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Lesson plan food and nutritions

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1 Lesson plan food and nutritions
Mahwish rani

2 Topic Basic food groups Chapter Food and feeding Class : 3 Time duration 45 minute

3 objectives General objectives Specific objectives
To enable the students to eat proper food To know the importance of balanced diet Specific objectives After completion of this topic students will be able to: Identify what they can do to keep their bodies healthy. List the 6 food groups within the food pyramid To know what are healthy eating habbits

4 Teaching aids Food magazines Food pictures Baord markers(4,5 colour)
Scissor Glue sticks Coloured papers

5 Prior knowledge Students should have some idea about different type of foods,healthy and unhealthy food.

6 Explanations The teacher will explain different food groups,definition of balanced diet, characteristics of the food groups and the way how we keep our bodies healthy. (e.g eating healthy food,brushing our teeth,excercising,sleeping etc.) The teacher will ask some questions from the students like; What they had in breakfast? Why we need food? What does food do to our mind and body?

7 Activity: Assessment/Evaluation Home work
Have some food magazines in the classroom,ask the students to cut-out pictures of their favourite foods,divide a piece of paper in two and ask them to put them in the healthy and unhealthy food column. Assessment/Evaluation To assess the students, the teacher will ask the students to use the list of foods they have eaten in the past 24 hours and place them in the correct food column. Discuss whether they have achieved the recommended daily intake. Home work Students will make a balanced menu.(about what they had in breakfast,lunch,evening time and in dinner)

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