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Banners Aussie-style Linda Sanders Creative Director OzFeathers.

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1 Banners Aussie-style Linda Sanders Creative Director OzFeathers




5 HISTORY from 1998 Ripstop nylon, ¾ ounce, NOISY!! Quickly faded Double-fold seams, time consuming Rectangular cardboard templates Wooden broomstick anchor Whippy tip pole, poked through tops

6 EARLY DAYS Patterns hand drawn Graph paper, pencil, eraser Photocopy to enlarge Cut-away applique Ripstop nylon 1½ ounce sleeve

7 COMPUTER use 2001 Discovered Microsoft Publisher Choose own fonts, size as needed Print onto A4 paper Print larger letters as tiles, stick together Banner fabric on floor, tracing around printed letters QUIET!! Flows better. Tougher. Easy. BUT… Can’t spray glue. Stretch / bias.

8 ONE-SIDED, first of its kind SolarMax body with sew-on 1½ ounce ripstop lettering and cut-away appliqué Message one-sided Still a NEW concept for Australian businesses 4 metres “waving” not been seen before

9 Early ARTWORK 2003 SES needed check pattern, Bargello self- taught Balloons, scissor cut- away. Fraying? Surf drawn full-size by hand. Scissor cut with slow-to-sew satin- stitch Still frayed

10 FORT WORDEN, USA 2004 Deb Cooley – hot-cutting, ouch 1 day’s training at “Windfeathers” in Florida Hot cut ALL pieces & assemble like a jigsaw Need hot-cut tool and suitable light table Used glass-top dining table with reading lamp beneath

11 Lots of PRACTISE needed Hand-drawn logos, enlarged One school sent full-size patterns as A4 pieces sticky- taped together. Fine lettering still one-sided Precut pieces, Logos 2004

12 DRAWING SOFTWARE “CorelDraw” Template “Blank”, Scale 1:20 Each design drawn & saved in minutes Simple to change fonts, sizing, position FINAL DESIGN – take disk to printshop for printing full-size paper pattern, or…

13 PROJECTOR (1) Finished design is printed as a Transparency Find a school with an overhead projector Project & pencil draw onto large paper. Use chisel-point felt-tip pen to create cutting lines, approx. 4mm

14 PROJECTOR (2) OPAQUE PROJECTOR “Epidiascope” Art supplies, US $600 2-piece design, project in 2 halves

15 2006 onwards Wide Format Printer, big investment, sped up production time Patterns print in less than 10 minutes All seam / cutting lines a standard 3mm Like “painting by numbers”

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