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Simple Machines by Richard Roberts.

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1 Simple Machines by Richard Roberts

2 Levers For an example a second class lever is a wheel barrel. You use your hands as the effort force. The load is anything you want to move or carry. The fulcrum is the wheel or wheels.

3 Inclined Planes Inclined planes are
ramps.Inclined planes help you lift heavy objects. Inclined planes are used in home movers companys.

4 Wedge A wedge is two inclined planes together. A ax is an example of a wedge.

5 Scissors A scissor is a compound machine. A scissor are two wegdes , that are arranged as two first class levers.

6 Pulley A pulley makes things easier to lift almost like a inclined plane. There are three types of pulleys. Fixed,moveable ,and fixed moveable pulleys.

7 The End

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