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Agenda Kinetis Free RTOS介绍 飞思卡尔Kinetis 系列MCU介绍 Kinetis Middleware介绍

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0 飞思卡尔开源MCU系列平台介绍 -- Kinetis ARM® Cortex® M

1 Agenda Kinetis Free RTOS介绍 飞思卡尔Kinetis 系列MCU介绍 Kinetis Middleware介绍
Netduino (Freescale Kinetis K64) 开发办介绍 飞思卡尔Kinetis K22 WiFi module开发平台介绍 K22 wifi 模块 K22 wifi模块扩展开发平台 WiFi无线计量插座参考设计 成功案例

2 50 The Internet of Things is Driving Explosive Growth
In Connected Devices 50 BILLION 25 BILLION 12.5 BILLION 7.6B 7.2B 6.8B 6.5B World Population We crossed over the threshold of 1 CONNECTED DEVICE FOR EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET in 2008 ……this explodes to NEARLY 7 CONNECTED DEVICES PER PERSON around 2020 – which could mean 50 BILLION DEVICES. Just look what has happened in the last 5 years: NO ONE WAS TALKING ABOUT M2M, or the INTERNET OF THINGS – this begins to shape our modern world. A world in which smart machines (including vehicles) not only interact with humans, but with one another, objects, environments and infrastructures 6.3B <1x 1x 2x 3.5x 6.5x # Connected Devices/Person 2003 2008 2010 2015 2020 Sources: Ericsson, February 2011; Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), April 2011

3 Our Products Power The Internet of Things
Microcontrollers | Digital Networking | Auto MCU | Analog and Sensors | RF Advanced Safety Radar + Vision Infotainment Traffic Monitoring Security Energy Meters Home Hubs Telehealth Home Health Monitors + Fitness Connected Appliances Smart Energy Grid Digital Power Conversion Energy Management, Wind + Solar Human – Machine Interface Machine – Machine Industrial Networking Cloud Computing Metro Cells Small Cells Enterprise Gateways, Switchers, Routers Base Stations Networked Printers Data Center Connected Farms “Things” need to be smarter to win. Intelligent systems, the Internet of Everything, M2M and M2I, all depend on local and higher level processing delivered by the 4 Freescale Business Units. The demands of an always-on infrastructure supporting billions of nodes are immense. It is the embedded processors, analog, RF and sensors that turn the “not-so-intelligent devices of yesterday” into “uniquely identifiable smart things” that can be connected, including vehicles.

4 Freescale IoT Offerings
Edge Product BAN/PAN/ & Wired/Wireless, Power Line LAN Layers of Aggregation / Hubs / Gateways Wired/Wireless, Power Line WAN Remote Cloud-based Processing P S Software in All Nodes C Xtrinsic Sensing Intelligent Contextual Sensing. Connectivity BAN/ PAN/ LAN The right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software on the platform to deliver smarter, more differentiated applications. Fully integrated Short Range radios with best in class power performance, and Powerline Communications For IoT it provides Context: Identity, Activity, Location, & Time Edge products: Very small Low cost Low power Low complexity Industrial grade & robust Kinetis Microcontrollers Design Potential. Realized Vybrid Controller Solutions Rich Apps in Real Time. i.MX Applications Processors Your Interface to the World. QorIQ Processors built on Layerscape Architecture Accelerating the Network’s IQ Sensing S Industry’s most scalable ultra-low-power, mixed-signal MCU solutions based on the ARM® Cortex™-M and Cortex™-M0+ architectures. Real-time, highly integrated solutions with best-in-class 2D graphics to enable your system to control, interface, connect, secure and scale. Industry’s most versatile solutions for multimedia and display applications, with multicore scalability and market-leading power, performance & integration. Industry’s first software-aware, core-agnostic networking system architecture for the smarter, more capable networks of tomorrow – end to end. Embedded Processing P Communications C Scalable Industry Standard Solutions, Software and Development Ecosystem

5 Kinetis in Production i'm Watch Thalmic Labs MYO
Whistle Activity Monitor Withings Wireless Scale WS-30 Withings Smart Body Analyzer

