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Do you follow me on Twitter? Are you apart of my linked in Network?

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1 Do you follow me on Twitter? Are you apart of my linked in Network?
Are you on my list? Are you my friend on Facebook? Have you liked my Hi-End fitness page? Do you follow me on Twitter? Are you apart of my linked in Network?


3 A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals. - Larry Bird Action is the foundational key to all successes. - Pablo Picasso Anytime you see someone more successful than you are, they are doing something you're not. - Malcolm X Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. - Dale Carnegie

4 Successful Personal Training
Being successful at anything means aligning yourself with successful principles. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel There are two ways to learn I have had many coaches and mentors Brian Devlin- taught me a couple of major lesson’s Bedrios Keullian- taught me a couple major lesson’s The goal of this course is to teach you how to begin growing and developing your own successful personal training business

5 Like Bedrios said the most important thing is being excellent
Being your best self- Self actualization 1st and foremost this is business The first rule of business is that you are here to make money It is not wrong to make money doing what you love Where do you start? You must start with defining your clientele


7 Who’s your market?

8 Different Target Markets
Athletes Obese Baby boomers Kids Stay at home mom’s Pregnant ladies Rehab Bodybuilders Weight-loss People who want to change

9 My target Market Personal training market is 35-65 yrs
My group training market is yrs My gym membership is yrs My pt and group membership is mostly female Professionals and stay at home moms I’m not as certain about my gym membership statistics yet Currently in the process of segmenting my list to address my specific markets more appropriately

10 Why do they come to you?

11 Why do they come to you? Results Motivation/support/accountability
Friendship/relationship Insecure/intimidated/fearful Knowledge/information Form and technique All the answers…

12 My program overview

13 What do they get when they come?
How will you deliver the results? What is it that creates change in your body?

14 Frequency Intensity Duration
Workout Variables Frequency Intensity Duration

15 Canadian Researchers at Queen’s University tested a workout using finishers against long cardio.(Reference: Appl Physiol Nutr Metab Sep 20) Group A did 30 minutes of treadmill running at 85% max heart rate Group B did 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a single exercise (burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers or squat thrusts) with 10 seconds of rest between rounds. Group C did nothing (they were the non-training control group) The results were shocking… Both training groups (A and B) increased their aerobic fitness levels by the SAME amount (7-8%). Yes, group B did only 4 minutes of work and it was just as effective as 30 minutes of cardio.  However, the people in Group B had MORE benefits… They also increased their muscular endurance in common exercises like chest presses, leg extensions, and push-ups. Plus, this intense finishers style of training used by Group B also resulted in greater overall workout enjoyment. The Canadian Scientists concluded that this finishers style of training will boost cardiovascular fitness just as well as cardio while giving you BETTER improvements in muscular endurance. In JUST 4 minutes. In a study from the University of Bath in England found that adding a single spurt of sprinting for thirty seconds while pedaling on a stationary bike generated a six fold increase in HGH levels which peaked 2 hrs after the exercise.  One recent study comparing active men looked at the HGH response comparing 30 minutes high intensity running vs. strength training.  Doing squats doubled HGH levels compared with running.

16 Physical Limitations of your body

17 The sprinter vs. The Marathoner

18 Results vs. Baby sitter job
Intensity creates change but your intensity must be appropriate to your client A pro trainer needs to adjust intensity to be ideal for their client You deliver the intensity of the workout with your programming and presence Adjust your interval length You bring the energy You project the energy Your voice is important

19 Essential Elements of a successful workout

20 Paul Chek- Primal Movements
Squat Lunge Deadlift/Bend Push Pull Rotate Jump/run

21 Living the Life of Balance

22 Walking the Walk Who worked out this week?
Who’s on track with their food? Who eats meat? Are there any vegans? What have you done for your mind this week? What have you done for your spirit? Why are you here? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

23 Do it for the love The greatest gift is a portion of thyself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson It can be extremely profitable if you want it to be.. It can be a terrific part-time profession for the rest of your lives. It is a fantastic career! The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Gandhi You get to be an inspiration for people.. You get to change people’s lives The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have. - Leonard Nimoy We live in a cause effect world. What you put out into the world will be reciprocated back to you.

24 Be a Professional A professional trainer leads by example. “walk the walk” Committed to living their best life Committed to supporting their client to live their best life Makes the clients time about them Keep your client accountable Challenge your client Know when to be gentle Passionate about fitness Don’t sleep with your clients

25 Client Contact

26 Intro. Consultation Be on time Build a relationship immediately
Relate to customer Put yourself in their shoes Get them to fill out a questionnaire Get some goals committed to paper

27 The initial consult Keep the conversation about the client
Ask them their goals Include some education. Discuss the aging process! Determine a realistic time line Discuss their past experiences Ask them why they were unsuccessful before They can’t be successful using an old method If it hasn’t worked before it won’t work now You need to do something different than you have done if you want a different result Ask them if they are ready for change..

