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French Munchkin 1: Do you think she’ll find us?!

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2 French


4 Munchkin 1: Do you think she’ll find us?!

5 Munchkin 2: I don’t know. Wicked Ester is so scary!

6 Munchkin 1: She just seems to TOWER over us!

7 Ester: Where are you, munchkins! You better not be hiding your lunch money from me! Come out or you’re going to regret it!

8 Ester: There you are!

9 Munchkin 1: You promised to stop bullying us if we nominated you for Homecoming Queen!

10 Ester: Ha! I do love my Ruby Homecoming Sash. But that promise was made LAST week. This week is different.

11 Munchkin 2: Ester, you’re so wicked!

12 Ester: So what? What can you do about it? Now give me your lunch money!


14 Dorothy: Where am I? Oz High Mathematics 101? Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.


16 Dorothy: Oh no! I’m so sorry!


18 Glinda: Are you a good student or a bad student?

19 Dorothy: Excuse me? I don’t understand you …

20 Glinda: Well, everyone wants to know since you knocked out Wicked Ester, the bully who works as an enforcer for the Wicked Teacher, Ms. West.

21 Are you going to be the main bully now?

22 Dorothy: No, I guess I’m a good student. I’m Dorothy from Kansas. But wait! I didn’t mean to knock her out.

23 Glinda: Don’t worry. It’s fine that you knocked her out. Now the munchkins can come out from hiding.

24 Dorothy: The munchkins?

25 Glinda: Come out munchkins, you’re safe now!


27 Munchkin 1: Glinda, you promised to take care of Wicked Ester when we voted you in as student body president.

28 Glinda: Sigh … I know. I’m trying to be a good student body president. It just takes time.

29 Munchkin 2: Well, at least Dorothy here did something about it!

30 Munchkin 1: Now we can eat lunch to our heart’s content!

31 Dorothy: Let go of me!


33 Munchkins: The witch is dead!


35 Munchkins: We represent the math club!

36 Munchkins: We represent the glee club!

37 Munchkins: We represent the chess club!


39 Ms. West: What’s all this noise? What’s going on here?

40 Munchkin 2: Oh no! It’s Ms. West!

41 Munchkins: The Wicked Ms. West? Hide!

42 Ms. West: Do I NEED to use my Board of Ed here on somebody? Where’s Ester?

43 Ms. West: Oh! What has happened here? Who did this? You look guilty!

44 Dorothy: Me? I swear I didn’t do it on purpose! Wicked Ester just came across to me and ran into the door.

45 Ms. West: Liar! You probably pushed her on purpose!

46 Dorothy: No, I wouldn’t! It was just an accident. Please understand that!

47 Glinda: Dorothy is telling the truth, Ms. West. We all saw it.

48 Ms. West: You keep out of this, Glinda, or I’ll give you a month of extra homework.

49 Glinda: I’m not your student anymore, so you have no power over me.

50 Ms. West: Fine! But I’ll get you yet! I’ll just take this ruby sash with me.

51 Glinda: The homecoming sash? Ester lost any right to that by mistreating the munchkins. It is within my power to pass the sash to someone else.

52 Ms. West: What? It’s mine! I gave it to Ester in the first place!

53 Glinda: I know someone who will put this sash to much better use than you.

54 Dorothy: Me? But … I’m new here in this school.

55 Glinda: Perhaps … but I know that you already won the munchkin votes for homecoming queen.

56 Munchkins: Definitely!

57 Dorothy: But what am I supposed to do with this?

58 Glinda: It doesn’t matter. I know that this Ruby Homecoming Sash is in good hands with you. But don’t let Ms. West get a hold of it no matter what.

59 Ms. West: Oh Glinda... you will pay for this! Just you watch and see. Now, as for you, my pretty, I’ll get you and your ruby sash soon enough!

60 Dorothy: I don’t know what’s happening. Plus, I’m here less than ten minutes and that Wicked Ms. West already hates me! I want to go home.

