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Datalink Systems Inc. has been developing wireless IP packet data communications software for over twelve years, with focus on multi- network convergent.

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1 Datalink Systems Inc. has been developing wireless IP packet data communications software for over twelve years, with focus on multi- network convergent technologies. This Power Point outlines the various Enfora low cost mobile tracking products currently available and compatible with Datalink “back end” software. This can also be of interest to Kenwood LMR dealers where GPS and other data transmissions are interfering with voice communications. Contracting for M2M GSM data airtime is a simple process, and monthly costs for data over GSM can be as little as $7 per device, providing a new source of revenue for the dealer. 3 rd party resources can be found lower down in this presentation

2 Enfora GPS devices Datalink System’s DataGate and WebGate software will work with all Enfora Mobile Tracking devices and can provide complete communication packages customized for your customer’s particular needs. Enfora offers a variety of Mobile Tracking devices, with a range of features, from simple battery powered units with GPS, to advanced devices with multiple Polygon geo-fences and multiple I/Os and A/D inputs.

3 MT-4000 The MT4000 is a flexible quad-band GSM/GPRS mobile tracking and data communications device. Ideal for fleet management and provides variable sensor inputs, GPS polling and reporting with multiple polygon geo-fences. With superior GPS location performance, a robust programmable rules engine, driver behavior reporting, geo-fencing, SMS commands, messaging and much more. The MT 4000 is designed for flexible solution deployment. The MT 4000 also includes optional routing and optimization with Garmin® FMI (Fleet Management Interface) - a key part of today’s most useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet management solutions

4 Garmin + Enfora + i-Button The Enfora MT-4000 can be connected to a range of Garmin NUVI devices, providing two-way text messaging between the dispatch desk and a cab mounted Garmin unit which also provides on-screen navigation. The i-Button can provide Driver ID, hours of operation and also engine lock-out to unauthorized personnel. Using Datalink’s WebGate integrated “back end” software, companies can track GPS information including vehicle location, speed and direction, fuel status, idle time, number of stops, cargo door access, cargo temperature, battery and thermostat levels. Custom development may be required to meet specific customer requirements. Tracking - ID - security - Messaging i - ButtonMT4000 Garmin NUVI

5 MT 3000 The MT 3000 requires no wired installation, it simply plugs into the OBD engine computer connector located under the dash on the driver side. Typical usage is “User Based Insurance” (UBI), pay for mileage driven, telematics & basic fleet management. Designed for use in passenger cars, light trucks and service vans.

6 AT 3000 Spider AT 3000 – With up to a three- year battery life, the Spider AT 3000 is optimized for assets that are fixed or move infrequently. When your non- powered assets need to be monitored, the Spider AT 3000 has proven results in a host of applications, including: Shipping Containers & Trailers Railroad Cars Industrial Products Pallets & Intelligent Packing Air Conditioning Compressors High Value Assets Cold-Chain Applications Work Site equipment

7 Lone Worker Safety Mini MT The Enfora is completely portable, and can be worn on the person, or used in any vehicle and does not require installation. The Enfora Mini MT's internal 1340 mAh battery will keep it powered for about 8 hours. Using the included cigarette lighter adapter, the device will remain powered when connected to your vehicle's power system. The Enfora Mini MT can also be worn on a belt clip or even placed in a purse or backpack. The Enfora Mini can also be hardwired to your vehicles power supply with a 12 volt to 5volt cellphone adaptor.

8 Datalink Software Datalink has no monthly fees, Software licenses are purchased outright and unlimited lifetime. DataGate software would be installed in the dealers or “end user” windows computer. Contact Datalink for pricing Full information on DataGate and WebGate set up and programming can be downloaded from Datalink’s Web-Site. Datalink does not sell hardware devices or airtime services, these would be purchased from 3 rd party suppliers. Datalink provides “off the shelf” or a customized software solutions that will integrate with the Garmin unit best suited for your customers’ needs for tracking, data processing and communications.

9 DataNET (overview). DataNET is a complete “end to end” software solution designed to integrate with a range of 3 rd party hardware products and wireless networks. DataGate is the “IP” packet data routing hub which can be operated as a central server catering to a number of unrelated customers located anywhere there is internet access, or sold to larger corporations or Government Agencies who wish to have complete “end to end” control within their own network. DataGate can also augment an existing system adding new networks and features. DataGate would connect to an existing “back end” server through a common SQL database, or windows port. WebGate is our dispatch desk or workstation program. Being Web based, any Web Browser can be used to connect to a local or remote DataGate. WebGate provides a choice of mapping interfaces including Open Streets (free), Mappoint, Google Maps/Earth and other digital mapping products. (development may be required). The default embedded mapping program is Open Streets. I.P. Packet Data Communications Software

10 WebGate. Features Two-way text messaging I/O monitoring and control Follow one asset with auto map scroll Hot pursuit for real-time tracking Administrative control of assets, users and groups Access to DataGate logs Unlimited customer groupings Complete privacy between groups GPS tracking Bing, Google, Open Street and KML mapping Polling for asset positions Remote control of asset settings Historical reports (map or spreadsheet) Polygon (multipoint) geofencing Dynamic geofencing between assets Emergency alerts GPS Mapping and Asset Control WebGate allows users to access a DataGate from any web browser without installing software. Each user is assigned various permissions, ranging from simple read-only mapping to complete remote control over DataGate assets and users. 1: Administrator: Complete control over assets and users 2: Supervisor: Controls which assets are visible to each user 3: Basic control: Based on configurable permissions WebGate User Access Options

11 3 rd party suppliers ENFORA DEVICES Dave Rattay Regional Sales Manager Premier Wireless Solutions 1235 Pear Avenue Suite 111 Mountain View, CA 94043 Cell: 818-825-6257 Fax: 650-230-1301

12 3 rd party suppliers GSM-GPRS AIRTIME Wyless Inc, 60 Island Street, Lawrence, MA 01840, USA Contact: Matt Tyre Tel: 1 (617) 863-3221 Fax: 1 (617) 830-0977

13 For a live demonstration and more information for the system best suited to your requirements contact: Datalink Systems Inc. 1-760-309-2251 Email: Complete information and evaluation downloads can be obtained from Datalink’s Website.

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