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200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 200 300 400 100 Bye-Bye Birdie Bird Brained Save the Birds Bird Words Potpourri.

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1 Bye-Bye Birdie Bird Brained Save the Birds Bird Words Potpourri

2 This word is what birds become when there aren’t any more of them left.

3 What is extinct?

4 Only 100 yrs. ago, thousands of these birds could be seen in the skies. Overhunt- ing quickly drove them to extinction.

5 What is the Passenger Pigeon?

6 Because it had never seen humans and therefore had no fear of them, this large flightless pigeon is now extinct.

7 What is the Dodo?

8 This is one of the major causes of extinction in the world.

9 What is habitat loss?



12 The smallest bird in the world is one of these.

13 What is a hummingbird?

14 The largest egg in the world comes from this bird.

15 What is an Ostrich?

16 One of the fastest birds in the world is this one.

17 What is a Peregrine Falcon?

18 This part of a bird is made up of the same material as our fingernails and hair.

19 What are beak and feathers?



22 If you are out hiking and come upon a bird’s nest, this is something you shouldn’t do.

23 What are collecting, touching, or disturb- ing birds or their nests?

24 Birds often fly into these “invisible” structures, found everywhere from skyscrapers to your house.

25 What are windows?

26 Use of these chemicals has led to declines in the populations of many bird species.

27 What are pesticides?

28 These domestic predators kill around 2.4 billion birds each year.

29 What are cats?



32 This is another word for the mouth of a bird.

33 What is the bill or beak?

34 The claws of a bird of prey are called this.

35 What are talons?

36 When birds lose old feathers and grow in new ones it is called this.

37 What is molting?

38 The name of this type of nest, made by woodpeckers, is also what a hole in your tooth is called.

39 What is a cavity?



42 Bird watchers use these to bring birds into closer view.

43 What are binoculars?

44 The seasonal movement of birds from one place to another is called this.

45 What is migration?

46 These books are often used to identify birds.

47 What are field guides?

48 In order to avoid competition, this is the reason birds migrate.

49 What is to find food?



52 Where in the World Bird Songs Bird Symbols State Birds Amazing Adaptations Double Jeop-Birdy

53 This pole is home to penguins, not polar bears.

54 What is the South Pole (also known as Antarctica)?

55 This continent is home to the Ostrich, the largest bird in the world.

56 What is Africa?

57 The largest species of this nectar-sipping bird is found in the Andes.

58 What is a hummingbird (Giant Hummingbird)?

59 This is where most of Missouri’s migratory birds fly for the winter.

60 What is Central America?



63 Nicknamed “Rockin” in a popular song, this bird’s own song is considered mellow.

64 What is the American Robin?

65 Seen singing on TV by millions of children, this large yellow bird is of an undetermined species.

66 What is Big Bird?

67 Four and twenty of these were baked in a pie.

68 What are blackbirds?

69 If this bird does not sing, Papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring.

70 What is a mockingbird?



73 U.S. symbol.

74 What is a Bald Eagle?

75 Canadian baseball team.

76 What are the Bluejays?

77 Not a real bird of prey, but Seattle’s football team.

78 What are the Seahawks?

79 Symbol for peace.

80 What is a dove?



83 Missouri.

84 What is the Eastern Bluebird?

85 Kansas.

86 What is the Western Meadowlark?

87 Arkansas.

88 What is the Northern Mockingbird?

89 Oklahoma.

90 What is the Scissor- tailed Flycatcher?



93 This special feature of birds is shared with no other living animal.

94 What are feathers?

95 Baby birds develop in these.

96 What are eggs?

97 Birds do this to find food, escape from predators, and travel from one place to another.

98 What is flying?

99 This is why some male birds are brightly colored.

100 What is to attract females?



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