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November 2011 Hot Sheet Product Considerations Meeting / Conf. Call Sept. 9 th 8:30 AM All pricing noted is distributor followed by suggested salon.

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1 November 2011 Hot Sheet Product Considerations Meeting / Conf. Call Sept. 9 th 8:30 AM All pricing noted is distributor followed by suggested salon

2 Belson Brazilian Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Collection Flat Irons - 1 ½ and 1 inch ceramic – Double dipped ceramic plates – Heat resist travel pouch – $48.00 / $96.00 Curl Irons - 1 ½, 1, ¾ inch – Heat resist sleeve – $36.00 / $72.00

3 Belson – Brazilian Heat 1600 W D/C motor dryer – Rheostat dial – $60.00 Newly designed motor - more powerful and energy-efficient Rubberized Ergo-contour handle - Glove fit hold and control Nov/ Dec intro. promotion prices Major PR / Advertising in consumer publications GWP – 2 Thermal Ionic Brushes

4 Belson - Brazilian Heat Brush head stripes change color to alert stylist when the brush is at optimum heat for styling hair Ceramic barrel heats up faster, less damaging to hair Ceramic inhibits bacteria growth Four sizes $6.50 / $13.00 Nov / Dec Promotion

5 Phillips Brush Leopard Paddle Wrap around animal print Lightweight with gentle nylon bristles Wide 3 ½ “cushion head 10 inches long $5.75 / $11.50

6 Phillips Brush CL-50 Brush Closed loop bristle design totally eliminates scalp irritation Flexible rubber cushion Great for hair extensions ! $5.25 / $10.50

7 Spornette Smooth Operator Think PREGO 2.0 design with some improvements One piece seamless handle prevents hair from getting caught Tourmaline ionic bristles condition the hair Ceramic barrel rapidly distributes and retains the heat $76.20 ds /12 pc Nets to $6.35 ea

8 Spornette Hypnotique Paddle Brush – 3-D design on a satin finish handle – Silver and Purple color – Gentle extended nylon bristles and pure board bristles are excellent for detangling any hair texture – Great for scalp and hair conditioning – $48.00 ds /6 pc – $8.00 / $16.00

9 Apollo Brushes Former owner of Comare Chose 100% board mixed bristle or Boar mixed with non-scratch extended ion-infused poly pins Solid maple and hardwood handles covered in padded vinyl Made in the USA $ 9.50 open stock / $19.00 – 2 inch – 2.5 inch – 3 inch 9 Piece mixed display $85.50 Alternate display rattan basket in progress

10 Le Crystal Naturale Roll-on Deodorants Crystal-infused combination of calming scents rolls on lightly Acts with the power of 100% natural mineral salts to naturally eliminates odors all day long 2.25 oz. Three scents: – Green tea & chamomile – Lavender & White Tea – Pomegranate $2.55 / $5.10

11 Le Crystal Naturale Deodorant Sprays Crystal-infused combination of 100% mineral salts and popular scents Body Spray is safe enough to be used anywhere on the body to control odors Hygienic bottle design allows use by more than one person NET WT. 4 oz. / 118ml Three scents: – Green tea & chamomile – Lavender & White Tea – Pomegranate $2.55 / $5.10

12 Le Crystal Naturale Towelettes This Crystal-infused combination offers all the great benefits of our award-winning deodorant products in a convenient packet Four SKUs: – Unscented – Green tea & chamomile – Lavender & White Tea – Pomegranate 6 pack / peg wall; $1.99 / $3.98 24 pack; $6.29 / $12.58

13 SPRAYCO / ‘TravelGuard’ Microban® Travel Accessories Microban technology is built-in to a product during the manufacturing process and becomes an intrinsic part of the product inside and at the surface Microban protection penetrates the cell wall of the microbe and disrupts key cell functions so that the microbe cannot function, grow or reproduce Top Sellers: – Toothbrush Holder $1.50 / $3.00 – Travel Toothbrush $1.25 / $2.50 – Contact Lens Case $2.59 / $5.19 Other items available: – Razor Case $2.25 / $4.50 – Collapsible Cup w/ Pill Case $2.25 / $4.50 – 2 Pack Toothbrush Covers $0.89 / $1.79 – Soap Dish $1.59 / $3.19