28 Most important Aspect of an Intro
Why would you like to get into shape? What would it mean for you to get into shape? You need to get the prospect to initiate the thoughts for success! New thoughts are required to create a new outcome You need to create a bigger Y for the member You need to get a chance to wow them!

29 Essential Consult Education
What is fat? What is metabolism? Metabolism and age? Male female metabolism? Why does your metabolism slow with age? What is the biggest influence on your metabolism? You need strength training to speed up metabolism You need aerobics to get out there and burn up calories You need nutritional balance to support Flexibility..

30 Assessment Weight Measurements

31 Body-fat and Strength testing?

32 The exercise system

33 Demo workouts Let’s get you out there and see if it’s a fit for you..
You must have a planned and organized workout system Keep it basic You must be able to jump it up for the advanced or drop it down to the begginer Make it polished Push the client to their limit using as little as possible This is your shot to really impress them Make them feel terrific! It must be fun they must feel a sense of success “They can do it! ”

34 Start up workout Basic Elbow Plank- 30s
Elbow Plank with Alt. leg release- 30s Elbow plank alt. Arm release- 30s Single leg glut bridge- 30,30 Double leg glut bridge- 30s Superman variations (erector work) -30,30,30 Side hold variations- 30,30,30 Body Weight Squats- 30s Single leg Balance- 30s,30s Alternate lunges (reverse, forward, walking)- 60s Bear Crawls- 60s Side lunges (stationary, alternate, or walking)- 60s Abdominal drills Plyo ( squat jump, bunny hop, single leg hop or jumping jack)- 30s Crab position glute bridges Lateral crawl push up Mountain climbers

35 Swissball workout Alternate front kicks-30s
Straight leg back Alt Hip extention- 30,30 Single leg balance abduction- 30,30 Single leg hop- 30,30 Swissball walkout- 30s Swissball overhead squats- 30s Swissball tucks s Swissball Pikes (for a strong client)- 30s Swissball overhead lunges(reverse,forward,walking)- 60s Swissball Plank (alt. leg release option,high plank option) - 30s Swissball pushup (hands on ball, hands on Floor)- 30s Side lunges (stationary, alternate sides, walking)- 60s Swissball balance Rows- 30,30 Swissball bench Press- 60s Swissball glut bridges- 30s Jumping jacks, swissball jumping jacks, swissball squat jumps- 30s

36 Medball workout Touch and Reach-30s Toe and Reach- 30,30
Pendulum Swing- 30s Medball Chops- 30s Lunge and Press (reverse, forward, rocket)- 60s Windmill- 30s Bear crawls- 60s Side lunges (Stationary, Alternate, Walking)- 60s Single leg balance chop to toe and hop- 30s,30s Medball pushups (push up roll or both hands on ball or stationary)- 30s Medball Foot elevated Plank (single leg release) s Medball Squat Jumps- 30s Jacknife Crunch- 30s or 15 reps Heels to the ceiling- 30s or 10 reps /side Little crunch- 30s Single leg medball Glut bridge- 30,30 Double leg glute bridge-30s Burpees (walking or jumping) s Medball mountain climbers

37 Flexibility Key stretches for the aging population
Key stretches for common chronic pain Key yoga postures

38 Special Populations..

39 Bad Knees Stay off when clients are in pain. Don’t push clients through pain on their knees Supported squats or lunges with the TRX Box squats or Swiss ball sit and stand Box step ups on a low box Drive heart rate with dead lifts Barbell or dumbbell Cleans, Snatches, Clean&Press, kettle bell swing Elevate heart rate with pushes, pulls and core work, dumbbell stretch press Alternate leg dead lift and press Test single leg exercises Include flexibility, key yoga postures Recommend yoga Introduce them to the grid

40 Low Back Pain Don’t force client to push though pain
Warm up all muscles around the hip girdle entirely Hip flexors, Erectors, Glutes, Abs, hamstrings Bird dogs, erector work, watch abdominals, total core strengthening without causing pain Focus on posture and breathing Include flexibility, key yoga postures Recommend include, demonstrate the grid Recommend yoga

41 Wrists, Elbows, Shoulders
Provide handles for wrist support Don’t push through pain Avoid movements that cause pain Always use light weights Always include flexibility Key yoga postures Introduce the grid

42 Pregnant Ladies..

43 Demo workouts Must be appropriate to the individuals level
Do not kill your clients Building the relationship is the key Empowering the client is the focus If done well your demo sets up your sale Did you like that? Would you like to discuss a package?

