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High Hurdle Technique Tony Veney USATF.

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1 High Hurdle Technique Tony Veney USATF

2 Shuffle Hurdle drill 10 Meter run up 1.80 2.10 (2.50) 7.50 2.10 (2.50) 15.00 2.10 (2.50) 22.50 2.10 (2.50) 30.00 2.10 (2.50) 37.50 2.10 (2.50) 45.00 2.10 (2.50) 52.50




6 High Hurdles Only train what you can bring to the track
Start with a general hurdle model and plug your hurdler in – no hurdle clones (R.M./Mamie Rawlins/Bobo J) This is a sprint event! No Failed sprinters – no speed rejects! This is the reason why the 3-step rhythm is so difficult to teach and master!

7 The Start Block settings Feet placement – lead in the back block
Block variations Set position Arm attack No “hoop” starts

8 Hurdle Acceleration 1st four steps Last four steps – push and cut
To 7-step, or not to 7-step – problems with posture and transitional coordination – being tall is not enough (3 HH’ers all 6’5” that took 8 steps)

9 Speed Development Know your energy systems Strength Power
Seven seconds or less Coordination and posture Short bounds Development is the result of maximal efforts within a short time frame – the longer you go the less you get

10 Speed Work Cross Country – don’t be mad! Rhythm endurance
12+ hurdle clearances “Nehiamiahs” – Brooks Johnson “Work” is the result of tolerance and capacity and is a % of the previous slide

11 Hurdle Rhythm Shuffle rhythm – watch how you sprint
Hip training – you run on you feet but from your hips Rhythm Endurance

12 Take-off Tech Body position at T.O. Run into the hurdle from the hip
Vertical shin angles at T.O. Be patient on the T.O. and leave the T.O. foot behind Finish the take-off by leaving the trail foot behind you and don’t be in a hurry to get on the hurdle.

13 Take-off Tech A proper hurdle take-off allows the hips to have as much clearance velocity over the hurdle as possible. If you rush the take-off the hips are not past the hurdle when the trail starts to move toward the hurdle causing the the trail to actually pass the hips before the clearance is finished. If you “hot step” the hurdle this will rush the trail flipping the trail foot. The cue for the coach is to see if the hips slow down and/or bounce the hurdle which is an indication of the hips slowing down into the track and as yu slow down you have to go vertical.

14 Hurdle Stride Tech Lead arm mechanics –pronated arm – freestyle swim backward into the shoulder – the trail moves down below the knee and back for women and almost a high 90 degree arm swept back under the knee for the men Off arm mechanics – reach for your gun and then bounce the radius forward into the humerus Take off distance – touchdown distance Lead leg mechanics – drive the lead knee up at the hurdle (navel high) until the trail foot leaves the ground – the height of the knee will determine knee flexion over the hurdle (straight or bent knee)

15 Touchdown Tech Folded trail leg - trail foot is pulled off the ground and is accelerated into the fold Trail leg rotation Shin is vertical at touchdown

16 Tech Between the Hurdles
Low heel recovery – connected to “invisible hands” Scissor bound – big hip power - drill Hurdle distance versus running distance – the key to the 3-step fear factor Stride length considerations

17 Finish Tech Five steps and dip – freestyle swim
You must push through the dip - not a passive lean or head drop Run finishes at practice

18 What???

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