6 Kinetis Microcontrollers (Now & in the Future…) World’s Broadest ARM Cortex-M Portfolio
Kinetis X Series High-performance ARM Cortex-M MCU families with advanced memory and feature integration for robust, networked industrial and consumer systems. Performance Kinetis K Series Industry-first ARM Cortex-M4 MCU families from 50MHz / 32KB with low power, FlexMemory, mixed-signal and broad connectivity, HMI & security features. Kinetis E Series Robust, 5V ARM Cortex-M0+ & ARM Cortex-M4 MCU families for use in high electrical noise environments. Safety features for high-reliability applications Kinetis L Series Ultra-low power/cost ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU families from 48MHz / 8KB with mixed-signal, connectivity & HMI features in low pin-count packages. General Purpose Segment Focused Kinetis V Series High efficiency, high speed peripherals ARM Cortex-M0+ & Cortex-M4 MCU families for use in motor control & power conversion. Kinetis M Series High accuracy metrology ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU families for single chip smart meter implementations. Kinetis W Series Integrated wireless connectivity ARM Cortex-M4 and M0+ MCU families with class-leading sub-1 GHz and 2.4 GHz RF transceivers Integration Freescale Bundled IDE, RTOS & Middleware - Rapid prototyping Platform - Broad ARM Ecosystem Support Leading Performance - Low Power - Scalability - Industrial-grade reliability & temp

7 Kinetis Key Pillars by Family
X W M V Low Power 5V Robustness High Performance & Rich Integration Extreme performance & integration Integrated RF Connectivity Integrated metrology engine Motor and Power Conversion 48MHz Cortex M0+ Up to 48MHz Cortex M0+ Up to 180MHz Cortex M4 Up to 400MHz Cortex M-next Up to 50MHz Cortex M4, Cortex M0+ Up to 200MHz, Cortex M4, Cortex M0+ 8KB to 512kB Flash 8KB to 128kB Flash 32KB to 2MB Flash 0KB to 16MB Flash 32KB to 512kB Flash 32KB to 128kB Flash 16KB to 2MB Flash Up to 128KB RAM Up to 16KB RAM Up to 256KB RAM Up to 512KB RAM Up to 64KB RAM Up to 32KB RAM Now! Q2’15 Leading Performance – Low Power – Scalability – Industrial Grade reliability & temp Freescale Bundled IDE, RTOS & Middleware – Rapid Prototyping Platform – Broad ARM Ecosystem Support

8 Kinetis RTOS’s

9 MQX RTOS: Keeping your Application on Schedule
Market proven, growing on-line community and partners Full-featured, Scalable platform bundled free Similar to other “pay-for” RTOS Now available: MQX Lite RTOS and MQX 4.0 MQX Installed Base Since 2009 launch: >10k unique users downloads Nearly doubled year on year 6th ranked RTOS according to Embedded Market Study Finally, you will need a RTOS to keep all this code working together. The FSL MQX RTOS is the solution. MQX is a complimentary, FSL supported RTOS similar to ‘pay for’ RTOS. It is not a ‘demo code’ or a ‘trialware’. It is not a free limited version where you actually have to pay 10’s of 1000s of dollars to have a TCP/IP stack or a file system. MQX includes all those features, and we are optimizing it for the Kinetis L series (MQX Lite), and also bringing in new features, such as IpV6 on MQX 4.0

10 Kinetis Middleware

11 eGUI: Free Graphics LCD Driver
Lightweight software component allowing graphics LCD panels to be driven from small microcontrollers Structure of driver brings complete software solution for applications needing a LCD screen Very light RAM and FLASH footprint The Freescale eGUI can be used stand alone or integrated into the MQX operating system. Features Multiple platforms supported: S08, HCS12, ColdFire. Extremely low flash and RAM footprint so that it can easily be used in a small MCU system. Smart support for screen oriented structure of user code. Supports LCD displays up to 1/4 VGA for MCU and larger for MPUs supported. Touch screen support. Tower LCD board supported. Easily ported to new display/controller combinations eGUI The Freescale embedded graphical user interface (eGUI) is a complimentary and lightweight LCD panel graphical user interface software driver for low-resource microcontroller and microprocessor systems. The eGUI allows system designers to easily add LCD-based graphical displays to their products without the conventional hardware or software overhead. It has primarily been developed to drive LCD panels with integrated display RAM and hardware LCD drivers (typically up to 1/4 (VGA). However, support will be added in future releases for conventional microprocessors (MPUs) with integrated hardware LCD driver and external display RAM. The Freescale eGUI has been developed to have an extremely small flash and RAM footprint so that graphical LCD panels can be driven by extremely small and simple microcontrollers (MCUs). The Freescale eGUI can be integrated into an existing system running without an operating system or can be used within an MQX-based operating system solution. The eGUI can also be used with other third-party operating systems such as embOS from Segger. Kinetis - Nov 2010 (bare metal and MQX versions) via SPI and Flexbus