61 Glinda: Don’t cry. As the student body president, I’ll tell you a secret. I know someone who can solve your problems.

62 Dorothy: Really? Please tell me!

63 Glinda: You must seek out the advice columnist known as the Wizard. He seems to solve everybody’s problems somehow.

64 You can probably find him at the newspaper office, the Emerald Times.

65 Dorothy: How do I find the Emerald Times?

66 Glinda: Well, all you have to do is follow the yellow lockers.

67 Dorothy: Follow the yellow lockers…




71 Scarecrow: Help! Help!

72 Dorothy: Where is that noise coming from?

73 Scarecrow: I’m stuck in here. Can you please open this locker?

74 Scarecrow: In here! In here!

75 Dorothy: What in the world are you doing in there?

76 Scarecrow: What do you think I’m doing in there... spring cleaning? No … this locker is pretty much my life. I’m in here more often than not.

77 Dorothy: That’s terrible! Who put you in there? Bullies? The jocks?

78 Scarecrow: No. Worse. It was the ANS.

79 Dorothy: ANS? Who are the ANS?

80 Scarecrow: The Asian Nerd Society.

81 Dorothy: Umm … really?

82 Scarecrow: They’re an elite group of Asian nerds who take pride in being at the head of their classes and they run everything!

83 The debate team, the science club, mathletes. But they look down on me for being … unadequate.

84 Dorothy: You mean “inadequate.”

85 Scarecrow: See! I’m hopeless. I will never amount to anything. That’s why they nicknamed me the Scarecrow. Scott the Scarecrow.

86 Dorothy: Scarecrow?

87 Scarecrow: Because I dress like this and they say that I have no brains!

88 Dorothy: Well, golly. Sure you do. You just got to make the best of things.

89 Scarecrow: How could I possibly do that?

90 Dorothy: I’m going to the Emerald Times to find this “Wizard“ for advice on going back home. Maybe he can get you a tutor to become smarter.

91 Scarecrow: That would be wonderful. I would finally make my parents so very … very … What’s the word?

92 Dorothy: Proud?

93 Scarecrow: Yea, proud.


95 Maria: Hello all.

96 Dancers: Hello, Maria.


98 Maria: Come on, guys, use those hips.


100 Maria: OK … a 5, 6, 7, 8.


102 Maria: Hmm … I think we’ve practice enough for today. I hope everyone signs up to dance for the homecoming pep rally.

103 Dancer 1: Yeah, everyone except for Tim! He’s so rusty with his moves.

104 Dancer 2: And what’s up with that outfit? He’s like a “Tin Man.”

105 Tin Man: But … my outfit is aerodynamic so I can do the moves more easily. Look at my amazing robot!


107 Tin Man: Um … I’m sorry, Maria.

108 Maria: Tim, don't listen to them.


110 Tin Man: Oh my god! Maria actually spoke to me! Her salsa moves are so smoking hot! If I only knew how to dance, I could make her notice me more.


112 Dorothy: Hey! Be careful! What are you trying to do?

113 Tin Man: I'm sorry. I’m just wallowing in misery and self pity.

114 Scarecrow: Umm.. what does “wallowing” mean?

115 Dorothy: Everything will be alright. What’s wrong?

116 Tin Man: I'm the world’s worst dancer and I’m so clumsy and I can’t get the girl of my dreams. Because I can’t manage to dance for the pep rally,

117 Maria will never like me because I'm not a dancer. And …

118 Dorothy: Okay, okay. Slow down.

119 Scarecrow: Who’s this Maria?

120 Tin Man: Only the most amazing dancer since Shakira!

121 Scarecrow: Ohh … that Maria. Yeah, she’s probably out of your league.

122 Dorothy: Okay, wait. So what’s the problem again?

123 Tin Man: Maria will never like me if I can't learn how to salsa.

124 Dorothy: Well … then practice.

125 Tin Man: Easier said than done.

126 Scarecrow: How bad could you be? Show us your moves.


128 Tin Man: See? I’m going to need a miracle.

129 Scarecrow: Man, he is really bad!

130 Dorothy: We should try to help.

131 Scarecrow: Why?

132 Dorothy: I’m helping you, aren’t I?

133 Dorothy: Come with us. Scarecrow and I are going to see the wizard of the Emerald Times. Maybe he can help you figure out rhythm.

