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Week One ELITE.

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1 Week One ELITE

2 The Alphabet Big letters
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Small letters a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z The Alphabet

3 The Vowels The vowels of English are a, e, i, o, and u Cat Dog Hundred
Motorcycle Vowels are the stress of each syllable Vowel Games

4 The Consonants The consonants are all the other letters of the alphabet Dog Cat Hundred Motorcycle Learning Consonants

5 Vocabulary Practice Say the vocabulary words as you write down the definitions.

6 Some Basic Words The A An Dog Cat Spoon Fork Tree Knife Sun Moon Man
Woman Boy Girl Run Use Is Like Are Get Make Give Tell Put Open Close Move Yellow Orange Red Blue Green White Black Brown Small Big Tall Short

7 Pronunciation Make sure to say the words many times
For words with more than one syllable, say the words slowly Sounds of the English Phonic Code-Synthetic Phonics by Tami Reis-Frankfort

8 Familiarity Practice English by saying the words you learn as much as possible Phonics Song by A. J. Jenkins

9 Some Simple Sentences The dog runs. The cat is yellow.
The man is tall. The girl gets the fork.

10 What is this word? Woman

11 What is this word? Open

12 What is this word? Moon

13 More Complicated Words
Table Closet Bottle Animal Letter Children Country Paper Music Begin Answer Listen Travel Cook Stay Swim Take Eat Happy Tired Okay Windy Hungry Many Ready

14 Possible Sentences The children swim. The animal is tired.
The man listens to music. The hungry woman cooks.

15 What is this word? Windy

16 What is this word? Tired

17 What is this word? Closet

18 Pronouncing New Words Try to pronounce these words accurately Present
Family World Ocean Cup Phone Bed Toilet Shower Couch Road Bicycle Shoes Briefcase Backpack Textbook Scissor Help Understand Smile Support Teach Learn Clap Hit Extend Reach Frown Fly Squat Wash Hang Laugh Create Light Dark Angry Gone Salty Sweet Rough Cold Hot Bright Loud Soft Creative Spicy Beautiful Smart Funny

19 Activities for Learning Letters
Teachers can ask children to cut out twenty six squares of paper, write both the uppercase and the lowercase version of one letter in each square, and then decorate all the squares of paper. Teachers can lead the children through the alphabet song.

20 Activities for Forming Sounds
Teachers can lead the children through a list of words while asking the children to recite the words to each other and focus on stressing the vowels Teachers can lead the children through a list of words and ask the children to focus on stressing the consonants. Website for Pronunciation Practice

21 Activities for Learning Words
Teachers can have children write down five different vocabulary words and then draw pictures that correspond with the words. Teachers can lead the children in songs made about new words. Teachers can give a verbal quiz by giving the children a Chinese definition of a word and then asking the children to say the English vocabulary word. Vocabulary Games

22 Activity to Encourage Children to Recognize Pronunciation Patterns
Teachers can create a list of words all with similar pronunciation patters and then ask the children to read through the list as fast as they can. For example (fat, cat, sat, hat)

23 Possible Activities for Children
Make sure the children are enjoying themselves and having fun in the English environment.

24 Possible Picture Activity
Give the children a picture and ask them to identify the object using English. Example Lesson Plan Give each child a list of ten vocabulary words and then for five to ten minutes allow them to write the words down and draw their own pictures for the words The teacher also draws some pictures or finds some pictures When the children are done drawing, the teacher can show the teacher’s pictures to the children and ask them to identify the words Give each student a list of five new vocabulary words and repeat the process When the students are done drawing, have them each collect his or her words into a pile and store the pile somewhere safe Repeat this lesson plan each time the student receives a list of new vocabulary and help the children build their own vocabulary books

25 For Example


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