12 Portable Embedded GUI (PEG)
Support for touchscreen displays, multi-layer alpha-blended graphics, high color depths and open GL support Most portable graphics software package for high-performance embedded displays One of the smallest footprint solutions available for embedded GUIs Screen transitions Multiple alpha-blended windows True anti-aliasing Gradient manager Open GL support Written in C++ Multiple window updates Alpha-blended images Run-time image decoders & language resources Custom widget integration Dynamic themes Written in C++ Designed for: Small LCDs (QVGA) Low colour-depth Very small footprint Single window update Multi-language capable Written in ANSI C Swell PEG, is a high performance, high value tool for medium to high end MCUs with a licence fee associated. Swell’s PEG Pro™, PEG+™ and C/PEG™ product offering includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) library for embedded development that works tightly with real-time operating systems. The development tool allows developers to layout user interface screens and controls using the PEG library and external resources to generate C/C++ code. Swell’s graphical user interface (GUI) software products work hand in hand with Freescale’s customers’ real-time operating systems to incorporate LCD screens and display interfaces into future products. The GUI development tools address a variety of embedded systems including consumer electronics, industrial, medical and communications markets. PEG Pro, PEG+ & C/PEG all include a wide range of basic UI control elements, accelerating our customer’s time to market in developing products with graphical user-interfaces. Unlike some of our competitors who have migrated a PC product to the embedded world, the PEG family of products have been designed from the ground up taking into consideration the constraints of embedded, resource-constrained environments. “Plain language” Product Selector Guide: If the customer has a low-end processor, monochrome, greyscale or very low color depth display and has a UI design that would consist of a single “window”, the C/PEG is the target product for their needs. If the customer requires support for higher color depths, needs support of overlapping windows, requires a basic level of alpha-blending or needs to dynamically change font resources (such as for purposes of changing the displayed language), the PEG+ is the product for their needs If the customer has a need for “rich” user interfaces, consisting full alpha blending, true anti-aliased lines & fonts, dynamic “theme” support (run-time loading / changing of display resources – such as colors, fonts, icons, etc), requires animated screen transition effects and is utilizing a 32-bit processor with a 2D graphics accelerator, then PEG Pro is the product for their needs. Starting 225KB Typical KB Starting at 128KB Typical KB Starting at 64KB Typical KB

13 FreeMASTER Real-time monitor and control of an app Data visualization
Track your variables Modify them while the system runs Data visualization Design your own dashboard Data streaming – e.g… Send it to MATLAB® via FreeMASTER Demonstration platform A product packaging tool Kinetis Free MASTER allows run-time debugging and visualization of your application. It supports MATLAB and can be used for demonstration.

14 Embedded Software and Motor Control Libraries
Wide group of algorithms basic mathematics, logic, controllers, modulations, transformations up to advanced observers Tool for beginners as well as for professionals motor control, power conversion, UPS etc. Libraries are optimized, tested and easy to use Implemented with C-callable function interface Implemented Algorithms Sine , Cosine , Tangent , Arcus Sine, Arcus Cosine, Arcus Tangent, Arcus Tangent, Shifted Arcus Tangent, Square Root, Ramp, Limiter, Hysteresis, Signum, Look-up Table, PI Controller , Clarke Transformation, Inverse Clarke Transformation, Park Transformation, Inverse Park Transformation, Space Vector Modulation, Vector Limiter, PMSM Decoupling, DC Bus Ripple Elimination IIR filter, Moving avg. filter Embedded Software and Motor Control Libraries

