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Instant water heaters are not only improving our life style but are most importantly very economical and money saving. These instant water heaters are.

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3 Instant water heaters are not only improving our life style but are most importantly very economical and money saving. These instant water heaters are relatively new to our South African markets, but are distributed internationally to most of the continents in the world. Instant water heaters are found in countries like Germany, England, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, to name but a few. Instant water heaters are widely used in the hospitality industry, residential and housing developments, the business sector, as well as ‘Green’ developments. INSTANT SHOWER WATER HEATERS 2

4 SAVINGS Instantaneous water heaters provide hot water on demand. Making their most outstanding features the savings they generate and not only improvement of life style. The savings, the instant water heaters provide, are in the form of: Very economical (energy saving and cost) and their usage (no need to wait for water to be heated up, as in the case of a geyser). Other reasons why the instant water heaters are the ideal alternative to conventional geysers: Installation Costs: Much cheaper than geysers due to their compact size Plumbing Costs: Less piping is needed Maintenance: These units can last for 20 years and more, as parts are easy to replace if necessary. Electricity: 30% - 40% savings and in some instances even more Insurance: Indications show that insurance companies will endorse these, because they will help to avoid costs incurred from burst geyser pipes. Water: 30% on water saving during a shower, for example. 3

5 HOW THE INSTANT WATER HEATER WORKS The way the instant water heater functions is unique in comparison to geysers. A sensor controls the flow of water into the water heater and then an element heats the water that flows through the unit. If you turn off the hot water tap, the heating process stops. (Units include a dial to adjust the temperature to your preference while being in use.) Hot water is always available, without the water being stored and kept warm indefinitely until needed, as is the case with geysers. It is important to note, that whether these units are being used in the hottest or even coldest regions, they will still save the user energy. Instant water heaters are available in single-point and multi-point units, respectively. Single-point units service one point, such as a shower. These units also have a pump and can thus be used in areas where water pressure is low. Multi-point units can be used to service 3 points, such as a shower, bath and basins. 4

6 COMPARISON WITH CONVENTIONAL HEATERS Instant Water Heater advantage: Unlimited hot water supply. Instant water heaters will keep heating the water flowing through it indefinitely, on demand - hot water when you need it. They are more durable than other water heaters. Tank less units are less likely to leak and cause indoor flooding. - They can actually improve your water quality because they cut down on hard water and other minerals in your water by not having a large place – like a tank – for impurities to gather. Geyser disadvantage: Limited hot water from the conventional tank-type of water heater. It is time consuming and expensive to heat up the water in the hot water tank. 5

7 Compact Size Most instant water heaters have the following dimensions: 250mm(W) x 368mm(L) x 112mm(H), 3.4kg. The water heater fits between wall studs. Without the usual restraint of the size of a conventional tank-type water heater, the instant water heater can be installed almost anywhere, making it easy to install closer to where you need hot water. This permits prompt arrival of hot water to your shower, sink, or washing machine (which can also save you money on piping for new construction). Its small size is perfect for limited space applications, such as vacation homes, mobile or modular, offices, etc. Much Larger The conventional tank-type of water heater will need a higher and bigger capacity, depending on the size of a family (possibilities range from a 12ltr to a 30ltr or 50ltr model). The size is about 3 times that of a normal instant water heater. Space constraints in an house/apartment bathroom could pose a huge problem for the user to install such models. 6

8 Energy Savings (Money Savings) Purchasing and using an instant electric water heater, opposed to a conventional geyser, will save you operating expenses in the range of 30- 40%. It won't take long to pay for itself with the energy savings it will produce. In some instances, it can pay for itself in less than one year. Energy Wasted Energy is wasted because the tank water heaters keep the water heated constantly using energy/electricity that could have been used elsewhere or saved. 7

9 Save on Plumbing Costs Installation could be done in just a few hours. To save plumbing costs on hot water piping, it is recommended that it be installed directly at the point of use only. In large homes or offices, 2 heaters can be installed to reduce the hot water piping, reduce energy losses and provide more instant hot water to all outlets. Heavy Plumbing Costs Heavy plumbing costs are involved with the purchasing and installation of the mixer valve, tapping the points to the bathroom, as well as to many other points. 8


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12 Product Description Power Rating 3.6kW Voltage 240VAC Frequency 50Hz Water in & out Flow Rate 1-5 Litres/min. Max. Water Pressure 0.3MPa (43.5psi) Water Temperature 56 ○◦ ºC 11

13 Water Connection 15mm diameter (Threaded 1/2"BSP) Product Dimension 360mm(Height) 240mm(Width) 86mm (Depth w/o knob) 96mm (Depth with knob) Packaging Dimension (268x112x548)mm Built-in Pump Yes 12

14 Slim Slider Bar Set Design  Unique design  Adjustable push up or down shower holder Jet Spray for 3 Click Select Spray Pattern Hand Shower  Select this option to ease stiff muscles hand shower off the day's stress with a steady flow of high- pressured water Maxi Spray for 3 Click Select Spray Pattern Hand Shower  A combination of wide spray and jet spray gently refresh tired muscles after a hard day's work Wide Spray for 3 Click Select Spray Pattern Hand Shower  Perfect for a nice, long shower. Spreads the pressure evenly across your body to ensure a wonderfully satisfying session 13

15 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Dual Indicator: Copper sheathed for higher efficiency High power for performance Low watt density for faster heating efficiency and reliability Heating Element: Durable constructions with ABS material Casing: ø15mm (1/2" BSP) Inlet /Outlet Connection: GREEN: EELS RED : Heater 14

16 SAFETY FEATURES Flexi-Hose: Non-conductive safety construction Hygienic and easy clean 3 layer reinforced construction Pressure resistance Durable Safety Thermostat / Thermal Cut-Out: Anti scalding Overheating protection Fire hazard protection Auto Flow Sensor Switch: Protects the heating element Energy saving 15

17 ACCESSORIES Instruction Manual: Local language included Warranty Card: Local product warranty included (1 Year) Screw and Wall Plug: 5 sets to mount unit on the wall Washer: 2 pieces to be placed at inlet and outlet as water tight seal Filter Cup: 1 piece to be placed at hand shower entry as water tight seal and filter action 16


19 Arragon Products CONTACT DETAILS : TEL: +27(0)832885210 Email: 18

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