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Fetal Pig Dissection Ch8 Activity 8-1

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1 Fetal Pig Dissection Ch8 Activity 8-1

2 Safety Personal Protective Equipment::
– Gloves, goggles, and lab aprons Sharps: –Scalpels and other sharp instruments should be used sparingly. Exploration is better performed with blunt instruments Safety Tip: – If you are not using an instrument, set it down.

3 Incision should be just deep enough to cut through the muscular chest wall using a blunt end scissor
Cut the connective tissue as you pull the flap back toward the nose (exposing the larynx)

4 Using blunt end scissors, start at the bottom of the ribcage and cut the ribs in half (going up the right and left sides of the sternum)

5 Safety Goggles and gloves must be worn at all times.
DO NOT touch specimen and then touch face, eyes, etc. Report any unusual reaction (burning eyes, nausea, skin irritation to the teacher IMMEDIATELY!)

6 Safety continued When using the scalpel or scissors- YOU MUST CUT AWAY FROM YOURSELF AND OTHERS!! You will be shown the proper method to hold and dissect with the scalpel. All sharp utensils must be stored under the BLUE MAT.

7 Safety continued Appropriate behavior must be obeyed at all times during the lab. Any fooling around, walking around or mistreatment of the specimen will result in an immediate failure and removal from class. THIS IS YOUR WARNING! When pointing to a structure, you must always use a probe.

8 Safety conclusion When using blunt end scissors, the blunt end touches the tissue and the sharp end will cut. Dress appropriately. No open toed shoes, flip flops or sandals. Dress WARM! Windows will be open

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