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1st Quarter 2015 Revision –

New for 2015 Hanbell Screw Compressors with Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drivers Variable Frequency Drive Hanbell Screw Compressor Hanbell Oil Available in One Gallon or 5 Gallon pails

Hanbell Open Type screw compressors feature simple design and robust construction 5 models with displacement for 228/134 to 1521/895 m3/hr/CFM (60 hz) Low noise, minimized vibration, high reliability, and durability Long life bearings using a combination of 11 axial and radial bearings, this gives the compressor excellent bearing life and reliability Field adjustable Volume Ratio (VI) Important in achieving the best efficiency by stopping over/under compression Precise capacity control, either four step 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% or step less (infinite). External capacity indicator (available) Economizer operation with floating ECO port, works at partial load to full load While the RG series open compressor was developed for ammonia it also operates equally well on HFC and HCFC refrigerants R134A, R404A, R407C, R22, R717,R290 (Propane) - Others refrigerants available Additional cooling with liquid/oil injection at the compressor

The MAGNUM just got BETTER Keypad showing new design, adding RS-485 connection New for 2015 New Gasket provides the unit with a NEMA 4 rating The MCS-MAGNUM-DOOR-NEMA4 Keypad has been sealed in its own frame using a new Gasket (BISCO HT-800 Medium Cellular Silicone). The RS-485 port has been added to the back of the Keypad. Moving the communicating port to the back, adding the new gasket, provides the unit with a NEMA4 rating. Operating Temperature -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to +70°C). The MCS-MAGNUM-DOOR-NEMA4 can be mounted in existing units as a retrofit or in a new installation where a waterproof Keypad may be needed. The unit has been tested outdoors at our Fort Myers facilities and has proven to be very effective.

5 MCS-USB-RS485 New for 2015 The MCS-USB-RS485 Serial Converter Cable provides a fast simple way to connect to MCS controllers, such as the MCS-MAGNUM or the MCS-MICROMAG. The cable can be used to connect the new Touchscreens to these controllers. The MCS-USB-RS485 cable contains a small internal electronic circuit board, utilizing the FT232R, which is encapsulated into the USB connector end of the cable. Each cable supports the FTDIChip-ID™ and is equipped with a unique USB serial number programmed into the FT232R.

Added New Features New for 2015 LOOKUP TABLES- added 5 tables with max of 21 entries per table. CENTRIFUGAL – VARIABLE GEOMETRY DIFFUSER SUBCOOLER EXV CONTROL MANUAL % CONTROL FOR COMPRESSOR Modbus Analog Output writes

7 MCS-MODBUS-IO New Add support for: Danfoss VFD Bitzer Built-In VFD
The MCS-MODBUS-I/O gives the MCS-MAGNUM the ability to act as a Modbus Master using the Modbus RTU Protocol. This allows the MCS-MAGNUM to communicate to Modbus slave devices (such as Variable Frequency Drives, Compressors, etc.) to send and access parameters. The MCS-MODBUS-I/O performs like a MCS-RO10 and MCS-SI16-AO4 to the MCS-MAGNUM. New Add support for: Danfoss VFD Bitzer Built-In VFD Copeland True VFD Scroll

New for 2015 VIEWING and using the MCS-MAGNUM Just got EASIER The MCS-TOUCH-7 and the MCS-TOUCH-15.4 are suitable for installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. Utilizing a gasket for an environment seal provides the unit with a NEMA 4 rating. The MCS-TOUCH-7 and the MCS-TOUCH-15.4 are new touchscreen interfaces designed to simplify user access with the MCS-Magnum and MicroMag utilizing MCS-Connect to provide both graphics and service mode access to technicians. The MCS-TOUCH-7 and the MCS-TOUCH-15.4 can connect up to 60 MCS controllers at once and supports RS485 or Ethernet networking. The MCS-TOUCH-7 and the MCS-TOUCH makes it easy for the user to manage more complex installations, without losing the overall view of the installation, as well as ensuring that the pages can be browsed in a fast and straightforward manner.

