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Welcome to the Center Based Preschool Program Fayette County Exceptional Children’s Services.

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1 Welcome to the Center Based Preschool Program Fayette County Exceptional Children’s Services

2 This presentation is intended as an overview of the special needs preschool experience in Fayette County Schools. Emphasis is placed on five developmental domains: Communication Cognitive Self-Help (Adaptive) Social/Emotional Fine and Gross Motor

3 Preschool Coordinator Clarice Howard is the coordinator for all preschool programs in Fayette County Schools. Her office is located at Oak Grove Elementary School.

4 Communication Speech and Language Development SPEECH the sound pattern of language combination of sounds to form words LANGUAGE words and their meanings combination of words into sentences use of words and sentences to communicate

5 Our program uses many methods of encouraging communication development in the classroom. The school speech/language therapist often assists in this area. Methods and adaptations include: PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) Sign Language Story, music, and circle times Assorted Assistive Technology Devices Speech Therapy Listening Games

6 Language development during field trip

7 Augmentative Communication

8 Song choices

9 Following directions

10 Communication Builder

11 Computer Skills

12 Interactive Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree

13 Imaginative role-play

14 Number order

15 Matching and sequencing

16 Visual memory

17 Puzzles with trunk extension and proprioceptive input

18 Graphing jelly beans

19 Recognition and spelling of names

20 Body parts

21 Where is it?

22 Self-Feeding

23 Dressing

24 Dress-up

25 Putting on jacket

26 Opening juice boxes

27 Bathing baby doll

28 Hand washing

29 Social-Emotional interaction with peers and adults pretend play sharing conflict resolution appropriate expression of wants and needs making choices

30 Turn taking with adapted toy

31 Adult interactions

32 Circle time

33 Hugs for friends

34 Circle time finger plays

35 Taking an imaginary trip

36 Art class

37 Art class with friends

38 Sand play

39 Fine Motor grasping skills hand strength fasteners (buttons, snaps, zippers) scissor skills tracing, coloring, handwriting pasting and folding lacing, stringing beads, pegboards visual motor integration

40 Tracing

41 Buttoning

42 Manipulatives

43 Scooping

44 Pincher grasp painting with occupational therapist

45 stacking

46 Pegs

47 3 point grasp

48 Painting

49 Adaptive slant board

50 Modified grasping

51 Gross Motor ambulation ball skills climbing and balancing motor planning body awareness locomotor rhythm

52 Adaptive walking

53 Therapy ball

54 Vision therapist

55 Adaptive swing

56 Climbing

57 Sliding

58 Jumping skills

59 Crawling

60 Adaptive mobility

61 Hanging

62 Scooter boards

63 Tunnel

64 Walking with assistance from physical therapist Walking on a line

65 We hope you enjoyed our brief tour of the special needs pre-k team in Fayette County. If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher or Clarice Howard.

66 This presentation brought to you by April Chaney Claire Cohen Sally Raymond With assistance from Georgia Framework for Integrating Technology in the Student Centered Classroom ETTC / University of West Georgia Georgia Department of Education

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