15 NanoSSL™/ NanoSSH™ Client for Freescale MQX Security options with significant cost savings
Super-fast, super-small embedded SSH and SSL clients from Mocana One-time “unlocking” fee of $199 to access source code with unlimited binary distribution Available via Buy Direct Secure Shell (SSH) encrypts communications between hosts over an insecure network, and it’s great for logging into and executing commands on networked computers. It’s also useful for tunneling, port-forwarding and secure file transfers using the SFTP protocol. Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) - authenticates endpoints and encrypts channels to provide session privacy and security on the Internet. The standard operates at a higher level in the OSI stack than IPsec, and supports peer negotiation for algorithm selection, public key based exchange of secret session keys and X.509 certificates. Ultra-small at less than one fifth the size of a typical SSL/SSH client. Minimal impact on device performance Minimal impact on flash ROM utilization Freescale’s super-fast, super-small embedded SSH/SSL client by Mocana Addition Upgrades: Expanded security capabilities for its MQX™ real-time operating system (RTOS) by integrating source code versions of Mocana’s NanoSSL™ and NanoSSH™ software. Freescale customers can download and unlock special MQX-optimized versions of Mocana’s code for just $199 (USD) through Freescale and redistribute an unlimited number of binary copies in their own solutions, royalty-free. Through this offering, embedded developers will have access to fully supported commercial cryptography solutions with instant online access to source-code versions of the NanoSSL and NanoSSH client software products. Integrated into Freescale’s Processor Expert configuration tool, NanoSSL and NanoSSH allow easy implementation and customization through embedded components and do not require crypto expertise on the part of the developer. NanoSSL and NanoSSH software is specially optimized to secure connections to and from MQX enabled devices in an efficient way to minimally impact the performance and flash/ROM use of Freescale processors. The Mocana security client is ultra-small, at less than one-fifth the size of a typical SSL/SSH client. In addition, the software uses FIPS level 1 validated cryptographic algorithms and fully FIPS validated binaries of the software are available for many platforms as an upgrade from Mocana. Most customers will be able to build the security features they need with the bundled versions of the NanoSSL and NanoSSH clients.  But more advanced Freescale MQX customers can also purchase upgrades directly from Mocana to access a variety of professional cryptographic features, including government certified FIPS level 1 binaries, NSA “Suite B” and elliptic curve cryptography, TLS 1.2 support, sophisticated X.509 certificate management and massively-scalable server versions of NanoSSL and NanoSSH suitable for high-traffic carrier environments. How to purchase NanoSSL/NanoSSH for MQX: Step 1: Identify and purchase Freescale-supported product of choice Step 2: Download MQX Step 3:  Download 30-Day Evaluation Versions CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers (Eclipse) Step 4: Pay one-time $199 fee to unlock code Lifetime use of NanoSSL/SSH on all currently supported devices and those that become available within the initial 12 months of your license.* 1 year of base technical support and maintenance * Beyond the initial 12 month period, newly supported devices, technical support, and maintenance are available for renewal to ensure access to the latest versions. Royalty-Free for MQX Users! Kinetis NANOSSL, NANOSSH and CAU libraries due end May / start June “How-to-use CAU Library” App Note is currently in development for Kinetis. Available Now 15

16 The ARM® Eco System Use the broad support for ARM® microcontroller by many companies. Re-use your existing IDE and Middleware for Freescale Kinetis. GNU Tools

17 Kinetis Development Hardware
Freedom Platform Tower System The new Freescale platform for Kinetis L and Kinetis K microcontroller Compatible with Arduino shields 4 different boards available today The established and proven platform with highest flexibility and re-usability Over 50 add-on boards available. Device Specific Reference Designs Evaluation boards addressing special functions and capabilities of Kinetis devices Home Energy Gateway, 1ph Meter, 3ph Meter, pre-/post- paid Meter, Home Area Network, Home Display, … Available through Freescale RSM

18 Robust Software & Development Ecosystem
Applications Tools, OS, Middleware CodeWarrior VortiQa Architectures SynkroRF >800 Embedded Software Engineers BeeKit FreeMASTER Proprietary ColdFire MQX Key Software Acquisitions & Investments 1999: Metrowerks : MQX Runtime Platform 2002: AMC, Lineo : Processor Expert, Chipwerks, Swell 2008: Intoto

19 Kinetis Development Hardware

20 Tower System: Easy Evaluation & Prototyping
Launched in 2009, now offers more than 65 interchangeable modules and growing Spans Freescale’s MCU/MPU portfolio, including Kinetis, Vybrid, Power Architecture®, ColdFire, DSC, 16- & 8-bit Partner-developed modules fuel growth and provide complete solutions Once we have selected the best device, the Freescale Tower system is the fastest way to evaluate and prototype. For those that are not familiar with Tower yet, it lets you quickly assemble working solution by picking the main processor board together with a wealth of modules, including Wifi from 3 different vendors, high perf analog from ADI, sensors. We are constantly adding new boards to support more MCUs and partner solutions.

