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CDK CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, INC. SAFETY PROGRAM. Glen Kuntz Safety Director In 2000, hired as Operations Manager Safety Director. Prior to CDK… U.S. Navy.

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2 Glen Kuntz Safety Director In 2000, hired as Operations Manager Safety Director. Prior to CDK… U.S. Navy 12 Yrs City Council & Mayor 17Yrs Business Owner 23Yrs Active in construction industry over 23 Yrs

3 Why I am here… In 2004 we had a fatality accident, of a sub-contractor at one of our job sites. We feel it is important to share with others how the job site fatality effected CDK Construction Services.

4 What Happened In 2004 an Iron worker fell through an opening in the roof

5 How the 2004 incident effected the company:

6 Low Productivity Project slowed to a snail’s pace Time Loss for Employees to be present at: Meetings Depositions

7 Public Relations CDK Reputation Questions from our clients about the incident and their concern about it happening on their project. Rumor mill was working overtime

8 Financial Component Fines Lawyer Fees Loss of productivity on incident site.

9 Impacts within the Company

10 Stress At an all time high for Owners Management & Office staff Field Workers on incident site and through out the company.

11 Morale Was at an all time low Lost key employees due to the uncertainty of the L & I outcome and company’s ability withstand the pressure put on all of us.

12 CDK’s Safety Program was and is an excellent program. After 2004, complete review of our safety program  identified areas of improvement, to ensure this from ever happening again. We have all heard how important documentation is… Implement checks and balances Plenty of hands on training… identified area of weakness… documentation

13 The #1 Enhancement to our Safety Program… Subcontractor safety packet outlines and provides the necessary documentation Contains tear out pages  sub-contractors understand what is required of them pertaining to Safety on our job site. identifies disciplinary and/or monetary action will be taken if all safety rules are not followed properly.

14 Sub-Contractor Safety Packet Sub­-Contractor Shell Packet Pages 120 thru 133 Prior to start of any work Provide to CDK Jobsite Superintendent: Site Specific Safety Plan Fall Protection Plan MSDS Index & MSDS Sheets Job Hazard Assessment Provide Daily to CDK Jobsite Superintendent: All Daily Equipment Pre­-Operation Site Safety Checklists All Daily Equipment Pre-­Operational Checklists Provide Weekly to CDK Jobsite Superintendent: Copy of Weekly Safety Inspection Copy of Weekly Safety Meeting Minutes All Employees of Sub-­Contractor shall sign the following: Their Employer’s Site Specific Safety Plan Located in CDK Job Site Office Their Employer’s Fall Protection Plan Located in CDK Job Site Office CDK Safety Rules and Information Work Rules CDK Job Site Hazard Assessment Checklist and Emergency Plan CDK Site Specific Safety Plan (Sub-­Contractor Supervisor only) CDK Fall Protection Plan (Sub­-Contractor Supervisor only) I understand and Agree to the above requirements. ________________________________________________________________ Sub-Contractor Supervisor Signature Date

15 Safety Rules and Information Work Rules Subcontractor Company Name:___________________________________________________ Supervisor Name: _________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number: _____________________________________________ NOTE: You are to comply with all Washington State Laws and DOSH regulations including, but not limited to, Safety Programs, Fall Protection Plan, Right-To- Know (MSDS) Program, Training in Proper Use of Ladders and Stairways, Scaffolding and Proper Trenching. 1. Observe and comply with all safety regulations and signs. 2. Report all unsafe working conditions or potentially hazardous situations immediately to CDK Foreman or Superintendent. 3. In the event of an emergency immediately notify CDK Superintendent and call 911 from the nearest phone. 4. Attend and participate in weekly job site safety meetings 5. Inspect all personal protective equipment prior to each use. Use your tools properly. 6. Assured Electrical Grounding is required on all CDK jobsites. 7. In the event of any equipment or tool damage, discontinue its use immediately and report it to your Foreman or Superintendent as soon as it is practical. 8.Follow instructions. Ask questions when in doubt about the proper us of tools, equipment or personal protective equipment.

16 Safety Rules and Information (continued) 9. Operate only equipment and Powder Actuated tools you are qualified to operate. Operator cards or a letter from your company office verifying training must be of file in the job shack with our superintendent. 10. Talk to CDK Foreman or Superintendent at any reasonable time about problems that affect your safety or work conditions. 11. Use personal protective equipment: MINIMUM requirements for personal protective equipment are: Head Protection – High impact plastic hard hats meeting OSHA standards. Hearing Protection – Ear plugs. Eye Protection – Goggles or impact resistant safety glasses. Hand Protection – Gloves are required when handling hazardous substances, Demo and are strongly recommended when handling cables, ropes, etc.

