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Absolute Radio 00s Adam, Mark, Oliver and Niall.

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2 Absolute Radio 00s Adam, Mark, Oliver and Niall.

3 Absolute Radio 00s Digital radio station! Covers hits from 2000 – current year One of six sister stations of Absolute Radio Designed to provide the best of the 00’s Varying artists such as Calvin Harris, The Script and Mary J. Blige.

4 Songs played on Absolute Radio 00s Owl City – Fireflies (Synth-pop) 2009 Scissor Sisters – Laura (Pop) 2003 Calvin Harris – Ready for the Weekend (Dance) 2009 Adele – Rumor Has It (Soul) 2011 Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Zephyr Song (Rock) 2002.

5 Demographic for Absolute Radio Absolute Radio’s general target audience varies from ages 24 to 45. Reach: 4,000,000 + Most popular gender: Male.

6 Demographic for Absolute Radio 00s Age: years; People this age grew up with music of the 00’s Mainly up beat music Fast pace Modern music Chart music/general popular music.

7 Our audio brand for Absolute Radio 00s

8 Key features of our audio branding piece We wanted to stick to more of a dance vibe, so we made it using a drum machine and synths Strong drum beat, carries throughout the piece, giving a sense of the quality which goes into the station Bright sound, coming from the synths, which compliment each other It gives the listener a positive feel because of the up-beat, fast paced nature.

9 How can our audio brand be extended? The drum break could be used on an app - upon opening; a similar technique to the pattern recognition used with the logo(sound recognition) Absolute Radio YouTube Channel – Use for brand introduction scene on uploaded videos Background audio for Stings/jingles.

10 Rival stations for Absolute Radio 00s Biggest rivalry to Absolute 00’s: Radio 1 (Analogue and Digital) Capital FM + Extra (Analogue and Digital) The Hits (Digital) Radio 1XTRA (Digital) Why is this?

11 Radio 1 - Uses a fast beat, digital sound - representing the digital age we live in now. Capital FM use a range of current pop stars to advertise them as a brand, as shown in this advert for the You Tube channel Vpds Vpds Rival stations - how do they brand themselves?

12 The Hits Radio – puts their own spin on current trends at the time e.g. The john Lewis advert for their Christmas ad or their #Selfie K00OfzJxGQ&list=UUTQoFwsYcbeXoDad9qCIm 7g K00OfzJxGQ&list=UUTQoFwsYcbeXoDad9qCIm 7g 1XTRA - Uses a really grimy beat, stating the different genres that are represented, and who the audience is. ( ) Rival stations - how do they brand themselves?

13 Key brand features of Absolute Radio Station name; never shortened to Absolute, proud to be a radio brand Discovery Logo (far right); found on apps/ listen live links (pattern recognition), persistent use to create icon/ brand association Colour; they use black,white and purple.

14 Texture; varies across different channels E.g. Absolute Radio 00s theme texture uses both Absolute purples for a two toned sound wave Representative of live music, and digitalisation, relating to this era of music and radio in which we live in. Key brand features of Absolute Radio 00s

15 Via their app or their web page, the station provides photographic images of music artists and icons of the era Lets listeners see what has been played/ what is playing next. Key brand features of Absolute Radio 00s App Web Page

16 Station Loyalty Diversity to other stations High Quality but informal Comedic, lighthearted feeling to the shows. Brand values of Absolute Radio 00s

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