44 Closing the Sale After a successful demonstration ask client how they liked the workout? Ask them if they would like to see packages or do this again Consider their financial resources and ethically determine the best course of action for them Tell them what you would like to do or see Make a recommendation related to their goal

45 Bosu workout Alternate leg climb- 30-60s Drive the back knee- 30s/leg
Over the tops- 30s Over the top squats- 30s Single leg Balance- 30s/leg Elbow Plank- 30s Single leg release s/leg Quick foot switch s Elbow plank arm release- 30s Bosu Squats- 30s Bosu Squat hops- 30s Side hold upper body rotation- 30s Side hold top leg raise- 30s Alternate hand climb- 30s/hand Suicide pushups s Bosu Crunch or situp s Single leg crunch- 30s/leg Bosu crunch and Stand, Crunch n hop s Stationary Lunge- 30s/leg Bird dog hold- 30s/Side Over the top pushups s Dumbell Squat to press- 30s Balance Rows s

46 Dumbbell Workout Light dumbbell room walk shld press- 60s
Businessman Squats- Dumbells down squats(light warm up)- 30s Full body front raise – 60s Plank Pullbacks- 60s Sumo Squats s Alternate single leg deadlift- 30s,30s Single dumbbell Overhead clean- 30s,30s Dumbell Bear Crawls- 60s Alternate Lunges (reverse, forward, walking) – 60s Burpee full body front raise – 60s Rear delt flys- 30s Side hold John Travolta- 30s,30s Side lunges (stationary, Alternate, walking) -60s Swissball bench press- 60s Dumbell Rows- 30,30 Leg raises- 60s Scissor kicks- 30s Sit ups- 30s Dumbell Squat thrust- 30s Reverse lunge and curl or walking lunge n curl s Balance Tricep extentions- 10 reps/side

47 Barbell Workout Side steps- 30-60s Burpees- 30s Burpee pushups- 30s
Sumo Squats- 60s Barbell Military- 30s Table top do the dog- 30,30 Bent knee Plank heel to the ceiling- 30s,30s Superman- 30s Barbell Lunges (Reverse, Forward, Walking) s Barbell Rows- 60s Leg Bicycle- 30s Upright bicycle- 30s Little situps- 30s Barbell Squat to Press- 30s Barbell deadlift uprights- 60s Single leg Bear crawls- 30s,30s Barbell lunge n Press (backward, forward) reps each way Barbell Curls rpes Barbell Alt. leg deadlifts- 60s Crab position single leg glute bridge- 15 reps/side

48 Staying appropriate Have a body part split routine for that bodybuilder guy 3,4,5 day split routine. Have that full body strength template in your clip board The weakest clients may be fine with the exercise of the first 3 routines just being recycled. Keep it appropriate. Don’t progress past the most basic exercises if the client is extremely detrained. As you build more of a relationship with your client your program can fall more into a maintenance pace Adjust the workout to suit the clients wishes more Reduce your expectations on the client

49 Discussing your typical clients profile
Average client is inactive Detrained and de-conditioned Been out of fitness for 10+ years Been sitting at a desk job or at a computer Poor eating habits, poor digestion, poor elimination, poor nerve innervation to core region Been focused on building their careers and or their families Not focused on themselves Week across their upper back and neck Tight across their chest Tight hip flexors, tight hips, Tight It bands Weak errectors, weak hamstrings, lower back issues Your general on the spot workout should be focused on addressing these issues

50 Building a workout from a template
Using a system rather than just choosing an exercise Build heat Drive heart rate Include intensity Strengthen activate largest muscle groups Get the job done ASAP Create value for the customer Quick results based PT Don’t try to be too fancy especially not with beginers Great resources to add workout spice- Brian Devlin, web-sites, utube, facebook

51 My expectations of a Trainer

52 How much should you charge?

53 Training clients for Barter
Train for referrals Get what you are worth Set a term for re-evaluation If you would like to do some barter for me that can be discussed I could use someone as a cleaner, potentially to do desk time

54 Building your dream Begin with the end in mind
Your life goal/create a clear vision Financial, family, relationships, free time, opportunities Overcoming your relationships with money Self actualization Changing yourself Becoming a more successful person Being able to create change in your world Overcoming your issues, challenges, obsessions, addictions

55 How do we create changes ourselves?
Changing our worlds is the result of changing our minds

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