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Different types of animals teeth

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1 Different types of animals teeth

2 Carnivores Carnivorous animals have quite small incisors. They are used for grasping not cutting. Carnivores have long and strong canines and thin, sharp premolars and molars, used for slicing muscle and other tissues.

3 Omnivores Omnivores eat plants and animals (meat) so they need different types of teeth. Each kind is designed to eat and break up different types of food. Humans have 32 teeth.

4 Herbivores Herbivores only eat plants and don’t eat other animals. Many herbivores have special digestive systems that let them digest all kinds of plants, including grasses.

5 Teeth Facts Mammals needed their teeth to do several different jobs and so mammal teeth evolved into different forms. Mammal teeth can grind, stab, scissor, dig, chisel, sieve and lift (elephants tusks). Teeth are the hardest part of any mammal and so they are the part most often fossilised.

6 By Martha, Josie and Ruan!

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