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September, 2010 “High-quality products at fair prices”

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1 September, 2010 “High-quality products at fair prices”

2 I. Overview

3 2 Company Background AJE is one of the few Peruvian multinational companies. It has a successful business model implemented in different markets in Latin America and Asia. AJE began operations in 1988 in Peru selling homemade cola drinks door to door The company went to international scale starting operations in Venezuela in 1999. Currently, AJE is the third largest producer of carbonated soft drinks in Latin America. * Distribution Centers ** Administrative Offices *** Malt AyacuchoHuancayoBaguaSullanaLimaVenezuelaEcuadorMéxicoC. RicaGuatemalaTailandiaColombia Honduras Nicaragua*El Salvador* INTERNACIONAL OPERATIONSOPERATIONS IN PERU Belgica** España** 19881991199319941997 1era planta de Cerveza en Perú 1999200020022004 2005 2006 2007 FRANCA 2008 Chile*** Luxemburgo** Malta** 2009 Panamá*

4 Higher and more diversified income 4 Business Strategy Strategy: To produce the highest quality product at the lowest price. Sales Markets Categories Income / Profitability 2. Efficient, low cost operations Profitability 3. Light and simple organizational structure 1. High-quality products at fair prices

5 Bottled Water Market (Perú – liters million) Carbonated Drinks Market (Perú – liters billion) Soft drink - price indexJuices (Perú – liters million) 5 Peruvian case Lower prices and higher quality allowed successful market penetration. Win-win situation for consumers and producers. Source: Produce CAGR: 7.9% Source: Produce CAGR:46.8% Source: Produce CAGR:64.7% Launch of Kola Real in Lima Launch of Cielo Launch of Pulp Source: INEI Launch of Cifrut

6 7 Delivering targeted products to key markets The company has a broad product portfolio. Different products and formats are positioned to meet the consumers’ preferences.

7 Country Per Capita Consumption (1) Ranking Mkt Share Aje México151 37% Venezuela 72 317% Colombia 60 37% Guatemala 59 412% Ecuador 58 218% Perú 49 215% Tailandia 38 316% (1)Soft dirnks / Ltrs by year AJE applies its business model to soda drinks at the beginning. Then it expands its portfolio to new products such as bottled water, juices and sports drinks. AJE has made these products available to the low end market. An extensive population was covered through out our distribution network (1 million points of sale). AJE´s strategy is not necessarily to be the leader in the market. 8 Market Share After achieving relevant market share with Big Cola, AJE has successfully applied its business model to other growing beverage markets

8 AJE: “A successful story” CAGR: 46% Billion of liters sold by ATIC A solid and successful growth strategy 6

9 Net Sales (USA Million) Structure of Sales – 2009 EBITDA (USA$ Million) Net Profits (USA$ Million) 9 Key Financial Indicators CAGR: +21% / +US$ 478 MM CAGR: +54% / +US$ 119MM CAGR: +72% / +US$ 77MM


11 Began operations in February 2006. Currently it has 6 lines of production. Líne 1 Mesal 0.535 lts: 164,000 boxes / month 3.100 lts: 80,000 boxes / month Línea 2 Mesal 0.535 lts: 275,507 boxes / month Líne 3 Mesal 0.535 lts 282,253 boxes / month Líne 4 Sacmi 0.535 lts 369,600 boxes / month Línea 5 Sidel 0.535 lts 650,000 boxes/ month Líne 6 Krones 0.330 lts 403,200 boxes / month (juices) AJETHAI CO,LTD

12 1.Ayacucho Preform began operations in June 2007. Currently it has 4 lines of production: Line 1 Husky (72 Cavities): Pref. 22gr. 17’000,000 pcs / Month Líne 2 Husky (72 Cavities): Pref. 22gr. 17’000,000 pcs / Month Line 3 Husky (96 Cavities): Pref. 20gr. 20’700,000 pcs / Month Line 4 Husky (96 Cavities) Pref. 20gr 20’700,000 pcs / Mes 2. Ayacucho Caps began operations in July 2010. It has 2 lines of productions: Linea 1 Sacmi 64 Cavidades, Capacidad Produccion 100% 44’000,000 pcs/Mes Linea 2 Sacmi 64 Cavidades, Capacidad Produccion 100% 44’000,000 pcs/Mes AYACUCHO PREFORM CO,LTD and AYACUCHO CAPS

13 KRT began operations in August 2008. There are 10 CEDIS (Distribution Centers) covering 30% of territory: Chonburi, Rayong, Angthong, Rama II, Bang Na, Rangsit, Nonthamburi, Chiang Mai,Nakhonratchasima y Nakhonsawan. Econoreds: 70 % of territorial coverage through out wholesalers Market Share: 16% Selling points: 121,493 KOLA REAL TRADING CO,LTD. CEDIS ECONORED SOUTH ECONORED NORTH ECONORED NORTH-EAST

14 II. Takeaways

15 Takeaways Aje is a multinational company with more than 20 years of experience Proven successful innovative business model Experienced management with proven track record Quick response to market opportunities Atic showed sound financial performance in a world wide adverse economic environment Aje: “A successful story” 12

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