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Age of Empires The Age of Kings

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1 Age of Empires The Age of Kings
By: Dinh Le EEL6938

2 Overview Introduction Scenario Random Map Death Match Demo References

3 Introduction RTS (developed from turn based)
Civilizations and Attributes Units Strengths and Weaknesses Branching Technology Resources (food, wood, stone, gold) Human vs. Computer

4 Civilizations and Attributes
13 Different Civilizations 200 population limit Buildings and Constructions Each has unique technology bonuses Each has unique unit bonuses Workers (villagers: Build, Repair, Gather) Militia (infantry, archers, cavalry, siege etc.) Back

5 Units Strength and Weaknesses
Rock - Paper - Scissor Infantry (swordsmen, pikemen) Archer (foot archer, cavalry archer) Cavalry (scout, knight) Siege Weapon (ballista, catapult, trebuchet) Ships (fishing ships, battle ships) Back

6 Technology Tree 4 age advances Back Dark Age Feudal Age Castle Age
Imperial Age Back

7 Scenario Capaigns Storyline Objective Search and Destroy Defense

8 Random Map Requires resource management Evaluating priorities
Making tactical decisions Defense from preemptive attacks Counter units (rock-paper-scissor)

9 Death Match Army Control Multiplayer Cooperation Trading
Gathering point Moving according to waypoints Formation Patrol Guard Follow Multiple aggression level Multiplayer Cooperation Trading

10 References

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