their practice habits.

48 Abaxis Founded in USA, annual revenue in 2008 over USD100mil
Abaxis Ranked 11th of the"200 Best Small Companies" by Forbes Magazine Main products, Dry chemistry (self designed) Hematology (OEM from diatron)

49 Product Portfolio VetScan Profiles VetScan VS2 Vet Scan Classic
VetScan HM2 VetScan HM5

50 Vet scan HMII Smaller Display Sample volume
Need to roll screen to see a complete result Sample volume 25ul(WB)/50ul(PD), which means more reagents is needed.

51 Nihon Kohden MEK6318K+QP635Vsoftware Sample volume 30 ul 8 parameters
No differentiation for WBC 5 species only Storage for 500 results

52 Melet Schloesing MS4-3Vet No zap function Small mono screen
100 results with histogram Closed reagent system

53 Sysmex Poch-100iv diff No zap function 20 results with histogram
4 species Need to roll screen to review a complete result

54 ACT Diff with vet software
Beckman-Coulter ACT Diff with vet software 8 parameters No differentiation for WBC 3 species 250 results with histogram Mono-chromatic screen Cat, dog, horse

55 Thank You!

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