21 Freescale Tower System
Modular development platform Also for rapid prototyping Interchangeable and reusable modules Open source design files Easy to customize Reduced low level design effort Sold in kits or as individual modules Processor modules with debug interface and stand-alone operation. Cost effective Take your design to the next level with the Freescale Tower System. Freescale's modular development platform saves you months of development time now and in the future through rapid prototyping and tool re–use. Interchangeable and reusable modules along with open source design files make it easy to customize your design and reduce low level design giving you more time to focus on differentiated solutions. Sold in kits or as individual modules, the expansion of your Tower System from a development tool into a development platform is simple and cost effective.

22 Available Tower System Modules

23 Freescale‘s Made For iPod (MFi) Solutions
Freescale’s MFi solutions are based on the TWR-DOCK peripheral module TWR-DOCK supports development and rapid prototyping of electronic accessories for iPod, iPhone and iPad devices Available to MFi licensees on the MFi portal for $139 Direct 30-pin dock connection USB A receptacle for USB to 30-pin dock or Lightning™ cable connection Analog audio and video signals with standard RCA and S-Video connectors Digital audio streaming in both directions over USB Control and communication with various devices Includes free interface software TWR-DOCK concentrates all MFi controlled items on one Tower module, without including any processors or other Freescale products TWR-DOCK may be used with a wide range of Tower System MCU/MPU, peripheral, sensor and communication modules Kinetis-based demos are available A new TWR-DOCKx is in development for direct Lightning dock connection

24 Freedom Platform small, low-power, cost-effective evaluation and development system quick application prototyping and demonstration Low–cost ($10–15 MSRP) Designed in an industry-standard compact form factor Easy access to the MCU I/O pins Integrated open-standard serial and debug interface (OpenSDA) Compatible with a rich-set of third-party expansion boards FRDM-KL02Z FRDM-KL26Z* FRDM-KL05Z FRDM-KL46Z* FRDM-KL25Z FRDM-K20D50M *coming soon

25 OpenSDA Applications Overview
Mass Storage Programmer P&E Multilink OpenSDA MCU K20DX128Vxx5 Proprietary, Default Proprietary MSD Bootloader Cloud Computing Interface Open Debug Standard to Target MCU UART TX/RX UART RX/TX OpenSDA Application Open Proprietary GPIO / Interrupt RESET SPI, GPIO SWD / JTAG There are already different OpenSDA applications available. For more details on OpenSDA, application and drivers go to the P&E Micro website ( Customer / Partner Application Data Logging Open Open or Proprietary Latest OpenSDA applications and drivers: visit

26 Reference Designs

27 PE Micro Universal Multilink (U-MULTILINK)
Features Easy-to-use debug and programming interface which allows the PC to communicate with a target processor through the USB port of the PC. Controls the MCU/MPU by accessing the debug port of the target. Can communicate with multiple MCUs using multiple headers - flip open the plastic case. Ribbon cables for the supported MCUs are conveniently included. Supported by recent versions of CodeWarrior, current P&E software applications, and Kinetis tool chains from IAR, Keil, and Mentor Graphics. Draws power directly from the USB port – no external power supply needed Multi-voltage support for targets ranging from 1.6 to 5.25 Volts Multilink Universal FX: a high-speed version of the USB Multilink Universal with additional enhancements. Supports: Replaces: Kinetis N/A HCS08 USBMULTILINK08 HC(S)12(X) USBMULTILINKBDM ColdFire(+) V1 USBMULTILINKBDM ColdFire V2-4 USBMLCF Qorivva USBMLPPCNEXUS Freescale U-MULTILINK $119 P&E USB-ML-UNIVERSAL $119

