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Internationalization of Maritime Education through Institutional Collaborations : A Case Study of Shanghai Maritime University Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice.

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1 Internationalization of Maritime Education through Institutional Collaborations : A Case Study of Shanghai Maritime University Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice President Ms.Wang Yingming, International Officer Shanghai Maritime University IMLA-19

2 Cross-cultural issues Such solutions as improving English language proficiency, communication skills, and stronger sense of responsibilities, etc. How about finding solutions through the internationalization of maritime education? gain the knowledge about other cultures learn to increase cross-cultural awareness deal with cross-cultural problems through own practice A case study of Shanghai Maritime University

3 Background and development Before 1980: rare international connections with outside world Chinese seafarers served mainly for Chinese ships 1980 to now: multinational seafarers working together China becomes a big labor market (BIMCO/ISF Manpower Update 2010)

4 Background and development Development of International Exchanges in SMU before 1980 (founded in 1909) 1980-2000 2000 to date very few connections started with Asian countries IAMU, extensive exchanges, university strategy

5 International connections 1. Asia 2. Australia 3. Europe 4. America 5. Africa

6 Collaborative Institutions Asia Kobe University, Faculty of Maritime Schools, Japan Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology,Japan Korea Maritime University, South Korea Mokpo National Maritime University, South Korea Inha University, South Korea Nanyang Technological University,Singapore Malaysia Maritime Academy, Malaysia Myanmar Maritime University, Myanmar Istanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty, Turkey Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam Europe World Maritime University Gdynia Maritime University, Poland University of Plymouth, UK Hogeschool Zeeland, the Netherlands Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands Liverpool John Moores University, UK Swansea University, UK University of Nante, France Wismar University, Germany America Massachusetts Maritime Academy, US California Maritime Academy, US Maine maritime university, US Saint Martin's University,US Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada Africa Arab Academy For Science and Technology and Maritime Transport,Egypt Regional Maritime University,Ghana Dar-es-Salaam Maritime Institute, Tanzania Australia Australian Marine institute The University of Western Australia

7 Institutional collaboration Seeking for all possible opportunities and approaches towards internationalization. Student mobility International Class Student Exchange Program Short-term Professional Training Summer school Faculty exchange Joint academic program International research ….

8 Maritime Education in SMU Overall Multi-disciplinary 14 colleges Degree programs (43 BS. 38 Msc. 7PhD) 20,000 full time students Maritime Education Merchant Marine College 2,815 students (1,423 cadets,1,392 engineers) 3 years study + 1 year onboard training

9 1. International class Issues related to international class Courses :Ship Handling, Navigational Aids, Marine Signal and VHF Commutation, Ship Management, GMDSS, Ocean Shipping Business, Maritime Law etc. Teaching: in English, by best qualified teachers Academic credits: awarded by SMU are transferred and recognized towards the student’s degree at the home university. Field Studies: visiting the ports, onboard the ships, Maritime Safety Administration, etc.

10 2010 International Class CountryHome InstitutionNumber of Students USMassachusetts Maritime Academy11 AustraliaAustralia Maritime Academy2 South KoreaMokpo National Maritime University2 GhanaRegional Maritime University2 PolandGdynia Maritime University2 The NetherlandsMaritime Institute de Ruyter2 2011 International Class CountryHome InstitutionNumber of Students USMassachusetts Maritime Academy16 Germany Hochschule Wismar – University of Technology, Business and Design 2 South KoreaMokpo National Maritime University2 RussiaMaritime State University named after Admiral G.I. Nevelskoy2 PolandGdynia Maritime University2 CanadaMemorial University of Newfoundland2 2010/2011 International Class — Home Institutions and Number of Students

11 International class Cultural activities: there are diversified cultural activities to help students achieve a better understanding about Chinese culture and history. 1Chinese Kongfu practice 2Chinese calligraphy and painting learning 3Chinese medicine experience e.g. acupuncture, cupping 4Dragon boat race 5Trips to Beijing, Xi’an 6the 2010 Shanghai World Exposition 7Chinese and western cooking competition 8Traditional handcraft practice e.g. scissor-cut, DIY pottery

12 2. Student exchange program SMU-MMA (Massachusetts Maritime Academy) Duration : one semester Number of Students: 15 students per year to the other institution Fees: tuition and accommodation fees are waived Student ambassadors: same number of student ambassadors study and live together

13 Student exchange program Cultural experiences in US 1Plymouth Plantation Museum, the ship of Mayflower 2Massachusetts State House 3City tour to Boston, MIT, Harvard campus 4Tour to New York city and Washington DC 5Ice cream, watch a classic show- the Sound of Music 6Red Rox game, Boston’s baseball team 7Student Charity Concert 8MMA Parents Association

14 Student exchange program Such a collaborative academic program has won excellent reputation from among the students of both institutions, and also been highly appreciated and supported by the maritime professional authorities including US Coast Guard and China Maritime Safety Administration.

15 3. Professional training SMU-KME (Copenhagen Marine Engineer College) Engine Watchkeeping, Basic Safety and Advanced Fire-fighting Training Duration: two-week training in May 2011 Number of Trainees: 23 engineering students Training: courses and practice, tailor-made and lectured by SMU Facilities: Integrated Engine Room 360-degree Shiphandling Simulators Engine Room Simulators Wave-making Pool Aquatic Training Base Results: Utilizing such advanced teaching and training facilities, coupled with professional teaching of SMU lecturers, students received high standard training and were successfully certified by the Danish Maritime Authority.

16 Professional training

17 4. Summer school University of Plymouth, UK University of Western Australia Inha University, South Korea Saint Martin’s University, US “Piracy Trip” in UK

18 Summer school Meeting with Mr. Barry House, the president of parliament of WA IMO& Maritime Policy Class

19 Benefits Educating people about cultural differences is best done through a direct process of engagement. -- by Dr.Larry Howard, PhD Chair, Global Business & Transportation (GBAT) Dept SUNY Maritime College, at IMLA 18

20 Benefits to students: Exposed to such an international scenario, students learn from each other the knowledge and skills in dealing with cross-cultural issues, and have shown appreciation, tolerance in understanding different cultures. Their encouraging performances confirmed that the multi-national issues could be well addressed through the process of engagement. to the quality of education: 1. change the content and process of maritime education by bringing an international perspective to classroom discussion 2. challenge lecturers to consider new methods of instruction that are more consistent with international learning experiences. 3. further expand adjustments on curriculums and course design to the capacity building of services to international students: 1. International Education College established (degree, exchange, Chinese language) 2. set aside an International Students Dormitory building with 200 rooms 3. logistics services (food, laundry, bodybuilding, etc.) 4. higher efficiency in dealing with day to day issues with international students.

21 curriculum design: Not all courses provided by the university can fully match those provided by home institutions credit transfer: institutions may have different regulations with regard to the credit transfer between each other. insufficiency in funding: It’s hard to provide enough financial support despite the many efforts SMU made in fund raising from organizations of local government, shipping companies of partnership, and even individuals. …

22 Opportunities and Trends Shanghai becomes a vibrant industrial metropolis and an international center of economy, finance, trade and transportation. 30,000 overseas students --- Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship for International Students International shipping center --- favorable policies for professionals of short supply Shanghai government provides financial support for international experience of university students.

23 Conclusions It’s strongly recommended for all maritime institutions to build up closer linkage and broader collaborations in areas of mutual and common interests, so as to improve the overall quality of maritime education worldwide.

24 Thank You For Your Attention! Jin Yongxing Wang Yingming Vice President, Professor International Officer

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