134 Tin Man: Why are you guys going to go visit him?

135 Dorothy: Well, I want to go home and Scarecrow wants to become an Asian nerd.

136 Tin Man: I’ll try anything.


138 Football Player 1: Why can’t you help us out more! What the heck is wrong with you?

139 Lion: I’m sorry!

140 Football Player 2: Stop being such a damn wimp!

141 Lion: I’m sorry! I just can’t do it anymore!

142 Football Player 1: Man! Ever since the accident you’ve changed!

143 Football Player 2: You’re all healed up now! Why can’t you stop being our Lion Mascot and come back onto the team?

144 Coach: Alright, break it up already!

145 Coach: Liam! Get your act together already! They need you on the team again!

146 Lion: I can’t, coach. I freeze whenever I’m afraid now.

147 Coach: Do you know what they call you behind your back now?

148 Lion: I know.


150 Lion: I know.

151 Coach: It was JUST a little girl! Who cares if she beat you up! It was a freak accident!

152 Lion: But … but …

153 Coach: I give up! Get out of my sight, you waste of talent!


155 Dorothy: Are … are you okay?

156 Tin Man: Man up! Why are you crying?

157 Lion: I’m sorry! I can’t do anything right.

158 Scarecrow: What’s wrong exactly?

159 Lion: I can’t stop being a coward.

160 Tin Man: A coward? And you’re a lion mascot for the team? Heh heh.

161 Scarecrow: The Cowardly Lion? That’s too perfect! Ha!

162 Lion: Don’t you think I’ve heard that one already before?

163 Dorothy: Well, why don’t you come with us?

164 Lion: What? Why?

165 Dorothy: We’re going to see the Wizard. He’s supposed to be a great advice columnist at the Emerald Times.

166 Tin Man: We all have issues … but yours might be the worst.

167 Scarecrow: I thought I had issues.

168 Lion: Who are you guys exactly?

169 Dorothy: I’m Dorothy and I’m new to Oz High. But I want to see how I can move back home to Kansas. So come with us.

170 Lion: Oh, Dorothy. Thanks.

171 Lion: EEK! SPIDER!


173 Tin Man: I think the Wizard is going to have his work cut out for him.

174 Scarecrow: Well, first we have to find the wizard.

175 Lion: I’ll never stop being a coward.

176 Scarecrow: I have something that’ll cheer you up!


178 All: Tim!

179 Tin Man: Sorry!


181 Korean


183 Dorothy: Do any of you actually know where the Emerald Times office is? We’ve been walking around for quite some time.

184 and I’m getting the feeling that we’re lost. All of the homecoming decorations are covering the yellow lockers.

185 Cowardly Lion: I don’t really. I usually spend most of my time running errands for the football team. Coach never gives me a break.

186 If I’m not in the mascot costume, I’m either carrying water coolers, or cleaning the dirty uniforms.

187 Tin Man: Wow! It seems like you work out more than the football players themselves. Did you even ask the coach if you could join the team?

188 Oh wait! Isn’t that why they call you the… what was it?... oh yeah, the COWARDLY LION!!

189 Cowardly Lion: Hey! I heard that you got beat by a girl in a dance contest. Seriously, a girl?!

190 Tin Man: Are you trying to start something … !!

191 Dorothy: Both of you just stop. We have to hurry and find the office before the bell rings. We’re not supposed to be wandering the halls.

192 Scarecrow: Well, according to my atomic watch which I perfectly synchronize to the school clock every morning when I walk in, we have precisely…

193 hmm … precisely five seconds before the bell rings.

194 Tin Man: You heard the nerd, we better hurry!

195 Dorothy: Look! There’s the office at the end of the hall! Let’s go!


197 Ms. West: What do you kids think you’re doing wandering the halls after the bell rung?

198 Dorothy: Ms. West, we were just …

199 Ms. West: And you’re carrying an iPod? That’s not allowed!

200 Dorothy: Toto? You can’t have him!

201 Ms. West: Be quiet!! Normally I’d send you straight to detention. You four are assigned to the Gymnasium to help set up for homecoming.