28 Debug Emulator and Programmers
Debug Emulators & Programmers Peak download into RAM (KByte/sec) Added Features Cost IDE Green Hills Probe TBD Multiuser, high-speed debugging, download, flash programming via Ethernet or USB MULTI Green Hills SuperTrace Probe Non-intrusive trace, download, and debugging via ARM CoreSight and Embedded Trace (ETM) MULTI & TimeMachine Keil ULINK2 and ULINK-ME (included w/MCBxME) ULINKpro $395 $1500 Keil , Keil uVision Lauterbach Cortex-M Debugger Support for Core Sight components like Debug Access Port, Trace Funnel etc… Keil, GHS, IAR etc… Open Source Debug (JTAG & BDM) – P& E 5-10 Built-in to Tower Free CodeWarrior , IAR P&E Universal MultiLink P&E Universal MultiLink FX P&E Universal MultiLink Trace 30-50 Support any Freescale ColdFire, Power, 8bit, Kinetis, DSC & 1.6 – 5.5V JTAG, SWD interface Data Monitor, High Speed External Trace, Very High Speed $119 $399 $999 CodeWarrior, P&E Software IAR , Keil , and CodeSourcery Segger J-Link Ultra 1440 SWD, SWB, JTAG speed up to 25MHz Hi-Speed USB & On Board FPGA Unlimited # of sw Flash Breakpoints Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) $648 IAR, Keil, CodeSourcery , CodeWarrior and more Segger J-Link 720 JTAG speed up to 12MHZ $299 Signum Systems JTAGjet > 2,033 Chameleon Debugger, ETB, SWD, JTAG up to 30MHz, NAND, NOR and on-chip flash, Code Profiler, Linux debugging using only JTAG. $1200 and up Keil, eSOL eBinder, CodeSourcery, IAR, GHS, CodeWarrior, Mentor Graphic, CCStudio, Eclipse, GDB, etc. Signum Systems JTAGjet-TRACE >2,033 Chameleon Debugger, ETB, SWD, ETM, PTM and JTAG up to 30MHz, NAND, NOR and on-chip flash, Code Profiler, Coverage Analyzer, Linux debugging using only JTAG. From $1,500 Factory Stand Alone Programmers & Debug Lauterbach CombiProbe 200 MBit/s per trace channel w/ up to 4 channels, 128-MB of trace memory, Real-time profiling, Long-time trace, Energy profiling P& E Cyclone Universal (Q2/Q3 2011) Segger Flasher ARM Signum Systems JTAGjet-Flasher Batch mode, 600kBytes/sec flash speed, support for all CFI compliant NOR flash, most NAND and on-chip flash, multi emulator support for parallel programming. From $1000

29 Kinetis Flash Programming
Factory Programming Services Avnet / Source Electronics Hi-Lo Systems Production Equipment Hi-Lo Systems: 144 BGA, 144 LQFP, 100 LQFP, 64 BGA, more upon request BPM Micro: 144 BGA, 100 LQFP, more upon request Phyton: 144 BGA, 144 LQFP, more upon request DediProg: support in progress, upon request System General: support in progress, upon request Xeltek: support in progress, upon request

30 The ARM® Eco System Use the broad support for ARM® microcontroller by many companies. Re-use your existing debugger and programmer for Freescale Kinetis.

31 Kinetis 开源硬件系列

32 Netduino (Freescale Kinetis K64)
特点: 采用了飞思卡尔K64系列Cortex M4内核,性能高、速率快、功能强大,对追求性能比较高的系统,比Arduino更合适; Netduino IDE就是Visual Studio,编程语言是C#,这对于熟悉C#的人是个大好的消息,并且Netduino对仿真和在线调试(in-circuit debugging)都支持, 也就是说你可以在代码里随意设置断点进行调试,而在Arduino环境下,你无法调试。 编程语言为C#,代码简洁更容易阅读,还支持事件机制! 带有XBee模块的标准接口,可直接使用目前流行的XBee无线模块。

33 Netduino (Freescale Kinetis K64)
性能描述: Digital I/O 数字输入输出端,共0~13接口; Analog I/O 摸牛输入输出端,共0~5接口; 支持USB接口协议及供电(不需外接电源); 采用了飞思卡尔K64系列Cortex M4内核,高 效率、高性能; 支持双UART口接口; 支持目前较为流行的XBee模块使用; 支持I2C双线接口; 支持6组PWM端子; 输入电压可USB接口供电,或者外部5~9V直 流电源供电; 输出电压5V DC和3.3V DC输出;