14 KLORANE – Magnolia Collection Shine: #1 women’s concern in hair care Formulated with patent-pending Magnolia wax: smoothes the cuticle for maximum light reflection, hydration and natural antioxidant protection Patented shine-active ingredient = Brilliant shine, hydration and protection Shampoo 6.7 oz (boxed)$7.80 / $15.60 Conditioner $8.40 / $16.80 Leave-in spray $8.40 / $16.80

15 Conair for Men I-Stubble Maintain the look and length of a clean stubble with precision Adjusts from 0.4mm to 5.0 mm length 90 minute charge provides 60 minutes use or just 5 min. charge for a single stubble shave Comes with a blade oil, zip pouch, charger, and brush /cleaner $47.00 / $94.00 Double click here for a quick video clip

16 Conair PRO – CPNE1 Nose / Ear Trimmer New contemporary style Rubberized grip Precision circular stainless steel cutters Battery operated – AA size (not included) $5.99 / $11.98

17 OSTER Outlaw Targeted to female barbers / stylists Body of the 76 clipper but lighter weight Has a smoother and quieter operation, while still maintaining up to 3300 strokes per minute The soft, comfortable grip and the cool running blade make longer grooming projects more comfortable Dual speed $133.35 / $266.70

18 OSTER Juice Clipper Juice is a long lasting, high performance cord/cordless clipper built with the newest battery technology. Long lasting lithium ion battery for more cuts between charges Adjustable blade with 5 settings adjusts for the precise length needed Powerful motor goes through wet or dry hair Features: Adjustable & detachable blade (000-1); 5 length adjustments 6 guide comb attachments Ergonomic rubberized body Cord/cordless option Battery indicator Charging base $126.65 / $253.50

19 BaByliss Nano Titanium 1” Pro Mini Flat Iron Model #BABNT3053 One inch version of the popular mini iron 6 inches long $19.80 / $39.60 6 / cs

20 Godefroy 28 Day Mascara Cosmetology board approved Non toxic tint contains no coal tar derivatives or hydrogen peroxide bleaching agents Process in less than one minute Long lasting color for up to four weeks 25 applications per kit Made in Sweden Black or Brown – $12.47 / $24.95 Display – (4 black & 2 brown) – $74.82

21 Godefroy Eyebrow Lightening Crème Kit For softer more natural brows Lightens on tone…no brassiness Process in minutes Last up to 5 weeks No Drip, No Odor, Safe gentle formula Does contain ammonium persulfate & Hydrogen peroxide w/ soothing aloe Kit Contains:(1) Crème Lightener 5ml(1) Crème Developer 0.4oz(1) Mixing/Application Stick(1) Eyebrow Comb(1) Mixing Cup(1) Instruction Sheet Made in the USA Item 402 - Eyebrow Lightening Kit – $8.98 / $17.96 Item -D400 6 pc display – $53.82

22 Godefroy ‘My Shadow’ Temporary Tattoos Temporary Eye shadow tattoos that transfer intricate and fun designs to the eye lid Single use application require no brushes or makeup skills Waterproof and crease proof Remove with mineral oil Lasts for days $2.50 ea / $5.00 ‘Smoky’ ‘Night Clubs’

23 Godefroy ‘My Brows’ Never have another ‘ bad brow’ day Temporary eyebrow tattoos whose unique design is feathered to create a natural looking brow in seconds Can be worn over thin or sparse eyebrows Four applications per sheet Four shades to chose from: – Natural Black – Dark Brown – Medium Brown – Light Brown Remove with mineral oil $2.50 ea / $5.00

24 Godefroy Displays Instant Eyebrow Tint - Shape & Tint Instant Eyebrow Tint – 12 pc display – 3 pc each color/shade – $71.76 Shape & Tint – 12 Pc Display – 3 pc each color/shade – $77.88

25 Ace Men’s Grooming – Hair ComfortFlex Pocket Comb – Diamond textured grip and a ComfortFlex™ slot that prevents comb teeth from snagging hair – 5",long- born to ride your back pocket Comfort Flex Vent Brush Dandruff-Control Brush $6.99 to $7.99 ea Sugg Salon