202 Scarecrow: We were so close to making it!

203 Cowardly Lion: Please don’t hurt me with the “Board of Ed!”


205 Ms. West: I want the four of you to go over there and help them decorate the gym. And eventually I’ll get that homecoming sash back from you!

206 Dorothy: Oh no!

207 Ms. West: And I’ll be back for your iPod, Toto, too!


209 Scarecrow: Looks like the Korean-Pop dance team is working on their performance for pep rally.

210 Cowardly Lion: Wow! They look really good!

211 Tin Man: That’s nothing. I used to do moves like that all the time. It’s so much easier than salsa!


213 Dance Leader: Great! Now we’ll never be ready for our homecoming performance!

214 Dorothy: Hey Tin Man, you should show them your dance moves! It’s your time to shine!

215 Tin Man: Uh, I don’t think so. I’m too clumsy now.

216 Cowardly Lion: Be brave! Man up!

217 Scarecrow: Who are you to talk like that!

218 Dance Leader: Did you just say you know how to dance K-Pop?

219 Tin Man: Uh … sort of, I guess.

220 Dance Leader: Well, we’re desperate. Show us what you can do.


222 Dance Leader: You have lots of potential. You should join our crew for pep rally.

223 Tin Man: Thanks, but I’m supposed to be helping out with salsa.

224 Tin Man: But … I’ll think about it.

225 Dance Leader: You should.


227 Cheerleader: Ms. West told us to make sure you help us decorate. So here.


229 Dorothy: Do we have to do this now? We need to go to the Emerald Times.

230 Scarecrow: Maybe you can cover for us? I promise to give you my homework.

231 Cheerleader: Ms. West told me that you would try to weasel your way out! We Flying Monkey Cheerleaders are loyal to her,

232 so don’t you dare try to get out of this! Plus, how did YOU get a homecoming sash and not me?! I mean, seriously, look at how you’re dressed!


234 Dorothy: Guys, we really have to find a way to get out of here without Ms. West knowing. We have to find the wizard ASAP!

235 Scarecrow: I have a plan.

236 Cowardly Lion: What is it?

237 Scarecrow: There’s a closet where the main P.A. system is located. Only teachers know how to operate it, but I think I can rig it so it’ll work for me.

238 Tin Man: How do you know how to do this?

239 Scarecrow: I’ve always been good with electronics. Once I get on, I can make an announcement telling Ms. West to

240 report to the dean’s office, all the way across the campus. Then we can escape!

241 Dorothy: It’s worth a try!!


243 Ms. West: Why aren’t you kids working? If you don’t start helping out, I’ll have you stay after homecoming to clean everything up!

244 Lion: I’ve had enough! Stop treating me like I’m worthless! Even the football team can’t function without me. I may be the water boy

245 and Lion mascot, but I’m better than most of the players on the team! I’m just sick of this! Roar!

246 Ms. West: How dare you speak to me in that tone! I will see you after …

247 Scarecrow: Please excuse this interruption. Will Ms. West and the Flying Monkey Cheerleaders please report to the dean’s office.

248 Will Ms. West and the Flying Monkeys please report to the dean’s office.


250 Ms. West: Oh! Mr. Urena is paging me! Is my hair okay?

251 Ms. West: Don’t think I’m done with you yet!


253 Dorothy: Hurry! Let’s go while no one is watching!


255 Polish


257 Ms. West: Mr. Urena, Mr. Urena, your favorite teacher is here … Mr. Urena?


259 Ms. West: What are you monkeys doing here? I told you to stay behind. Mr. Urena probably only wanted to see ME, his favorite teacher.

260 Cheerleader 1: We know, but we were trying to tell you something before you ran off so fast!

261 The Dean is actually at a conference in New Mexico …. so I have no idea why he would call you down.

262 Ms. West: What?! So the dean is in New Mexico, and Dorothy is alone in the gym with those freaks! I knew they were up to no good!