34 Communication Interfaces
K64 / K63 / K24 120MHz Devices Kinetis K Series Key Features: Core/System Cortex-M4 up to 120MHz with FPU Memory up to 1MB Flash, up to 256KB SRAM up to 4KB EEPROM (FlexMemory) Communications USB OTG FS/LS w/ PHY and USB Vreg Ethernet w/ IEEE1588 CAN Multiple serial ports Analog 2x 16-bit ADC 2x 12-bit DAC; 3 x ACMP Timers 2x8ch FTM (PWM) 2x2ch FTM (PWM/Quad Dec.) Low Power Timer RTC with independent Vbat supply Others 1.71V-3.6V; -40 to 105oC Up TBD to x I/Os (5V tolerant) Tamper and Crypto acceleration Packages:100 LQFP, 121 MAPBGA, 144LQFP, 144BGA Debug Interfaces DSP Interrupt Controller Floating Point Unit (sFPU) Arm Cortex-M4 Up to 120 MHz Internal and External Watchdogs Memory Protection Unit (MPU) 16-ch DMA Low-Leakage Wake-Up Unit Program Flash (Up to 1MB) SRAM (256KB) External Bus Interface (FlexBus) Serial Programming (EzPort) Phase-Locked Loop Frequency- Locked Loop Low/High Frequency Oscillators Internal Reference Clocks Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Up to 2 x16-bit ADC 3 x ACMP Up to 2 x 12-bit DAC FlexTimer Programmable Delay Block Periodic Timers Low-Power Timer Independent Real-Time Clock (RTC) 3xI2C 1xI2S 3xSPI 1 x USB OTG (LS/FS) + PHY 6xUARTs Secure Digital Host (SDHC) GPIO Core System Memories Security and Integrity Analog Communication Interfaces HMI USB Voltage Regulator Up to 4KB EEPROM (Flexmemory) Random Number Generator Cryptographic Acceleration Unit (CAU) Vref CAN DRY ICE IEEE 1588 Ethernet MAC Standard Feature Optional Feature

35 Module Block Diagram 4002 K22F SPI x 1 USB OTG x 1 Antenna I2C x 1
BGA64 K22F 4002 SPI Antenna MFi I2C SPI x 1 USB OTG x 1 I2C x 1 UART x1 + LPUART x1 OR UART x2 NMI I2S x 1 16-bit ADC x 2 POWER 12-bit DAC x 1 GPIO x 1 Dedicated RESET JTAG /SWD

36 Hardware Features Operation voltage: 3.3V Power consumption:
CPU: 120MHz with 128K RAM and 512K Flash PCB: 4 layers with Industry Grade Peripherals 1 x USB OTG 1 x UART + 1xLPUART OR 2 x UARTs, including hardware flow control 1 x SPI 1 x I2S 2 x I2C 1 x GPIO Dedicated 2 x ADC 1 x DAC WiFi Connectivity Support for IEEE b/g/n Integrated IPV4/IPV6 TCP/IP Stack Integrated Network services such as HTTP, DNS, FTP Full Security support: WPS, WPA, WPA2, WAP2, WEP, TKIP

37 Software Features & Certifications
MQX Cloud Client ALL JOYN Status update via Status PINs Application Interface: HA Command Set (TBD) Firmware upgrade via WiFi and UART Security Bootloader with RSA2048/SHA-256 Enabling SPI and UART interfaces in Phrase 1 Other interfaces to be enabled in Phrase 2 HomeKit software in Phrase 2 Certifications FCC/CE RoHS EMI/EMC

38 Software Features & Certifications
MQX Cloud Client ALL JOYN Status update via Status PINs Application Interface: HA Command Set (TBD) Firmware upgrade via WiFi and UART Security Bootloader with RSA2048/SHA-256 Certifications FCC/CE RoHS EMI/EMC

39 Wifi 模块开发平台 卡扩展平台,支持基于wifi的语音、红外、传感器、云存储等设备开发 飞思卡尔提供BSP和所有外设驱动
Anduino 等扩展接口 蓝牙模块 自学习红外 无线语音 PM2.5 传感器 USB 接口 USB充电 备份电池 液晶显示屏 Sd卡 外扩键盘 温湿度传感器 、键盘 卡扩展平台,支持基于wifi的语音、红外、传感器、云存储等设备开发 飞思卡尔提供BSP和所有外设驱动

40 Wifi智能插座 Wifi 智能插座 电力线 KM14 或者KM34(具备LCD) QCA4002 飞思卡尔计量SoC 产品优势
50Mhz M0+内核 1. 50Mhz 主频能够支持wifi协议栈和用户自定义协议和应用 2.低功耗M0+内核节省电量, 3. 低功耗构架停电的时候可以支持超低功耗待机,延长电池使用寿命 片上24位SD ADC 1.支持能源计量(有功、无功、电网频率等) 2. 支持电能质量分析,提高用户用电保护和故障诊断功能 3. 支持直流计量 4. 开放的计量库 片上16位SAR ADC 1. 支持外接传感器,扩展插座其他智能功能(位移传感器、红外传感器等) 片内温度传感器 1.支持插座温度监测功能 128k Flash/16K RAM 1.足够大的程序空间,方便用户应用程序开发 带单独供电的硬件RTC 1.支持分时累计付费率电价计算 >30 I/O 1.外接继电器开关和指示灯 片上LCD 驱动器 1.本地显示插座电量数据和wifi连接状况 20mA驱动能力的I/O 1.直接连接LED工作指示灯

