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PATTERNS OF EDEMA James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D.

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1 PATTERNS OF EDEMA James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D.
Professor of Radiology and Neurology Chairman, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 4301 Jones Bridge Road Bethesda, MD USA Voice: FAX: Visit us on the WEB:

2 DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s), and are not necessarily representative of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), the Department of Defense (DOD); or the World Health Organization (WHO). Medicine is a constantly changing field, and medical information is subject to frequent correction and revision. Therefore the reader is entirely responsible for verifying the accuracy and relevance of the information contained herein. Portions herein copyright 2000 James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D.

3 EDEMA Definitions - Cytotoxic Fluid ‑ Ecf) - Vasogenic
Increase In Tissue Water Intracellular - Cytotoxic Extracellular (Interstitial, Extra Cellular Fluid ‑ Ecf) - Vasogenic - Hydrostatic (Hydrocephalic)

4 EDEMA: -Decreased Attenuation T1W ‑ Decreased Signal Intensity
INCREASED TISSUE WATER CT: Decreased SPECIFIC GRAVITY -Decreased Attenuation MR: Prolongs BOTH T1/T2 T1W ‑ Decreased Signal Intensity T2W ‑ Bright

5 EDEMA: PD ‑ INCREASED SIGNAL usually > CSF except Macrocystic
Encephalomalacia T2W ‑ INCREASED SIGNAL (Often <>CSF, depends on the windows and pulse sequence)

6 Interstitial Edema (Ions, Small Proteins) - Abscess - Neoplasm
Abnl. Or Absent Bbb Plasma Ultrafiltrate (Ions, Small Proteins) Spreads From Neovascularity - Abscess - Neoplasm Localized In Infarct - No "Pump"

7 Figure

8 WHITE MATTER (Accepts Interstitial Edema) Relatively Loose
Organized Tracts (Natural Conduits For Edema) Larger ECF More Compliant (To Increased Size Of ECF) Spreads Until Production = Absorption (Over Large Area)

9 GRAY MATTER (Resistant To Interstitial Edema): More Dense And Compact
Small ECF (Almost Non‑Existent) Non‑Compliant (To Increased Size Of ECF)

10 CYTOTOXIC EDEMA Metabolic/Ischemic Metabolic Poisons:
Energy Dependent Pump Metabolic Poisons: - Cn, Triethyl Tin, Hexachlorophene. Passive Exchange Across Cell Membrane Intracellular Edema Cortical Gray Matter

11 Figure

12 ISCHEMIC EDEMA (From Ischemic Insult): Cytotoxic Vasogenic
Both Gray And White Vasogenic White Matter Only Limited By Low Perfusion

13 EDEMA LOCATIONS Edema Patterns White Matter Only:
- Peritumoral (Peri‑Lesional) - Periventricular (Hydroceph.) Gray And White Matter - Vascular Territory (If Infarct) - Gray regional if encephalitis

UNCINATE FASCICULUS "U" FIBERS Centrum Semiovale Other Association fiber tracts

15 EDEMA DAMS (Effectively Block Spread): - Both Deep And Cortex
INTERNAL CAPSULE (Projection) CORPUS CALLOSUM (Commissure) GRAY MATTER - Both Deep And Cortex

16 EDEMA LOCATION White Only White And Gray (Also Gray Only)
Peri‑Tumoral (Peri‑Lesional) Periventricular White And Gray (Also Gray Only) Vascular Territory

17 PATTERNS OF EDEMA Hydrocephalic (Hydrostatic) Edema
Extracellular (Interstitial) Edema Distention of Ventricle Ependymal lining rips open CSF pours into brain parenchyma Edema spreads from ventricle through white matter Chronic edema => demyelination

18 EDEMA ETIOLOGY Neoplasm/Abscess Hydrocephalus Ischemia
Vasogenic (White Only) Hydrocephalus Hydrostatic (White Only) Ischemia Cytotoxic (Gray And White) (Also Gray - Only esp. Encephalitis) Limited Vasogenic

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