263 Cheerleaders: NOOOO GOOD!

264 Ms. West: We have to get them back NOW!

265 Cheerleaders: SO WHAT DO WE DO!?

266 Ms. West: Oh god! I knew I should have gotten the Asian Nerd Society as my lackeys!

267 I will use my crystal ball so I can see what those brats are doing now.

268 Cheerleaders: B- A- L- L!

269 Cheerleader 2: Umm … wait. What crystal ball?

270 Ms. West: Never mind! I meant the Crystal Ball security camera system.


272 Ms. West: What?! They’re almost at the Emerald Times!

273 Cheerleaders: EMERALD!

274 Ms. West: No! Just stop it! You know what? Forget it! Just kidnap her after she comes back out of the Emerald Times.

275 Cheerleader 3: Kidnap her? How?

276 Ms. West: Hmm … I do have a couple of ideas in mind.


278 Ms. West: Well … while Dorothy and her annoying little friends are inside, my cheerleaders will dress up as Mario and Luigi …

279 because who doesn’t like Mario and Luigi.

280 Ms. West: Then Mario will say …

281 Mario: Woohoo, it’s a-me Mario.

282 Ms. West: And Luigi will say …

283 Luigi: And a-me, Luigi.

284 Ms. West: Dorothy will be so shocked!

285 Mario: This is … stupid.

286 Luigi: Shh! I like this costume! What will we say to Dorothy?

287 Ms. West: I’m getting there. Tell her that Peach is in trouble and needs her help. But instead of saving Peach you bring her to my lair and

288 I will finally have that homecoming sash back!

289 Cheerleader 3: Isn’t this a bit childish?

290 Ms. West: Fine! I guess you’re right. I AM way more sophisticated than that.


292 Ms. West: I got it! While Dorothy and her friends are walking down the school hallway … we force her into a Polka dance!


294 Ms. West: Then while everyone is distracted by the dancing, you will sneak Dorothy off and bring her to my evil lair, I mean office.

295 Then I will finally get that sash back!


297 Cheerleader 2: But … I thought school policy prohibited us from dancing in the hallway.

298 Ms. West: You know what? All you do is cheer and complain, cheer and complain. Why can’t you just accept my ideas and listen to me?

299 Cheerleader 3: Because they will all FAIL!

300 Cheerleaders: FAIL!

301 Ms. West: Then what do you have in mind since you’re so smart?

302 Cheerleader 2: Well, Dorothy is arriving now at the Emerald Times. So … on her way out we will distract her with an AWESOME cheer.

303 Then just grab her while they’re distracted. It can’t be that hard to just bring her to your lair.

304 Ms. West: Fine! If you think that will work, then go ahead and do it. I still think my ideas were better.

305 Cheerleader 4: What did you say?

306 Ms. West: Nothing. Nothing. Just hurry up and bring Dorothy to me! I’m itching to use my Board of Ed on them!


308 Tagalog


310 Student: Yes? Who’s there? What do you want?

311 Dorothy: Hello, my name is Dorothy. These are my friends: the Scarecrow, the Lion and the Tin Man. We need to see the wizard.