26 Ace Men’s Grooming Real men aren't afraid to tweeze Precision Tweezer Removes ingrown hair - Stainless steel Precision tip, textured grip, 41% more grip A man-sized textured grip, and an ultra- sharp, precision tip that gets to the root of ingrown hair Dual Action Tweezer Man sized texture grip Precision tip, 4mm slant tip, 36% more grip Fights that unsightly “unibrow” Dual-head design for eyebrow grooming and detail tweezing Large Grip Safety Scissor Man-sized finger rings and a non-slip rubberized grip for better control, Stainless steel 420 construction for ultra- sharp blades Round tip for safely trimming nose and ear hair. $6.99 to $7.99 Suggested Salon

27 Ace Men’s Grooming – Nails Nail File Pick Clean & File Fingernails, 360º scrubbing ring, cleaning pick, nail file,scrubbing bristles Toe Nail Clipper Featuring stainless steel 420 construction, a 55º POWER CUT™ lever for cutting thick nails, straight blades to avoid ingrown toenails, plus a built-in clippings catcher Nail Brush Man-sized, rubberized grip short, slanted bristles long, dense bristles Durable bristles Finger Nail Clipper Features stainless steel 420 construction, a 30º POWER CUT™ lever for thick nails, ultra-sharp curved blades, and a built-in clippings catcher 3 in 1 Tweezer Removes Splinter - Squeeze and raise splinter- Dig out splinter $6.99 to $7.99 Suggested Salon

28 Betty Dain Vintage Cape & Jacket Jacket Two front pockets, one chest pocket Zipper front Available in sizes: – Small, Medium, Large, X-Large $10.29 / $20.58 Cape Snap closure Water resistant 45” wide x 60” long $6.17 / $12.34 Both are: – Made of water resistant polyester – Machine washable For shape only- Offering white

29 Mr Pumice Extra Coarse Disposable Bar Mr. Pumice offers the solution to the new trend of disposable pumice bars Purple (coarse) mini pumice bar 3” x 2” x ½” thick Shrink wrapped for easy storage! Use wet or dry for beautiful, healthy, and smooth feet, hands, elbows, and knees Use around toes and soles of feet to remove calluses $11.00 Intro Pricing / $22.00 – 40 pack – Nets to $0.28 ea

30 Nail Magic’s new look ! Nail Magic Strengthener 1/2 oz – 6 pc Display $25.80 NEW TREATMENTS: $3.25 / $ 6.50 – NM 009 SB All in One – NM 010 SB Base Coat therapy – NM 011 SB Fast Dry Top Coat – NM 012 SB Flawless Basecoat and Ridgefiller – NCO 505 SB Nail Magic Cuticle Oil Vanilla Almond in Box Nail Magic Complete Nail Car – 18 pc Shipper /Display with product $58.50

31 NAIL BLISS French Wrap Plus Flawless French wrap in just minutes No chipping after one week Open Stock Rigid plastic display 3 of each = 9 pc. $7.00 / $14.00

32 Orly ‘Nailtrition’ Strengthens nails that are splitting and peeling Collagen and wheat protein help nail repair and grow stronger Free of formaldehyde and toluene $ 13.50 pk/3 - 0.6 oz

33 Body Sculpt Wraps Lose from 1-3 inches in 60 minutes! The Body Sculpt Wraps is blended with a potent formula combining natural herbal ingredients which penetrate from one side of a cloth delivery system onto the applied area The Body Sculpt Wrap can be places on any area of the body that you wish to tone, tighten and firm The concept of spot-slimming is based on a complex science but is formulated for a simple delivery It promotes the depletion of excess fat and toxins stored in adipose cells in the treated area As a result, engorged cells shrink back to their normal size when the fat and toxins leave The Body Sculpt Wrap then facilitates the burning of excess fat 2 per package $19.00 ea Display qty: TBD – 6 pc = $114.00 – 10 pc = $190.00

34 Product Updates

35 Palladio Latest version of the Rice Paper display From 24 to 36 pc. – 3 rd color beige added back into the mix $72.00

36 Reveal by Harmony Available October 36 color display Dimensions: 29” H x 9”D x 24 ½ “ W Distributor Price $1779.56 Display includes: – 6 ea Prep, Base Gel, Finish Gel, Cuticle Oil, 36 LED Gel Polishes – 4 ea 4 oz Cleanser, Remover – 6 Portable lights – 6 Manicure Kits – 3 Necessity Kits – 2 Portable Lights


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