9 MCS-CONFIG- New Features
MCS-Config software is part of the MCS Support System. Its purpose is to build the configuration files for the MCS micro controllers. Through this program information relating to the particular installation such as the points list, set points and control strategies are specified. Once a configuration file has been built it can be uploaded into a live system using the transmit function found in the MCS-Connect. New for 2015 Added option in File Menu to convert from V17 to V17 Config Structure Added Lookup Table support to the main option bar that go with a new SI and AO lookup table type Alphabetized the Display Type List on the SI Info Screen Added an AO Modbus Write Type to the AO Info Screen

10 MCS-CONNECT- New Features
MCS-Connect allows the user to monitor the status of the micro controller in real time and with proper authorization changes can be made to the system. New for 2015 Added support for V17 Config Structure Added support for Headers in the new XML Graphics Package Added support for four part Animated Graphics in the new XML Graphics Package Implemented new Swing Based Layers for the new XLM Graphics Package Added Subcooler EXV grid that will show between the EXV and Superheat Grids

11 MICROMAG New for 2015 Add EXV support
The MicroMag is a rugged microprocessor based controller designed for the hostile environment of the HVAC/R industry. It is designed to be the primary manager of the package it is controlling. The MicroMag provides flexibility with set points and control options that can be selected prior to commissioning a system or when the unit is live and functioning. Displays, alarms and other interfaces are accomplished in a clear and simple language that informs the user as to the status of the controller. The MicroMag is designed to control up to 4 circuits with 1 compressor each. Complementing the MicroMag controller are two expansion boards (MICROS18-A04 and MICRORO6) that allow up to a maximum of 18 Relay Outputs, 1 Triac Output, 26 Sensor Inputs and 12 Analog Outputs. Communication to these units occur at 38,400 baud over the MCS-I/O port which is dedicated for this purpose. New for 2015 Add EXV support MICROSI8-AO4 MICRORO6 Expansion Boards for MicroMag

12 MCS-THERMOSTAT MCS announces a new MCS-THERMOSTAT for the MicroMag that offers contractors and OEMs simple set-up and operation. The unit is installed in the zone allowing easy access. This user friendly interface allows the viewing of 17 different parameters and has the ability to change 9 adjustable settings including cooling & heating system set points, operational schedules, holiday schedules, calibration and password protection. The MCS-THERMOSTAT is powered from the MCS controller’s +5vdc supply via a 4 wire connection that can be wired with the communication network cabling in addition. The MCS-THERMOSTAT screen displays seven icons reporting operational mode and status at a glance. These include alarm conditions that will be displayed on the LCD display using a on-screen icon along with an audible alarm. The alarm condition can be silenced and reset from the MCS-THERMOSTAT, avoiding the need to visit the MCS controller.

13 MCS-ZONE-II An extremely reliable sensor packaged in a very durable aesthetic package. The sensor is potted with a thermally conductive adhesive to guarantee durability and response, its high accuracy allows for interchangeability in the field. The large resistance range allows the use of over 1000’ of cable with no noticeable effect. Part # MCS-ZONE-OVR-RST (Pictured with Override & Reset Options Included) Options -OVR Pressing the Override button for 2 sec results in the system going from unoccupied to occupied mode for the time that was setup in the override set point. -RST Pressing the Reset button for 2 sec decreases the Target & pressing it for 6 sec increases the Target. Targets are restored to original set points at Midnight.(Only for MicroMag)

14 MCS-HUMD-II The Temperature Humidity zone mounted sensor is supplied in an attractive package which can be mounted on standard USA or Overseas electrical boxes. The package includes rubber wire grommets that eliminate any draft influence on the sensors. Both the temperature and humidity sensors are the MCS highly reliable sensors with accuracy, durability and extremely fast response time. The large resistance range allows the use of over 1000’ of cable with no noticeable effect. The table below provides a cross reference between °F/°C, OHMS, and VOLTS DC at the sensor input pin (S1) on the MCS controller. MCS-HUMD-II-OVR-TR (Pictured with Override & Target Reset Options Included) The humidity sensor outputs a linear signal and is a low power device (200µA 5vdc). Because of its interchangeability, quality and reliability it is used in commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications. OPTIONS: OVR Pressing the Override button for 2 sec results in the system going from unoccupied to occupied mode for the time that was setup in the override set point. -TR Pressing the Reset button for 2 sec decreases the target & pressing it for 6 sec increases the Target. Targets are restored to original set points at Midnight. (Only for MicroMag)