312 Student: You think just anyone can see the wizard? And what kind of names are those?

313 Dorothy: Um … I’m just really bad at remembering their real names.

314 Tin Man: It’s Tim! That should be easy!

315 Scarecrow: Why do we need permission from a pair of eyes?

316 Tin Man: I don’t think she has a body.

317 Student: I can hear you! I don’t have to take this from such wise guys.

318 Dorothy: But please, we really need to speak with him. It’s very important. Please?

319 Student: Yea, but what do I get?

320 Scarecrow: Well …what do you want?

321 Dorothy: We’ll do anything.

322 Student: I like that dress.

323 Dorothy: What?!

324 Student: I’m only kidding. But I do like that ribbon.

325 Dorothy: The homecoming sash? But Glinda told me to never take it off!

326 Student: No, not that! The ribbon you are wearing in your hair.

327 Dorothy: Aw, well my auntie bought this for me. But here …

328 Student: How does it look?

329 Tin Man: Um, it brings out the color of your eyes?

330 Student: Thanks toots, hold up for a few. Let me tell his secretary that he has some visitors.


332 Scarecrow: What’s that noise?

333 Lion: I don’t know…

334 Tin Man: I think it may be coming from…

335 Dorothy: IT’S TOTO!


337 Dorothy: I don’t know this song that’s playing on Toto.

338 Tin Man: But I do know this dance. Let’s do it!


340 Dorothy: Oh! You’re back finally! We … umm … got bored waiting.

341 Student: Well, the wizard’s secretary told me that you can come inside.


343 Secretary: What took you so long to come in?! It wasn’t such a good idea to keep the wizard waiting! Now I’m afraid he’s really mad.



346 Dorothy: I will!

347 Lion: Oh no! It’s the Flying Monkeys! They work for the Wicked Ms. West!

348 Cheerleader 1: Was that Filipino music you were dancing to earlier?

349 Dorothy: Yeah, what’s it to you?

350 Cheerleader 2: You all probably dance like crap compared to our cheer moves.

351 Tin Man: Hey, your moves are pretty sweet. I’ve watched you all before.

352 Cheerleader 1: I don’t think so. Girls who look like this don’t talk to guys that look like you.

353 Scarecrow: Tin Man, show them some of your moves.

354 Dorothy: Yeah! Prove them wrong!


356 Cheerleader 1: Come on, girls!


358 Cheerleaders: L – I – O – N – S! Let’s go Lions!

359 Cheerleader 2: Come on, girls! Flying Monkey Formation Delta!


361 Lion: Man, that was pretty good! I don’t know, guys.

362 Tin Man: Don’t worry. Cue music!


364 Hindi


366 Lion: Oh crap! How did the Flying Monkeys disappear so fast?

367 Tin Man: Where could they have taken her?

368 Scarecrow: What if they took her to the swimming pool on the fourth floor? What if they try to drown her?

369 Tin Man: There is NO swimming pool on the 4 th floor, stupid! There’s not even a 4 th floor in this building! That’s what seniors tell the 7 th graders.

370 Scarecrow: Really?! I’ve been looking for it ever since seventh grade. No wonder I couldn’t find it!

371 Lion: Then where could they be?

372 Tin Man: Ma.. Ma … It’s Maria!

373 Lion: Go talk to her!

374 Maria: Hey Tim, since the gym is being decorated, I’m not sure where we can practice salsa. Any ideas?

375 Maria: Ohhh … kay, I guess you don’t have any ideas. I don’t get where the Flying Monkey cheerleaders are holding practice still.

376 I heard one of them joking about practicing at a bowling alley! I mean, really! A bowling alley?

377 Tin Man: Heh heh heh.

378 Maria: Anyway, just make sure you come to practice! We really need you! See you later, right?

379 Tin Man: Maria, we can practice at my house! There’s plenty of room there!

380 Lion: You’re a bit too late, buddy.

381 Scarecrow: Wait! Maria mentioned that the cheerleaders are practicing at a bowling alley! Maybe Dorothy is still being held here at school!

382 Lion: At school? At a bowling alley in school?! That’s just another myth!

383 Scarecrow: No, it makes perfect sense. Hold on, let me download the school blueprints onto my Light Activated Palm Touch Operating Platform.

384 Lion: Light Activated what? You mean your laptop?!

385 Scarecrow: It’s not just ANY laptop! This baby is so far ahead of the tech curve!

386 Lion: So how did you get it?

387 Scarecrow: My parents picked it up for me while on vacation in Japan. Their stuff make our iPods look like crap!

388 Scarecrow: By overlaying the original blueprints with a hallway map … there’s a large empty space behind the principal’s office. That must be it!

