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New Products From January 2010. What is Home Automation?  An automated home brings together security, fire, lighting, temperature control, audio, home.

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1 New Products From January 2010

2 What is Home Automation?  An automated home brings together security, fire, lighting, temperature control, audio, home theater, surveillance, access control, pool, spa, drapery control, sprinklers, and anything else that you want so that these systems can talk to each other and work together  An automated home can include some or all of these components  HAI systems focus on lighting, temperature, security, audio, and video  In an automated home these devices work together to make the home more comfortable, more convenient, and safer

3 Whole Home Solutions

4  Everything in the house still functions normally  For example, light switches are still light switches, push the top of the paddle to turn the light on and the bottom to turn it off  Everything in the house will work by itself without the automation system  You can control any device in the house from any interface (console, touchscreen, internet, telephone) Central Control

5 Event Based Automation  The automation system can control devices automatically based on any event in the system. These programs are customized for the homeowner to do anything they want.  Turn front porch light on at sunset and off at midnight  Turn the light on when I enter the front door if it is after dark  When I arm the security system in AWAY turn all lights off, set back thermostat, turn off stereo  Display a message on the console to remind me it is Trash Night every Sunday and Wednesday at 9:00pm  Turn the light on in a dark hallway if someone walks through a motion detector and turn it off after 30 seconds

6 Button Programs  One touch Buttons or macros can be set up to perform a set of actions that are normally done at the same time. These Buttons are totally customizable and can do anything that you desire.  Go to Bed (turn all lights off, arm security in the night mode, set back thermostats, turn off audio system)  Wake Up (turn on lights in bedroom and bathroom, disarm security, turn on bathroom heater, turn on speakers in the bathroom and tune in a favorite radio station)  Dinner Party (set temperature back, dim lights in living room, dining room, turn on all outside lights, turn on all audio zones and play a CD)  Romantic Eve (dim lights in bedroom, turn on fireplace, play romantic music throughout the house)

7 Why do people buy Home Automation  Enhanced Security  Never walk into a dark home again  The house can react to an alarm situation  Turn on lights to scare off a would be intruder  Flash the front porch light to alert neighbors and Police or Fire  Energy Management  Save money by setting back thermostats  Schedule setbacks based on occupancy rather than time  Turn Heat or A/C on over the phone after an extended setback  Seamless and easy to use  Convenience  It is fun and easy to use  Stay in touch with your home while you are away  Elegant and affordable

8 Our Company and Market  Our mission: Coordinating security, temperature, and lighting for comfort, convenience and safety  We offer the best price/performance ratio in the industry  HAI has more home automation systems in use than any other company- over 100,000 homes.

9 Demographics play a part  HAI products are designed to be affordable for people in almost all income brackets  Baby Boomers are moving into smaller more luxurious homes and technology is an attractive option  Generation X is starting to buy homes for the first time and want technology in their homes

10 HAI is The Industry Leader  Growth: HAI sales increased last year, even with the downturn in housing  Innovative new products for continued growth and success  Award Winning systems  Highly reliable products keep our customers happy and loyal  HAI stands for Home Automation, Inc. We have been doing this so long that when we started 21 years ago no one had even thought of using the name Home Automation yet! Everyone Agrees—Home Automation is HOT!

11 HAI: The Company  Recognized name  Industry leader since 1985  Seventh generation products  High performance, low cost  Standard product  Profitable  Top awards

12 Wireless Driveway Sensor  Senses vehicle movement using Earth’s magnetic field  Requires an HAI 64- Zone Wireless Receiver (45A00-1)

13 HAI Access Control Electronic Access Control System Components:  Card Readers  Access Control Cards  Electronic Locks  3.0 Firmware updates

14 Access Control Products 3.0 Controller firmware support:  Each user code can be associated with an access card  99 for Omni Pro II and Lumina Pro; 16 for the Omni IIe and Lumina  Card validation by time/date/reader  Card swipes be used for Arm/Disarm by swiping 3 times in a row  Configurable lock type, timing, beeper, and LED behavior  Access may be used in automation programming to perform any other action like lighting, audio, temperature, etc.