15 MCS-WIRELESS-3G New for 2015
Broadband Router with Integrated Verizon 3G Modem (Only for use in USA) The MCS-WIRELESS-3G is built for your network. It’s a highly-featured, compact router designed for critical industrial applications that require 24x7 connectivity. The router features a built-in high-speed Verizon 3G EVDO modem. Supplied with one year subscription to MCS Wireless Verizon Data Plan, 250MB per month. The MCS-WIRELESS-3G is a powerful tool that is especially useful in locations where there is no readily available internet connection. Combined with the data plan, the MCS-WIRELESS-3G may be used to wirelessly connect to the MCS-MAGNUM wherever a cellular signal is found. You will receive everything you need to setup communication with an MCS Controller, one year Verizon 250MB per month data plan and a crossover Ethernet cable to link the MCS-WIRELESS-3G to the MCS Controller board. MCS also offers an MCS-WIRELESS-ROUTER-No Modem, for users who like the idea of wireless connection but want to supply their own Broadband Modem and Data Plan. NOTE: The MCS-WIRELESS-3G can be used to communicate with multiple MSC Controllers. for more information.

16 MCS-EXV-DRIVER New for 2015
The MCS-EXV-DRIVER is used for the positioning and control of bipolar expansion valves using an analog input of 0-10 VDC (0 VDC = 0% valve opening, 10 VDC = 100% valve opening). The MCS-EXV-DRIVER-XX supports multiple electronic valve manufacturers including Sporlan, Alco, Danfoss and Carel. The MCS-EXV-DRIVER also supports overdriving on full opened and full closed voltage signals. New for 2015 Adds support for Carel Valves MCS-EXPANSION VALVE

17 MCS-TRANSDUCERS The MCS-TRANSDUCERS are one of the most economic and durable options on the market for dealing with high-pressure industrial applications. In addition to being CE and UL approved, the MCS-TRANSDUCERS are capable of surviving high vibration. They includes a cavity built out of solid PH stainless steel ¼” SAE Female Flare fitting & Schrader valve; 7/16-20 UNF pipe thread which creates a leak-proof, all metal sealed system that makes the MCS-TRANSDUCERS ideal for use with rugged HVAC environments. MCS-150 MCS-200 MCS-250 MCS-500 MCS-667

18 CT Series Sensors Monitors current flowing to electrical equipment.
Solid-core; the conductor runs through the sensor No cutting, taping or rerouting is required UL Approved MCS-CT300 Converts current magnitude to a linear output voltage between 0 and 5 Vdc which can be read as a standard analog input signal. The signal is used by MCS micro controllers for: Slide valve control on screw machines High amp motor overload protection MCS-CT500 Verification of device on / off

The MCS-STATIC-0.2” is a differential (static) pressure transducer that is designed to handle dry air or nonconducting gas. It accepts 4.8 to 8.1vdc and 14.5 to 17vdc for input power and outputs a 0.5 to 4.5vdc signal which is proportional to 0.0 inches to 0.2 inches of water column (WC). The MCS-STATIC-0.2” differential pressure transducer is designed to measure building static pressure in order to control exhaust fans. The MCS-TUBE & WELL The MCS-TUBE can be epoxied to a discharge or suction line in order to obtain temperature readings without the use of a well. It was designed to be used with the MCS-T100 temperature sensor and comes pre-filled with heat conductive compound.

20 MCS-MAGNUM Control Cabinets
Factory Assembled & Tested Control Cabinets MCS-MAGNUM CONTROL CABINET W/ KEYPAD & LCD MCS-MAGNUM CONTROL CABINET W/ TOUCH SCREEN MCS Control Board – mounted with prewired power & communication Input Power -Terminal strip, Circuit Breaker, power outlet Indicator Lights – Alarm, Warning, & Compressor Status Switches – Emergency Stop, Unit Hand/Off/Auto, & Compressor Disable

21 For additional information please visit our website www. mcscontrols
For additional information please visit our website Or call MCS at 5580 Enterprise Pkwy. Fort Myers, FL 33905 Office: Fax:

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