17 Safety Rules and Information (continued) Respiratory Protection – Masks are required when appropriate for an activity. Leg Protection – Long legged, heavy denim type pants are required and chaps when using a chain saws. Shorts, cut-offs and sweats will not tolerated. Upper Torso – During summer months, chest and shoulders must be protected with at least a T- shirt, with 4” sleeves minimum. No tank or halter tops. Reflective clothing when required. Foot Protection – Hard soled work boots are required. Sears or Red Wing type/quality. No tennis shoes, thongs, high heels, etc.

18 Safety Rules and Information (continued) 12. In compliance with Washington State Law and WAC 296-155-610 Motor Vehicles, any employee driving a motorized vehicle is required to wear a seat belt at all times. All equipment that is designed with roll over protection, seat belts shall be provided and used. 13. Absolutely no alcohol or illicit drugs on the job. 14. Absolutely no working under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs. 15. Absolutely no fighting on the job site. 16. You shall maintain a supervisor who speaks the same language as the crew for safety communication. Failure to comply with work rules 1 through 10 may result in permanent removal from job site. Failure to comply with work rules 13 through 15 will result in immediate permanent removal from job site.

19 Safety Information First Aid kits are located in the Superintendent’s office and at designated safety stations as needed. Emergency telephone numbers are posted in the Superintendent’s office. In the event of fire, extinguishers are located at all welding machines, cutting torches and in each of the field offices and project sites. Any suggestions which would improve safety at the job site are welcome. A copy of CDK Construction Services, Inc. Right-To-Know program poster is available in the Superintendent’s office and available for you to review. CDK Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are located in the Superintendent’s office and available for your review during work hours. All sub-contractor (MSDS) sheets & index are required to be on file in the job office. Your Site Specific Safety plan and Fall Protection Plan will be on file in the Superintendent’s office and available for your review during work hours.

20 Safety Information (continued) CDK Foreman and Superintendent are trained in First Aid and CPR. ______________________________________________ Name of your First Aid & CPR Trained Person: ______________________________________________ Name of competent person: NOTE: If you change Crew or Lead it is your responsibility to train them on all Safety requirements. Please review the bulletin board which contains additional safety information. I have read or have had read to me the above Safety Rules. I understand and agree to them. Name Date ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ _________________________ ______________________ _________________________

21 Sub-Contractor Blank Forms CDK provides generic Safety forms Weekly Job Site Safety inspection Monthly Equipment Safety Inspection Pre-Operational Daily Site Inspection Pre-Operational Fork Lift Check List Pre-Operational Aerial & Scissor lift Check List

22 Subcontractor / Supervisor Sub-Contractor Name: _____________________________________________________ Project: __________________________________________ Date: _____-_______-____ Pursuant to Washington State law and our subcontract agreement with you, you are required to have your on-site employees attend our weekly safety meetings or conduct weekly safety meetings of your own. We consider these meetings to be of utmost importance in providing a safe work environment for all on-site personnel. If the safety rules are not followed you will receive a written notice. The first notice will be a warning. The second will be money withheld from your contract and if no fines are assessed, the money will be released with final payment except for a $100.00 administration fee. The third will be Removal from jobsite and possible termination of your contract. If you choose not to have your employees attend our safety meetings, we require that you send a designated representative to our meeting and provide a copy of the minutes from your own safety meetings for our review. Our superintendent (jobsite supervisor) will notify you of the time and location of our safety meetings. You are also to comply with all Washington State laws and DOSH regulations. See attached subcontractor safety rules and information. We at CDK Construction Services take the matter of job safety very seriously. We hope you will comply with the practices we have instituted. Very truly yours, Glen Kuntz Safety Director CDK Construction Services Inc. I understand and Agree to the above requirements. _____________________________________________________________________________ Sub-Contractor Supervisor Signature Date

23 Acknowledgement Statement Maintain this safety information packet on-site I, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of CDK Construction Services Inc. Safety Rules and Information Work Rules. I have read and understand all the rules, regulations and procedures. I am aware that is my responsibility to follow the safety rules, regulations and procedures and accept them. I am aware that failure on my part to follow the safety rules, regulations, and procedures will result in disciplinary actions, up to and including permanent removal from jobsite, and possible termination of contract. I understand that I have a direct responsibility for my safety and the safety of others on the job site. I will take all steps necessary to correct and/or report unsafe acts and conditions. I will report all injuries or accidents, which occur during the course of work, immediately to CDK jobsite supervisor and my supervisor. ___________________________________________________________ Print Sub-Contractor Supervisor’s Name ___________________________________________________________ Sub-Contractor Supervisor’s Signature Date ___________________________________________________________ CDK Supervisor’s Signature Date

