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3 Principles of Swimming
Drag- streamline Efficiency- relaxed, minimum effort, strokes fast and restful Buoyancy- floating, effect (body build, body fat% and relaxation)

4 Swimming Techniques Bobbing Floating Gliding Sculling Treading
Underwater Swimming Strokes

5 Swim Safety Do not swim alone
Use floating or sculling when tired or frightened Jump feet first, rather than dive into shallow water or water of unknown depth

6 Swim Strokes COMPETITIVE Freestyle (front crawl)
Backstroke (back crawl) Breast Stroke Butterfly NON COMPETITIVE (resting) Elementary Backstroke Side Stroke

7 Freestyle (front crawl)
Arms Thumb & fingers enter the water first above head and shoulders Hand presses backward close to the hip Elbow comes out of water first Legs Flutter kick-power starts at the hip joint Legs remain fairly straight Ankles are relaxed and pointed Breathing Breath to the side just after the pull phase

8 SIDE STROKE Arms – Push/Pull technique. Picking fruit and placing it in a basket. Legs- Scissor Kick (up, out, together) Breathing – When ever you want Head – Ear in the water

9 Backstroke (Back Crawl)
Arms Arm enters the water fairly straight, alternating rhythmically with little finger entering the water first Legs Flutter kick Breathing Normal (Whenever you want)

10 Breaststroke Arms Hands make a heart shape and pierce the bottom of the heart Do not go wider than shoulders Legs Frog Kick (Up, out, together) Breath Inhale every stroke at the beginning of arm drive Head position at hairline while underwater

11 Elementary Backstroke
Arms (monkey, tree, rocket) Extend laterally at shoulder level Legs Inverted frog kick Breathing Normal (Whenever) Coordination Pull, kick, glide

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