15 Access Control Products Access Control Card & Key Tag  125 KHz proximity card technology  The 78A00-1 Access Control Card is only 1.7mm thick and has a read range of 4”  The 78A00-2 weighs only 4 grams and has a read range of 2”  Sold in packs of 10

16 Access Control Cards Size Comparison

17 Access Control Products Access Control Card Reader  125 KHZ proximity card reader technology  26-bit encryption  Surface mount design  Weatherproof & vandal resistant  Input for request-to-exit button & Two contact  Output for electric door strike or magnetic lock  Two color LED (green & red) with Piezo sounder  RS485  Uses 4 conductors from 16 to 24 gauge cable including Cat5 75A00-1

18 Wiring for the Reader

19 Door Strike  Allows door to be locked when closed, but automatically unlocked by the system  Manually unlock using key  12V  Fail Secure

20 Access Control Hub on a Backplate  General Purpose 12 VDC, 5 Amp power supply  Connect up to 8 Access Control Readers (with locks)  Battery Backup for Reader and Locks (connect up to 2 batteries)  Connections to combine 2 Power Hubs to connect up to 16 Readers  Easy connection to HAI controller

21 Access Control Hub in Enclosure

22 Light Switches HLC 500W CFL Dimmers are designed specifically for dimmable CFL bulbs.

23 Home Theater Extender  Placed near A/V equipment to provide control of those devices  Compatible with OmniTouch 10p and 5.7e touchscreens  Power over Ethernet (PoE)  No restriction on the number used in an installation

24 Home Theater Extender  4 IR Emitter Ports  3.5mm  1 IR Learner port  1RS232 port  300-115200 Baud  ASCII or Hex  2 internal relays  2A @ 30VDC  2 Input/Output  Digital or Analog


26 Interface Options

27 OmniTouch 10P  Works with Omni and Lumina controllers with Ethernet port  Ships with default pages installed  Fully customizable  View IP cameras  Internet Explorer Web Browser  IR Control (with HTX)  Built in stand

28 OmniTouch 10P  10.4” SVGA LCD Display  1024 x 768 Resolution  Windows XP Embedded OS  AMD Geode Processor  10/100 Ethernet and 802.11 Wireless Networking  Built in Stand/Docking Cradle available

29 OmniTouch 5.7e touchscreen  Works with Omni and Lumina controllers with Ethernet Port  Ships with default screens  Fully customizable  Flush mount  Ships with white faceplate  Light sensor adjusts brightness automatically

30 OmniTouch 5.7e  5.7” VGA Display  640 x 480 Resolution  Power over Ethernet (PoE)  IR control (with HTX)  Windows CE OS  Red/green status LED

31 8 Port PoE Switch  Complies with IEEE 802.3af  Powers up to 7 OmniTouch 5.7e  15.4 watts per port for devices such as HTX, PoE IP cameras, and PoE access points

32 Automation Studio  Automation Studio is the program that is used to set up Ethernet based OmniTouch touchscreens

33 Automation Studio  Automation Studio is the tool used to configure  OmniTouch 5.7e  OmniTouch 10p  Home Theater Extender  IP Cameras

34 Automation Studio  Automation studio allows you to change the appearance or functionality of any item on the touchscreen  Create custom themes  Add custom backgrounds, floorplans, etc.

35 IP Enabled Entertainment

36 Control Music with Touchscreens

37 The Music Gateway

38 Music Gateway Features  Features three independent stereo channels.  Assign one stereo channel to a Hi-Fi by HAI system.  Designed to be installed in a structured wiring enclosure.  Utilizes IP-based Touchscreens (OmniTouch 5.7e and 10p)  Plays audio off the built-in hard drive.  Includes HAI’s WL3 software which allows remote access via  Internet or mobile device such as an iPhone.  Voice over IP in Touchscreens including whole house paging


40  The HAI C3 (Cellular Communications Center) is a wireless cellular communicator that allows phone calls to be made over the GSM cellular network using the existing telephones in your home. The HAI C3 can be used when there is no land line in your home or if the land line is temporarily unavailable.

41 Training Opportunities  Hands-on training is available at HAI Headquarters in New Orleans, LA  Space is limited so call 1-800-229-7256 x245 for availability

42 What are the next steps? Dealers:  Align yourself with an HAI Distribution Partner  Purchase a system to install in your home or office  Complete training special forms  Meet requirements to be listed on HAI web-site  Get HAI Leads  Become a Five Star Dealer  Sign Up for the HAI Update List to receive e-mail news from HAI  Visit the blog at  Follow us on Twitter @homeauto HAI Resources:  Sales & Marketing: HAI Territory Manager  Tech Support: 800-229-7256  Knowledge Base:  Pricing: Distribution Partner

43 Thanks for Attending! We hope HAI can be a profitable part of your future!

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