24 Recognition Ticket Book & Tracking CDK Construction Services Inc. Worker Recognition and/or Discipline Notification First Occurrence Second Occurrence Third Occurrence Copies To: Worker, Site Safety, Project Manager, Subcontractor (if Applicable) And Safety Director Name _______________________________________________________ Date _______________ Trade ____________________________________ Note __________________________________ Project Name _________________________________________________ Job # ______________ Location _________________________________________________________________________ Date Of Occurrence __________________________________ Time ___________________AM/PM Area of Occurrence_________________________________________________________________ Witnesses ________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ The worker was advised verbally and in writing of the occurrence. describe below and was instructed To correct the situation immediately as required. ________________________________________________________________________________ Prepared By: ______________________________________________ ____________________ ____________ Please PrintSignatureDate CDK Superintendent: ______________________________________________ ____________________ ____________ Please PrintSignatureDate Worker: ______________________________________________ ____________________ ____________ Please PrintSignatureDate Note: Failure of the worker to act safely could lead to further discipline, up to and including Removal from workplace. _______________________________________________________________________________ THINK SAFETY ALWAYS White: Worker Yellow: File Pink: S/D

25 Safety Alert Program 2006 INICIDENT ALERT #___2___ Cut to right index finger To all Supervisors: Please read this Incident Alert with your crew at your next safety meeting. CDK # of L&I claims 2006: 2 Running Case Total for 2006: 2 This Alert is in response to a CDK incident. Near Miss ____0____ First Aid ____0____ Medical Treatment ____1____ Time Loss ____0____ Total lost days, all cases: ____0____ This Alert is in response to a Sub-Contractor incident. Near Miss ____0____ First Aid ____0____ Medical Treatment ____0____ Time Loss ____0____ Total # of Sub incidents: ____0____

26 Safety Alert Program Continued INCIDENT ALERT On June 8th at 11:15 am A laborer was replacing old siding on a building between two scupper. When he pulled the old piece of siding off, he ran his finger along the edge of the scupper cutting his right index finger. He was treated at a nearby clinic, receiving three stitches. Employee returned to full duty. LESSONS LEARNED Beware of surroundings, including any and all hazards. Make sure to wear gloves; if gloves had been worn in this case, the injury would not have occurred. ACTION ITEMS Gloves are provided to all employees. Gloves are required to be worn during demolition and when working with flashings or sharp objects. Inform all CDK and Sub-Contractor employees on your jobsite of this Incident Alert, to ensure this type of incident is not repeated. All employees: If you have any questions or concerns relating to this alert or any other alert, or any safety issues, please contact me at 206-255-9470. Glen Kuntz Safety Director CDK Construction Services, Inc.

27 Safety Director Full Time No Other Duties. Extensive Advanced Safety Training through the U/W OSHA Region X Training Center, Argus Pacific, Overton Safety and Evergreen Safety Council. Enrolled in the Safety & Health Specialist Program @ U/W 1 course to completion I am an authorized OSHA outreach instructor. Safety Standards for construction Industries Instructor In Certified as Osha 10 & 30 Asbestos Abatement Supervisor Forklift AHERA Building Inspector Arial & Scissor lift Flagger CPR & First Aid Trained in Accident Investigation, Fall Protection Equipment Inspection, Industrial Hygiene, Respirator Fit testing, Excavation, Trenching & Soils Mechanics, Blood born Pathogens, Hearing Conservation, Scaffolding, Water Intrusion and Mold in construction, Third Party Liability in the worksite Safety and Health, Silica Truck with canopy stock with most safety gear needed on our job sites.

28 Employee Training Continued weekly classroom and field training for all Employee’s Safety training for employee’s is provided through ABC, Apex Construction Safety, Approach Management, Overton Safety, Argus Pacific, Various factory Rep. and Myself

29 A New Year! Hired Kurt Stranne of Apex Construction Safety to work with us to streamline the CDK Safety Manuel The manual is an interactive tool that supervisors use daily Site specific safety boxes Safety information on the back of pay stubs weekly Safety alert notices are reviewed by the entire company during weekly safety meetings Request monthly L & I consultations on various jobsites Safety recognition awards bank & store “Safety Pays” “Safety Through Training”

30 A piece of advice… Get to know your employees Possible distractions  Drugs/alcohol  Stresses at home Money Marriage/Divorce Death Children  Work Environment Recognize employee overload Tell your employees that it’s okay to say, “my plates full.” Co-workers Sub-contractors …and the list goes on

31 How my body & mind reacted Monday Phone Call Blame Crises Councilor Uncontrolled Emotions High Blood Pressure Safety Determination

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