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Chapter 20 Urinary System.

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1 Chapter 20 Urinary System

2 Function Waste removal Maintains water and electrolyte balance
Regulates pH

3 Structure 2 Kidneys Reddish brown Bean shaped
Lateral to vertebral column Structure Cortex – outer edge Medulla – internal tissue containing nephrons Nephrons – tiny tubules that allow kidneys to function

4 Structure Continued

5 Structure Continued 2 Ureters – tube from each kidney to the bladder
Bladder – holding tank Urethra – tube to the outside of the body

6 Urine Formation Nephrons Regulate water and electrolyte concentrations
Remove waste from the blood

7 Urine Formation Continued
Urine Content Not Found in Plasma Urea – breakdown of amino acids Uric Acid – by product of amino acid metabolism High sulfate High phosphate *All glucose is supposed to get reabsorbed *95% water

8 Water Intake Water Output
30% = moist food 10% = metabolism Regulated by thirst Hypothalamus Water loss = increase in extracellular osmotic pressure Thirst occurs at 1% of total body (or when the body is dehydrated by 1%) 60% = urine 6% = feces 6% = sweat 28% = evaporation from skin/breathing Regulated by urine production ADH (antidiuretic hormone) present

9 Electrolyte Intake Electrolyte Output Food Beverages Metabolic reactions Salt cravings Sweat Feces Kidney and urine production Hormone aldosterone (controls water excretion)

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