41 Relay/LED/LCD /Button Control
系统框图 Scalable HMI&COM Functions QCA4002 based WiFi Module Relay/LED/LCD /Button Control AT CMD GPIO/LCD Drive All Metering Functions

42 One Pager GPIO Power Modes & Clock Sources Package Core
CM0+ core Up to 50MHz Separate FLL post-scalers for Flash and Core clocks. Dedicated PLL for ΣΔ modulator clock 4ch DMA Memory Protection Unit Single 32kHz Crystal operation MHz Crystal optional Security & Encryption Programmable 16/32-bit CRC IRTC w/ tamper detection 3 Tamper pins (operating on battery) Random Number Generator (NIST: SP800-90) AES Encryption (via software library) Memories Up to 128 KB Program Flash 16 KB SRAM Analog 4x24 bit ΣΔ after averaging (2xPGA) highly accurate supporting EN , EN , IEC , IEC and IEC , optimized for shunt sensor (≥50uOhm). 0.1% error in active and reactive energy over a dynamic range of 2000 to 1 Internal 1.2V reference voltage (15-20 ppm/oC) 12-ch 16-bit SAR for auxiliary measurement 2x analog comparator Serial Communications 2x SPI 4x UART All combined with Quad Timer & HSCMP for IR 2 support ISO7816 All support flow control 2× I2C All UARTs and SPIs are 3V compatible while 1 UART and 1 SPI are both 3V and 5V compatible (open drain configuration) Peripheral XBAR Remapping peripheral IOs UART selection for IR Timer/PWM/Clock Quad Timer (total 4 universal timers) 2x PIT 1x Watchdog Timer (windowed, independently clocked) 1x EWM (External Watchdog Monitor) 1x LPTimer LCD Display Up to 288 segment LCD, up to 8 backplanes Wakeup Unit Group selected GPIOs (16), LPTIM, RTC (+tamper pins) , HSCMP, SCI , Brownout and POR sources to wake up from Power Gated STOP mode GPIO Up to 68 with push pull, pull up/down select Up to 8 GPIO with filter Support for interruption on any edge Single cycle access for all GPIOs (Rapid GPIO) Power Modes & Clock Sources Many low power modes supported 2.7V to 3.6V Operating voltage with AFE 1.71V to 3.6V Operating voltage without AFE 1.71V-3.6V IRTC VBAT supply 32kHz or 4 MHz internal clock source 32.768kHz crystal oscillator Package 100 LQFP, 64 LQFP and 44 LGA options -40°C ~ +85°C Temp One Pager

43 产品型号列表 Part Number 封装 LCD液晶驱动 特点 目标应用 24 bit ƩΔ ADCs独立通道数 辅助ADC
封装 LCD液晶驱动 特点 目标应用 24 bit ƩΔ ADCs独立通道数 辅助ADC (Flash / SRAM) MKM14Z64CHH5 4 44LGA - 64 / 16 KB 集成硬件5ppm RTC,具备谐波分析功能,同一芯片覆盖单相、双相和三相 单相、双相、三相计量芯片 谐波分析芯片 计量插座 电能监控模块 16 bit (5x5mm2) MKM14Z128CHH5 128 / 16 KB MKM33Z64CLH5 3 64LQFP 8 x 17 集成硬件5ppm RTC,LCD 驱动, 具备谐波分析功能,同一芯片覆盖单相、双相和三相 低成本单相、双相、三相SoC电能表 MKM33Z128CLH5 MKM33Z64CLL5 100LQFP 8 x 38 MKM33Z128CLL5 MKM34Z128CLL5

44 部分成功案例

45 成功案例– Energy Management System
An innovated energy management system provider Product: Energy monitor Smart energy controller Smart Switch Energy Gateway Energy Cloud service FSL Position KM14 in curtain controls KM14 in touch switch KM14 in thermostat KM14 in metrology socket IMX6S/SL in industry gateway M60+MQX in industry gateway Cloud for energy service 空调调温器 Thermostat 窗帘控制器 Curtain Controls 触控开关 Touch Switch 能源服务入口 Energy Services Portal Star/Tree/Mesh 混合组网 MKM14Z128CHH5 计量插座 Metrology Socket I.MX6 S/SL for multi media K60 for Wifi K60 for GPRS

46 成功案例– Smart Socket

47 成功案例– Panel Meter 智能漏电开关 电量监控终端 配电面板表


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