389 Lion: Hurry up! Let’s go rescue Dorothy!

390 Tin Man: Maria, we can practice at my house! There’s plenty of room there!

391 Lion: Give it up, already! You’re too late!


393 Dorothy: Where am I? Why is it so dark in here? Can anyone hear me?

394 Ms. West: It doesn’t matter where you are. Now give me the ruby sash!

395 Dorothy: No way!


397 Tin Man: I think I just heard Dorothy scream!

398 Tin Man: Crap! The door’s not opening! Liam, use those muscles to knock down the door!

399 Lion: Um, no thanks. Isn’t that a security scanner by the door?


401 Lion: Oh god! We’ll never get in!

402 Tin Man: Come on! Stop being such a Cowardly Lion! Maybe I can randomly guess the number!

403 Scarecrow: Wait, I have an idea!

404 Scarecrow: Now that it’s attached … I can run a number generator to get the PIN number. Hold on.


406 Scarecrow: There! Now it should open up.

407 Tin Man: It worked! Come on guys!

408 Lion: But … why is it so dark in here?! I can’t see anything!

409 Scarecrow: Let’s go rescue Dorothy!

410 Lion: Fine! But only because it’s Dorothy.

411 Tin Man: Watch your step. Who knows how long this tunnel is!


413 Cheerleaders: 5, 6, 7, 8 – GO LIONS!

414 Cheerleader 1: It’s pretty cool that we get special privileges to use this bowling alley for our own cheerleader lounge.


416 Cheerleader 1: This kills my nails though.

417 Cheerleader 2: We ‘re lucky because Ms. West trusts us. The Flying Monkeys have always been her group.

418 Right now, we just have to guard Dorothy until Ms. West comes back with a scissor to cut off the ruby sash.

419 Cheerleader 1: What’s the point of guarding her? Even if her friends find the door, no one has the password to get in.


421 Scarecrow: That was a trek getting through that tunnel. How long did it take? Five minutes!?

422 Lion: Seemed like an eternity. I hate the dark.

423 Tin Man: Alright guys, we have to focus and find Dorothy.

424 Cheerleader 2: What are you doing here? You’re not allowed to be here!

425 Tin Man: We’re here to rescue Dorothy!

426 Cheerleader 1: Who? Nobody here but us cheerleaders. You better disappear before Ms. West comes back with her Board of Ed!

427 Lion: We…we..we were just leaving. Ms. West hates me for yelling at her before, probably.

428 Tin Man: What are we going to do now?

429 Lion: I have no idea. I just want to avoid that Board of Ed!

430 Scarecrow: We need to figure out a way past those Flying Monkeys!

431 Scarecrow: I’ve got it! They definitely won’t back down from a dance challenge. Tim, can you do Bollywood?

432 Tin Man: Umm … I think so.

433 Scarecrow: Good, you lead and we’ll follow. During the dance, I’ll sneak past and free Dorothy while Liam sabotages their part of the dance off.

434 Lion: I can’t do that. I’m too nervous to dance in front of all those cheerleaders.

435 Scarecrow: We’ve gotten this far, don’t let your cowardice make you leave Dorothy to the Wicked Ms. West.

436 Lion: Why do you guys have to make me feel so guilty?

437 Scarecrow: Because you’re afraid for no reason. Come on man, you’re stronger than most people. Don’t be afraid!

438 Lion: Alright, alright, let’s do this. On three, “Go Lions!” 1, 2, 3…

439 All: GO LIONS!

440 Tin Man: My crew and I think your dance moves suck! We challenge you all to a Bollywood showdown.

441 Cheerleader 2: Whatever! We are talented enough to dance to anything! Bring it on.


443 Dorothy: You guys saved me!

444 Lion: Did you see me? First, she was like this and I was like that and then we showed them!

445 Tinman: Did you see how that girl was looking at me? I think I finally caught her attention!

446 Scarecrow: Wow. I just can’t believe my plan actually worked.

447 Dorothy: I just LOVE those Bollywood moves!


449 Ms. West: How did you guys get in here! I make a ten minute detour to Haagen Daaz and everything falls apart!


451 Dorothy: Oh no! I’m so sorry!

452 Ms. West: My ice cream! It’s melting! MELTING!

453 Dorothy: Umm.. I’ll buy you a new cone?

454 Tinman: Quick, grab the board while she’s distracted!

455 Ms. West: I’ll get you all for this!


457 Italian


459 Student: Who is it!?!

460 Dorothy: It’s me, Dorothy, and I’m back with my friends Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow.

461 Student: You’re back already? What do you want now?

462 Tin Man: We have the Board of Ed!

463 Student: Umm … you can’t come in yet.

464 Scarecrow: Why not!

465 Dorothy: I was told that if we got the Board of Ed the wizard would grant me my heart’s desires!

466 Lion: And because we helped her, the wizard said that he would help each of us too!

467 Student: The … uh … secretary isn’t here right now to help set up your meeting with the Wizard.

468 Tin Man: So … the Wizard IS in right now?

469 Student: Yes … uh … I mean no … I mean …

470 Dorothy: So which is it?

471 Student: Fine! Come in. But you’ll have to wait a few minutes for the Wizard to show up.


473 Scarecrow: Where did that student run off to?

474 Tin Man: He just … ran off after opening the door. Whatever.

475 Lion: I hope the Wizard isn’t so scary this time!

476 Dorothy: Don’t worry, Liam. We’re all here together now.

477 All: Wizard? Wizard? Where are you?




481 Lion: What was he doing back there?

482 Scarecrow: He’s the Wizard!

483 Tin Man: What? How?

484 Dorothy: He was using the AV equipment to scare us! He’s such a meanie!

485 Lion: Why would you do that?

486 Student: I didn’t want anyone to know that the Wizard was a weirdo like me. Everyone is always looking for advice. But they never listened to me,

487 even though I was always right! So I invented the Wizard persona to start an advice column.

488 Scarecrow: So … you can’t help us? You can’t help me become smart and join the ANS?

489 Tin Man: I’m NEVER going to win Maria’s heart now!

490 Lion: And I’m always going to be such a coward!

491 Student: But don’t you see? None of you have real issues. It’s just a matter of confidence.

492 Scarecrow: What do you mean?

493 Student: Why do you really want to join the Asian Nerd Society?

494 Scarecrow: I want to be smart!

495 Student: But you are smart already. Didn’t you easily hack all of the electronic equipment in the school?

496 Scarecrow: But … I can’t do math in my head!

497 Student: Scott, who are you REALLY trying to please by joining the ANS … yourself … or your parents?

498 Scarecrow: I … I just want them to be proud of me. I want to show them that I can make it on my own!

499 Student: Just play to your talents. Hmm … I don’t think our school has a Computer Programming Club. I think you can easily start your own group.

500 Dorothy: I would LOVE to join that club!

501 Lion: Me too! What you did today was awesome!

502 Scarecrow: I guess … who needs the ANS! I have these guys here to back me already.

503 Student: And you. Why do you think Maria is always asking you to join salsa?

504 Tin Man: What do you mean?

505 Student: She’s trying to flirt with you! Even if you’re not good at salsa, she’s finding excuses to hang out with you.

506 Tin Man: But I suck at salsa so much! I’m an embarrassment!

507 Dorothy: But you can do every other kind of dance! We all think you’re amazing, Tim. And Maria probably sees you that way too.

508 Student: Just bring flowers and chocolate to the next practice!

509 Student: Liam. Go be the star of the football team.

510 Lion: But I’m so scared all the time!

511 Student: Yet you stood up to Ms. West. And those Flying Monkeys!

512 Lion: Yeah … I guess I did!

513 Student: And whenever you get scared … just visualize someone that makes you angry.

514 Lion: Yeah … I’ll just picture Ms. West’s face on the other school’s football players. I can’t wait to take her down again!

515 Lion: I can FINALLY take this stupid mascot costume off! It always itched so much! And now it’s MY time to shine!

516 Dorothy: Good for you, Liam!


518 Student: And what was your issue, again?

519 Dorothy: I just want to move back home!

520 Student: But … weren’t you always isolating yourself from other people back in Kansas? Always with your headphones in your ears?

521 Dorothy: What? How did you know that about me?

522 Student: And now look at what an amazing time you’ve had.

523 Dorothy: You’re right! I actually fit in easily for the first time in my life!

524 Student: Plus, you’re a shoe-in for homecoming queen. But there’s one problem.

525 Dorothy: What?

526 Student: You have to wake up.

527 Dorothy: What do you mean?


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